Monday, 2 April 2018

You say it's your birthday, September 2045

Round 37: September 2045 (Spring)

Peter is the only kid left at home now that his older siblings are all off at uni, which is nice sometimes.

All adult attention is focused on him, so he has his grandparents and his parents to himself, whenever he wants them.

He does find himself missing Annabel, Georgina and Gabriel sometimes but he’s satisfied by a quick chat on the phone. 

Lia has really missed her kids and is looking forward to Annabel and Georgina moving closer to home again when they graduate at the end of the year.

She’d been hoping one of the girls would decide to move back home but they’ve both decided to move into a share house instead.

Gordon never thought there was much chance of either of the girls moving back home but he stays mum and tries to ease Lia’s concerns anyway.

Rather than have his siblings move home, Peter wants to turn the house into a cat menagerie. 

He really, really waned a kitten but after finding none for sale in all of Sullivan, he decided he’d rather get some adult cats and breed his own.

No one else in the house is on board with this idea but Peter is persistent. 

Peter's obsession with cats is a recent one and no one is sure where it started!


Given the accidental pregnancy Oliver and Sophie are now facing, the fact that their financial position has improved somewhat is very welcome.

It’s not entirely due to Oliver’s little brother Eddie’s atrocious poker skills…but it can’t be said that Eddie has had nothing to do with it either!

They still have quite a while until the baby arrives and Sophie still hasn’t figured out exactly what she’ll do with her restaurant while she recovers from giving birth but things are looking up for them now. Hiring someone to take over for a while is looking like a distinct possibility!

Sophie is thrilled to spend her 32nd birthday in significantly less distress than she was imagining! 

They’re putting away as much money as they can for the baby, so no extravagant gifts this year but Oliver does try his hand at cooking for the evening.

Sophie and Oliver are having the house renovated in order to add a nursery and still keep their home office. It should be finished well before April, when Baby Gentry makes his/her debut!


Jack and Audrey are fortunate enough to have never had to worry about money during their marriage. Unfortunately, it only makes moving a little less stressful.

They currently live in a very big house but with the third bedroom now occupied by Jack’s parents, Tate and Zelda, there’s nowhere to put the new baby except Zoe’s room.

Seeing neither Jack or Audrey are keen on making Zoe share a room with a newborn, they’ll be moving house.

They have six weeks to pack up and get out, which should hopefully leave them about ten weeks before the baby arrives. Baby Benton is due in January.

Other September birthdays:
Curtis Clarke turns 6
Zac Whitney turns 11
Jean-Paul Tang turns 20
Aurora and Bianca Moretti turn 19
Elmer Miguel turns 44
Olivia Nihill turns 48
Rose Draper turns 50
Jairus Gentry turns 56
Jesse Carmody turns 60
Athena Gottlieb and Linnea Lane turn 85
Lake Draper turns 88

September wedding anniversaries:
Nick and Sarah Moretti - 15 years
Rose and Joanna Draper - 22 years
Evan and Ione Moretti - 25 years

  • Peter had to go and specifically want a kitten, of course! I hate that you can't just buy them, like you can with adult cats. So I guess I'm going to have to do some breeding. I cannot imagine Lia especially getting on board with this though, so someone else's cats will be the parents!
  • I only just realised Audrey and Jack will have to move! Argh! Their house is huge but I'm very reluctant to remodel, because then I'll have to fiddle with the roof. This will almost definitely result in me ruining the roof. I haven't picked a new house yet but I should have something suitable in the bin. Their budget may as well be limitless, seeing they have $1.8 million! I think I should be able to find something in their price range. ;) 
  • I'm not too fussed about remodelling Oliver and Sophie's place (which is basically already done, though the room isn't decorated yet), because I built it in literally 10 minutes and my roofs are never very complicated!


  1. What about having Peter adopt a kitten? Although I would love to see a litter of kittens in Sullivan! I really love Audrey & Jack's house- do you think someone else may move in eventually? And thank goodness Oliver and Sophie think they're going to be able to manage financially with the baby and the restaurant. So he's been winning a lot at poker?? I hope his luck (Or skill) holds out.

    1. I would definitely let Peter adopt a kitten but there literally aren't any available! With clean templates, there always seem to be fewer pets up for adoption (right now, there are two - a cat and a small dog - and I don't think I've ever seen more than three) and you basically just have to wait for more to generate. I probably wouldn't have the cat breeding as a part of any one family's story though - when I need puppies or kittens, I just pair two random dogs or cats and InSim a pregnancy! Then I just send all/most of the offspring to the adoption service. Where I live, it's pretty rare for anyone but a registered breeder to have a litter of puppies or kittens for sale, so it's not that realistic to me to insert it into the story.

      I will probably use Audrey and Jack's house for someone else one day. Not sure when, as I think it's about $75,000 unfurnished, if I remember correctly. But I'm not opposed to using it again, if the right family comes along.

      Oliver has been winning a little at poker but he and Sophie have also both been working really hard at work. Both he and Sophie have received bonuses (I still have Sophie in the culinary career, in addition to her restaurant) and Sophie got her business high enough to earn a couple of the cash rewards on top of that. :) They've got probably $25-30K more than they did last time I played them.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I didn't realize you could pair pets with InSim. I always use the statue from Christianluv! Learn something new every day!

    Audrey and Jack have a gorgeous house, I've admired it in your hood and on MTS, I totally wouldn't want to add to it ether. Eek! Hopefully you find them a great house without too much effort.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what Sophie has! Yay for winning at poker! She's adorable with a baby bump!

    1. Huh, now you have me doubting myself! I know I don't use the statue though. I only ever used that force friendship between pets, when I was still doing breeding the old-fashioned way. I never bother with that any more because honestly, dogs and cats aren't that picky!

      Audrey and Jack's house is actually from SimsUrbania (it's called Chez Radikinz and the second Google search result will get you there) but it really is a beautiful one. Looking at the original pics, I think I've removed a fair bit of the greenery for some reason, so I may reinstall a fresh copy of it before I use it for another family. Audrey and Jack will have no issue finding a new house though.

      Sophie's baby bump is already huge, because she's "fat" and because some custom meshes have much bigger morphs than EA default. Can't wait to see her in her third trimester! I think it's super cute though. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I could imagine Peter with cats running everywhere around the house if his mom would let him, lol! ;)

    Ugh, I always mess up the roof on houses when I remodel. I am never able to get them as nice as they are on the original design.

    1. I would love to give Peter a whole bunch of cats but I just cannot see Lia, in particular, going for it! One or two is going to be the limit. Until he's an adult and then he can have as many cats as the game will let him. ;)

      Yep, I never mess with roofs on downloaded houses, nor do I ever do anything interesting with my own roofs on the rare occasions that I build. When you think about, when do you really even look at the roof? I can never be bothered to fuss with them but I hate destroying the good work of others!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!