Sunday, 17 August 2014

You say it's your birthday, January 2042

Round 35: January 2042 (Summer)

Hope Novak is now in her second trimester. It’s an exciting but also a nervewracking time for Hope and her husband, Malcolm, as both are praying for a happy ending this time. Hope’s first pregnancy ended in a late term loss.
To be on the safe side, Hope has stopped working already and is taking it easy at home as much as possible. If all goes well, Baby Novak will arrive in June.

Audrey Benton would be working if she could but there’s not much call for heavily pregnant dancers in Sullivan! She’s still practising but won’t be performing for quite a while.

She and Jack are getting very excited (and a little nervous) about Baby Benton’s arrival. Jack and Audrey’s first child is due in April.

Beau Hamilton is now 4 years old and ready to start pre-school this year. He's also inherited his mother's poor eyesight and has a cute little pair of glasses to correct it.

Three new students are entering Sullivan High School this year!

The first is Everett Benton...

...who will be joined by his twin sister, Grace...

...and her friend Jacinta Nihill.

Off to college (much to her mother's relief) is Annabel Nott! Annabel has probably surprised a few people and chosen to major in Biology. 

Annabel's twin sister Georgina is joining her in Moretti Hall. Georgina wants to be a teacher, so she's majoring in Arts/Education.

Meanwhile, another group of students are finished with high school and ready to head into the workforce!

First up is Eddie Gentry!

Eddie now holds a degree in Political Science and graduated with a respectable 3.6 GPA (twin sister Louisa still has a semester to go!).

Eddie was  bit lost career-wise until very recently but he finally decided on the fire service. He'll be joining as a driver/operator. 

Eddie's friend and college roomie Tim Lane is also graduating!

Tim now holds a degree in Biology, as well as a perfect GPA of 4.0, which will easily get him into medical school.

Tim will start his classes in March. Boyfriend Marius is looking forward to lending him some moral support for the next four years.

Before he starts raking in those big doctor bucks, he still has to earn a living. He'll be working part-time at the same law firm as his mother, as a legal secretary. He'll be living with Eddie and Mitchell in Exeter. 

Next up is Emma Gottlieb

Emma's GPA was 3.8 and she majored in Fine Arts/Ceramics.

She'd like to make a living selling her work one day but at the moment, she's working as a sculpting teacher at an art school. 

Our final graduate is Jessica Royce-Nihill.

Like Tim, Jessica also earned a 4.0 GPA. She studied Culinary Arts.

Boyfriend Declan is very proud, though he'll miss Jessica this year - he still has to complete his senior year. 

Jessica has been employed by a catering company as a decorator and is sharing an apartment in Exeter with Emma.

Caleb Moretti is already a fairly experienced grandpa but now he looks the part as well! He's turning 60 this year!

And of course, fellow grandpa and twin brother, David Sitko, is also celebrating his big 6-0!

  • I cannot keep Audrey away from the barre! She's a dancer through and through. ;)
  • Adrienne and Amar's kids have very little hope of not ending up with glasses. She's GG and he's Gg, so there's a good chance they'll need them from the get go.
  • Everett is Knowledge/Popularity, Grace is Popularity/Pleasure and Jacinta is Romance/Knowledge. I didn't say as much about the teens as I normally do, because Jacinta's LTW is kind of terrifying for a 12-year-old (20 Woohoos) and I'm trying something different with the career LTWs. I normally only do the career criteria on sims without career LTWs but from now on, I'm going to be doing it on everyone, to see if their career LTW even fits them. I suspect neither Grace or Everett's does (you can take a peek at what they are in their profiles) but we'll see!
  • I think we all already knew that Everett was a Charlie clone but wow, he seriously looks so much like his dad! Grace looks less like Charlie than I thought. She still definitely bears a strong resemblance to him but those eyes and that nose are definitely Camilla's. 
  • I think Tim, Mitchell and Eddie should be right with their apartment but I might need to fix the layout for Emma and Jessica's. I'd intended to have Lauren and Louisa move in too, once they graduate but I'm not sure if it's going to work! It's massive but four bedrooms could still be a squeeze. 


  1. Aww, yay, big Happy Birthday's and Congratulations as well!

    Little Beau Hmailton is adorable, poor kid ending up with his mother's poor eyesight. He still looks cute with his glasses though.

    It was great too to see the kids that have graduated and are now going off to college.

    Um and omg at Jacinta's LTW. LOL Yeah, that is a bit terrifying for a 12 yr old, pretty funny though.

    1. I know, Beau's totally my favourite this birthdays! Too cute - I was so excited to add his glasses. :)

      Yeah, I'm not even sure I'll try for that LTW. My Romance sims all seem to want to settle down before they get to 20, even the big ones like Luc and Amar. So I guess we'll see what happens with her. She certainly won't be getting started this round, that's for sure!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I'm so glad for Hope she can take time to rest and make sure she and the baby are ok. As I said before, that picture of heavily pregnant Audrey dancing is fabulous. Beau looks so grown up all the sudden! He is really so cute.

    Yay for Eddie, Jessica, Tim, and Emma. They all sound like they have good plans. What does Marius do?

    Annabel looks so much like her dad, Gordon, right?

    So Jacinta has the silly and patient traits, hmm? I guess as a romance/knowledge sim she wants to collect as much data as possible. I like the way you handled it in the post though, I don't know how I would write that in either, in an upbeat, summary kind of way.

    1. I really just want Hope's baby to be born already, so I know it's safe! I'm sure she and Malcolm feel the same way. Not long to go for Audrey. :)

      I actually don't know what Marius does! Nothing, I guess. He's a dormie but seeing Tim has known him since freshman year, he'd be graduating as well. I'll have to decide on a job for him. :)

      Yeah, Annabel is like a Gordon clone. Almost, anyway - she has Lia's eyes. She's a pretty girl.

      My Romance/Knowledge sims always end up a bit nuts, so I'm wondering what I've got myself in for with Jacinta! Although Veronica Moretti is Romance/Knowledge and she seems fairly level-headed, so I guess it could still go either way.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. What a massive birthday update. :D

    So excited for the babies and I'm looking forward to seeing all these recent graduates as proper adults now.

    1. It was a big one - I did the whole thing over three days!

      We'll pop into Mitchell, Eddie and Tim's house later this round but we won't see too much of Jessica or Emma until the next (first half, hopefully).

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Wow it's birthday overload! Love all the birthday goodness! I already told you how much I adore Beau, I just want to clone him so I can see him animated in my game, SO cute! So excited for Hope and can't wait to see what Audrey has. Glad that Hope is really taking it easy, I'd be devastated if she lost another baby.

    Jessica is so pretty, I really like the photo of her with Declan. I keep forgetting that they are dating, and it's possible that shortly they'll move things more seriously! Excited to see Jacinta with the romance trait, I think it fits her well, and yeah that LTW is one reason why I don't really post about the LTW's anymore, it just seems completely wrong! "I'm 12, my goal is to sleep with 20 different people!" ... how did the parents fail thee!?! ha.

    The Nott girls look great, they really take after their Dad, and I'm so excited to see them both in college!! Who would have thought!? I can totally see Camilla in Grace, there's just something about her overall appearance that reminds me of her Mom. They both aged up nicely, though I can't believe they are teens!!!

    1. That makes me think, I should take some videos of my sims every now and then and put them up somewhere. I don't want to get into serious Let's Playing or anything but a few short videos every now and then might be fun.

      You'd be devastated? Oh my gosh, I definitely would be too! I am so careful with Hope when I pop in. I'm glad I only have to do it one more time.

      I really like Jessica and Declan together. I'd be so sad if they stopped rolling wants but so far, so good. Jessica is pretty from the front but her chin from the side is quite spectacular! I don't know where all my sims get these massive chins from, as Declan has one too!

      Ha, I think Georgina going to college was always a sure thing, though Annabel was a little more doubtful. I was pretty sure she'd get in, it was just a matter of whether she'd roll the want. She took a while, if I remember correctly. But she's in now, so Lia can stop worrying about that and start worrying about her grades. ;)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. So many birthdays! And so many great looking sims! I don't know where to start :)
    I'm looking forward to those babies (when am I not?), both duedates are nearing and I'm anxious to meet the little ones :)

    Beau is absolutely adorable! I love him!
    And your teens, .... as always great looking ones! I can't believe they all are teens, for some reason I keep thinking they are younger :)
    I'm glad to see both Annabel and Georgina in college, I'm sure Lia is as well.

    And so many new graduates! I'm looking forward to seeing all of them handle this new part of their lifes.
    I have to say that I like those shots you do with every graduate! I never do those, but I admire them here :)

    1. I'm so excited for Hope and Audrey's babies! I still have to finalise baby names for Jack and Audrey though, as I'm really not excited about the ones I have picked out, especially the girl name.

      I felt quite ready for Grace, Everett and Jacinta to be teens but sending Annabel and Georgina off to college felt weirder to me! Lia is quite satisfied, lol. Her LTW is to Graduate 3 Kids From College, which fits her so well!

      Glad you like the graduation shots! I was a bit lazy with them this time. I was going to do a shot with Emma and her girlfriend Heather and didn't. She was on the lot but I just couldn't be bothered! I'll do a couple shot of them at some point, just to have one. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Beau is ridiculously cute, and the teens all aged up nicely. I'm sure Charlie and Camilla must be nervous at how fast the twins are growing up, especially considering how young they were when they had them.

    Audrey dancing with a huge belly made me laugh. I had a Sim in my old hood who was also a dancer and obsessed with that ballet barre. I had to put it in storage until she had the baby because she was constantly practicing even with low energy.

    1. Beau is one of my favourite age-ups ever, I think! I'll miss him when I age him to teen but I'm also really curious what he'll look like then. Poor Camilla...she's still in her 20s and she has two kids in high school now!

      I really have to be careful with Audrey and that barre, I know! In game, she used it for about as long as it took me to take the picture and that was it. Not taking any risks with the miscarriage flavour pack in!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. I can't believe Grace and Everett are in high school already! I remember when they were born. And Declan is almost out of college. Those three are some of my favorites.

    1. As I said above, I'm not having too much trouble believing Grace and Everett are in high school now but Declan being almost done with college and these four being actually done? Yeah, that feels weird!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!