Tuesday, 20 March 2018

All over again

Round 37: August 2045 (Winter)

(Chris is 30, Anthony and Sebastian are 28 and Jonathan is 6 months old)

Narrated by Veronica Moretti

Anthony has been begging me for a loan lately. He wants to buy a bar but he’s several thousand dollars short. 

He hit up Mum and Dad for a while ago and they didn’t have it to give him, so now he’s asking me.

I have the money but I’m not positive I want to give it to Anthony.

He hasn’t said anything about paying me any interest, or cutting me in on any profits from the bar and I’m not sure what would be in it for me.

Anthony seems to think I should give it to him out of the goodness of my heart but it’s a LOT of money.

I do sympathise with him but I have my own goals to think about too.

Chris and I are talking about getting our own place, for one thing.

He’s wanted to take that next step for a while now but it’s only in recent months where I’ve felt the same way.

I was a little bit apprehensive, because he resisted any sort of commitment for so long - even things I saw as pretty minor, like meeting my family - and then he was suddenly talking about moving in together and getting married.

I just needed some time to see whether this was really what he wanted or if it would pass quickly and he’d want to move onto something (or someone) else. 

But Chris has been pretty consistent. He’s still keen to move forward with me, which has made me feel much more confident about moving forward with him.

He’s even more enthusiastic talking about our future now, knowing we’re both on the same page.

Adelaide has been with Sebastian for much longer than I’ve been with Chris -13 years, to be exact - but she says they’ve never really talked about the future.

Well, they have talked about Sebastian going out on tour eventually and Adelaide tagging along.

She wasn’t keen on that, seeing she has an actual job to go to and all. 

For a long time. I think she and he were both just happy to coast along and let whatever happen, happen. 

Lately though, Adelaide has been talking about wanting a baby.

I guess it’s partly prompted by being in the relationship for so long but also by all the time she’s been spending with her new nephew, Jonathan.

Adelaide thinks if he’s left to his own devices, Sebastian will eventually want to settle down. 

She’s not quite sure she’s prepared to wait any more though, so she’s planning on giving him a few nudges in the right direction.

Which I guess means this roomie thing will be coming to an end, sooner rather than later. When we are finally living apart, I’m going to miss spending so much time with Adelaide.

Last school holidays, Adelaide took a week’s leave from work and it was so great hanging out with her the whole time.

It was just like the old days, before we had proper jobs and real responsibilities to take care of!

As sad as I am to leave that behind, I also feel like it’s time to move onto the next stage. I’m really looking forward to building a life with Chris.


  • Title is from All Over Again by Phantom Planet.
  • I lost the last picture and was too lazy to go back in game for just one pic, so the last one is a bit random!
  • Chris and Veronica should have enough between them to buy a little starter, so that will be happening. Adelaide's birthday is in October, so we'll pop in on her and Sebastian soon.
  • As for Adelaide, I have no idea what's going on with this baby thing! She doesn't have a baby want but she woohooed with Sebastian three times this session and each time, they tried for a baby. Sebastian's settings are basically still at the ACR default but somehow, Adelaide's unmarried TFB flag has been turned on. I don't know how (almost definitely my finger slipping!) but I'm going to take it as a story sign. She doesn't have a marriage want either, so she might do the baby thing before marriage. I can't remember if Sebastian has an opinion on things, lol!


  1. However her unmarried TFB was turned on, it does make for a good story. Sounds like Adelaide and Sebastian might have a baby soon. 13 years is a long time to stay together, maybe especially without long-term plans. I know of a couple who was together 30 years and then decided to get married. Does Veronica have enough money to help her brother with the bar? Anthony should give her some kind of reason to invest! I look forward to seeing Veronica and Chris' new home at her birthday update, but the bittersweet end to this part of hers and Adelaide's single life also came through reading.

    1. Yeah, I figured the same, so I'm going with it! 13 years is a long time but they are also relatively young, at the same time. So we'll see. 30 years is insane! I have had a couple of couples in Sullivan do the same thing though. :)

      Veronica has the money to help Anthony out with the bar but she isn't keen to give it. I used their personalities to decide what they'd do in this situation. Veronica is very low in nice points, so she's not going to help out her brother without there being something in it for her. Anthony is low in nice points too, though not quite as low as Veronica. I think if Veronica had been a bit more open to lending him the money, he may have come around and offered her something in return...but without that, it wasn't going to occur to him.

      I'm not quite sure when Veronica and Chris will move in together - by next round, almost definitely. Whether I'll have it done by her birthday in May is unclear. We will be checking in on Adelaide when her birthday rolls around in October though. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. A baby! I could see her opting to do the baby thing alone. Before my crash, Laci TFB with Zhou a few times. I thought she was crazy since they were so young, but even my rebuild Laci is TFB with Zhou. Sometimes simmies just want what they want.

    1. Hmmm, I don't know if I see Adelaide having a baby on her own, though I haven't given it much thought. I don't think she'll really have to worry about that though. Sebastian consistently rolls romantic wants for her, so he clearly wants to stay with her. Neither have rolled an actual baby want but I might turn TFB on for him as well - seeing sims don't necessarily always TFB when they're able to, I figure that when they do, there has been some sort of discussion and subsequent agreement!

      I remember that Adrienne got pregnant with Sylvia after TFB! With a townie she'd just met, at that! I don't know if I'd switched that on or if ACR used to have it on by default...but I do remember turning it off globally after that!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I remember that plan of Adelaide following him around on tour, I always figured she'd move on actually. They've made it this far though, so hopefully they can find a way to make it work. She's always done her own thing, so having a baby before marriage makes sense if Sebastian is on board too. How is his music career going?

    It was nice that these girls were able to take vacation time together, it'll be harder for that quality time after they move house. It is nice to see Chris and Veronica on their way though! I know they aren't old, but given hiatus' and the like, it really feels like they've been together for a very significant period of time. I'm ready for them to have some babies! :D

    1. I threw Sebastian and Adelaide together in high school, without really knowing or thinking about where they'd end up. So it's pretty impressive they've lasted this long. His current level in his career is Leader of a Local Band (or something like that). Few steps up from busking, where he was stuck for ages!

      Harder after they move and even harder once they start popping out babies! And yeah, I feel the same about Chris and Veronica. I'm too lazy to open up Scrivener to see how long they've been together but I'm pretty sure I have couples who have been together longer but it doesn't seem like it for a lot of them. It's probably because I've focused pretty heavily on them for a while now. They haven't had as smooth a ride as others might have. :) I'm sure babies will come eventually!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!