Tuesday, 24 February 2015

A little soul

Round 35: August 2042 (Winter)
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Sitko 1 household profile

David Sitko is 60 and Kirstin is 58. 
(Cordy is 49, Charlie is 30, Camilla, Lila and Connor are 29, Sebastian is 26, Adelaide is 24, Tim is 22 and Grace and Everett are 12)

Narrated by Kirstin Sitko

We have my colleague Cordy’s son Tim working for us part time now, as a legal secretary and despite my reservations, he’s doing well.

I really prefer to have law students in that role but honestly, we’re short-staffed in that department right now and beggars can’t be choosers.

Tim is a good employee though and I can’t fault him. He’s picked things up pretty quickly and it’s just a shame he’s only in two days a week. 

He’ll be leaving us eventually. He’s one of David’s first year medicine students. 

David is really enjoying the teaching component of his job, now that the new hospital is up and running. 

He’s starting to talk about retirement, which sort of surprises me. I’m only two years younger than David and it’s not even on the outer edges of my radar yet.

It shouldn’t really shock me so much. David has always been much less career-focused than me. Family is everything to him.

I wasn’t sure Adelaide took after either of us in that department until recently. Now that she’s in a career she really loves though, she is determined to do well with it.

I’m very proud and also completely relieved. 

Adelaide still a campaign worker at the moment but she’s hoping to actually manage the next campaign. Her superiors really like her, so she has a good chance at that. 

Even Sebastian is doing better these days. They were both very excited to tell us that he has a regular gig now, playing in a bar in Exeter.

I can’t say I was especially impressed but I’m not impressed with his choice of career in general.

It’s better than busking, I suppose. He did that for far too long. 

Sebastian treats Adelaide well and he’s not mooching off her or anything, so I can’t complain too much. I just wish he was a teacher or a something sensible and stable. 

David thinks it’s a bit awful that I have a favourite son-in-law but I can’t help it. I just like Lila’s boyfriend Connor the best. 

It’s not like I have a favourite daughter! Connor and I are quite similar in certain ways though, so I get along with him best.

He’s exactly the kind of guy I would have pictured for Lila, if I was the type of mother to dream about her daughters’ ideal partners.

Connor is very intelligent and hard working, just like Lila is. They’re a great match.

Lila also isn't much of a romantic, which suits someone as practical as Connor is. 

She is still a little traditional though and now that she and Connor are living together, she really wants to take the next step and get married.

They've talked about it and Connor isn't opposed to marriage but he’s very hesitant about a wedding.

Lila says he’d be content to be able to forgo the wedding entirely and just skip straight to being married but she’s not willing to do that at all. 

I'm sure there’s a happy medium they could both agree to. I wouldn't personally mind what they chose to do but I know David would be heartbroken if they eloped or got married at town hall or something. 

For the meantime though, David and I are busy preparing for the arrival of our third grandchild. Camilla is due in November - just one baby this time!

Camilla and Charlie are both excited, of course, but I'm not sure anyone is as excited as David is!

Lila and Adelaide are probably both still a few years away from kids, so David can’t wait to be a grandpa again. 

He adores Grace and Everett, as do I, but he’s looking forward to having a baby in the family again. It’s been a while!

Grace is quite happy about it as well. She’s got a baby cousin on the other side of the family who she loves doting on, so this new sibling is probably going to end up as Grace’s baby doll!

This is all quite different from Camilla’s first pregnancy, for all of us. Everything was so uncertain then. 

I wasn’t even sure Charlie would stick around at the time. It all worked out, obviously but we didn’t know that then. 

Camilla is still stressing out a little bit. Their current house has three bedrooms plus her sewing room and she’d like to be in a bigger house by the time the baby comes along.

Charlie is not very fussed about it and thinks the baby will be fine in the sewing room for a few months. Camilla doesn’t like that idea at all though, so she’s been keeping an eye open for house listings that might work for them.

She told me about one house she found recently, through an online listing. It’s four bedrooms, plus a study, which they could use for a sewing room.

It sounds like it would be perfect for them. It’s not far from our house or their current place, so they wouldn't even be moving very far.

She's going to talk it over with Charlie but I can’t imagine he would object to at least looking at it. He was really just worried about Camilla stressing about house hunting while she’s pregnant, which she’s doing now anyway.

David and I had a sneaky look at the house online, once Charlie and Camilla left and it really does look great. The auction isn't for a few weeks either, so they have plenty of time to talk it over.

If I was Camilla, I’d want to get moving on the house thing too. So hopefully they can have their talk and then find a place to live before the baby arrives. 

  • Title is from A Little Soul by Pulp.
  • I'm using my business career lot for my law sims too right now. I really need a separate lot - it's not really conservative enough for what I imagine a law firm to look like. But it'll do for now. 
  • I sort of consider Lila and Connor unofficially engaged. I don't think either of them would be the type to do it until they knew what their next step after that would be. I don't see them as the engaged forever sort, like Amar and Adrienne or Sophie and Oliver. It will happen but I'm trying to think of what kind of ceremony would be least vexing to Connor and still satisfy Lila. 
  • I may end up moving Camilla and Charlie pre-baby, which I'm quite excited about! I did a house for a challenge at N99 and I think it might work really well. I still have to have another look at it. 
  • By the way, seeing we saw Camilla in this update with her huge third trimester belly, I'm skipping September birthdays. If I had anything else to report on for the month, I'd do it but it was just going to be Camilla. So the next update will be the Collins family update, so we will get to check in with little Mason! And he'll have hair, because I'm finally going to install those baby hairs today!


  1. Fun update! It was nice seeing all their girls, and what they are up to. Was there a reason that you didn't have them go for four? This could have been your four girl family. :) I love that they have three daughters, David just seems like a great Dad to girls. And he is adorable, all excited about Camilla's pregnancy.

    I'm not surprised that Kirsten is not impressed with Sebastian getting a promotion, but hard work would go into being a musician. It's not necessarily the easiest career track in the world, just look at my Jude, fired twice! Hopefully Sebastian can continue doing well, and it's nice to see Adelaide working hard for her own promotions, and finding her own niche.

    I love seeing Kirsten looking at the houses, I had Delaney involved in house hunting for Peter and Elise, I think it's a great touch of what Mom's would do, especially those opinionated Moms! Is the house you are thinking of the NL Townhouse? It's the only one I'm coming up with directly. That house would be super spacious for them.

    I can see Kirsten working a significant period of time into her elder years, she just doesn't seem the type that is happy to stay home, and if she did, I think she'd need a serious, competitive hobby to keep her from going stir crazy. But I can totally picture David retiring, and hanging out at his daughter's houses, babysitting for baby-to-be, and being available for anything that pops up.

    1. Ha, Kirstin was the main reason! She was done. She was done with two, honestly and Adelaide was a compromise with David. He would definitely have gone for four. I might have ignored her protests but I don't think I was quite as obsessed with getting my four girl family back then!

      True, music is a tough business. I'm not sure Kirstin will ever appreciate it too much though. Maybe if he becomes super successful and buys an enormous house for himself and Adelaide. ;)

      I can picture Kirstin butting in with house hunting, offering her advice for the legal side of it! Yeah, probably the NL townhouse...though I also decorated another one not long before/after that that might also work. I can't remember if that was as large? I would have to check the tours out again.

      David will probably retire fairly close to 65. I can see Kirstin going past 70 but David would be quite happy making a nuisance of himself at his daughters' places while Kirstin is at work, lol! Work is a means to an end for him, mostly.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I was thinking maybe it was the NL townhouse you were talking about having them take. I kept seeing this update was up every time I checked my mail this week, but had no time at all for simming so I had to wait till this weekend to read it.

    Well, Kirstin's not opinionated at all, is she?, lol. I agree, to be able to make it at all in a music career is hard work, but it seems like Kirsten wants something more traditional for Sebastian, like teaching that you mentioned. I love the picture of Sebastian and Adelaide, even though it is a standard cuddling picture. They are so cute together. I am sure their children will be very cute.

    I always like playing those sims that love grandparenting, like David.

    Your business site looks really cool, but it makes sense you'd rather have something more law office-looking for the lawyers. And she didn't think Tim would cut it as their clerk... is there some history there? Or just Kirsten being persnickety because he's in med school?

    1. I haven't had a lot of time for simming myself lately, so I understand completely!

      Kirstin should probably just be glad that Sebastian isn't touring the world, dragging Adelaide along with him. Had he been successful straight off the bat, she probably would have and I can only imagine how Kirstin would have felt about that. ;) These days, I think she'd wait at home for him, as she's got her own career to focus on now. But yes, Kirstin would love it if Sebastian threw in the towel and got a "sensible" job. I don't think he's that type of person though.

      Yeah, I'm actually starting to hate that lime green even for my business lot, lol! It looks a bit sickly, lol. But my law firm will definitely be a bit less modern looking than this. But no, there's no history with Tim and Kirstin. Persnickety is probably just a good word to describe her in general. ;) Tim has proven himself though, so she'll likely miss him once he goes.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I can't help but love Kirstin and her opinionated self! It makes me think of her mother and I miss Colette. I'm sure Camilla and Charlie (and the other two couples later) will appreciate David coming over to babysit! I would. Not surprising she likes Connor best, but considering she never liked Sebastian much and the fact that Charlie got Camilla pregnant at 17, I can't blame her much. Kirstin and David are such an odd couple, but I'm glad they're still making it work.

    1. I have to say, I thought I was the only one who remembered Collette, lol (I just realised I spelt her name wrong when she was born - it should have been Colette!) Yeah, Kirstin has more than a few things in common with her mum. ;)

      David's babysitting services will be appreciated, I'm sure. Especially when it comes time for Lila to pop out a kidlet or two. I can't see her or Connor wanting to take a ton of time off work and I know David will be happy to step in there.

      No, Kirstin has never cared for Sebastian. This is probably the high point of their relationship right now, lol! She does like Charlie but they really don't have anything in common. She'd probably prefer him to have a more academic sort of job but even she'd have to admit that Charlie's job is at least essential - can't have a community without somebody to put out the fires!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Ha ha, don't tell Kirstin, but I think Sebastian is cute, and if I were Adelaide's age, I would have totally dated him! ;)

    Oh, this makes me miss having grandparents in my towns! I never recreated any in TS3, and the hood never got anywhere so none of my parents aged, either. Oops, lol!

    1. I think Sebastian is really cute as well. I'm sure even Kirstin could agree. ;) The whole Gentry family is really good looking, actually. Good genes there!

      LOL, well, you've already got grandparents in TS4, right? Dallas's folks? I always find it fun to have grandparents around, though I still think they can be kind of a drag to play! I just fill their updates with their kids, lol.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. I love how you always incorporate your sims jobs in your updates, and take them to their workplaces with their collegues! I still need to finish quite a lot of my workplaces, but I really should do that a lot more myself!

    Well, you can't get along with everybody, and Sebastian and Kristin are just a little bit too different I think. But it's good to see that she can see that her daughter is happy with him.

    I'm curious to see when one of their other children will give these 2 any grandchildren :)

    1. I like working my sims' jobs into my updates where I can. Right now, I can't do it too often, as I don't have that many workplaces! I have a lot of those to do myself. :)

      Yeah, Sebastian and Kirstin just have two totally different views on the world and they probably get along as well as they ever will. Good enough!

      After the update I'm playing now, I'll be doing Camilla's birth. After that, who knows who'll be next?

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. An enjoyable long update! :) I really love seeing all the family members visit the grandparents. :) I've said this before but I really do love my elder sims. They are so cute and I think TS2 elders are especially cuter!
    Kristin doesn't look quite like an elder I think because of her blonde hair. Is she an elder? I check out her profile and I really like her mosaic. :)

    1. I remember thinking this one turned out way longer than I was expecting! I was a bit stumped for what to do with them before I started, as is usually the case with me and my elders. :)

      Glad you liked the mosaic - I've only got them up for a few sims, though I always say I'm going to do more! No, Kirstin is still an adult. I age up my elders at 60, so she has a couple of years to go. One thing I don't like about TS2 elders is the sudden and drastic change the women go through once they age up. It doesn't seem nearly as big a difference with the guys. :\

      Thanks for reading and commenting!