Thursday, 8 February 2018

You say it's your birthday, August 2045

Round 37: August 2045 (Winter)

Susannah Halmi and husband Daniel are preparing for the arrival of their baby in March next year.

Susannah is thrilled that the illness she experienced during her first trimester has subsided. She's trying to publish her first cookbook and she's finally feeling well enough to work on it again. 

The family could really use the financial help! They have a huge mortgage to pay off, so Susannah has also been entering local cooking competitions, in the hope of scoring some prize money. 

So far, so good! It's not much but anything to chip away at that debt is welcome!


Richie Moretti, fifth and youngest child of Sarah and Nick is a whole year old this month! 

Richie definitely has his moments...

...but he's generally a pretty cheerful little boy...

...and is happy to amuse himself for a while if no one is around to attend to him.

With seven other family members in the house though, those times are very rare!

Other August birthdays:
Cary Hamilton turns 2
Natalie Clarke turns 8
Phoebe Jacobson turns 8
Theo Nihill turns 10
Iris Kirby turns 11
Ramona Nihill turns 18
Brigit Gottlieb turns 26
Leslie Lachance turns 34
Eliot Lane turns 59
Kendal Draper turns 69

Naomi and Naomi Novak turn 70

August wedding anniversaries:
Zane and Chloe Hamilton - 11 years

David and Kirstin Sitko - 35 years

Comparison pics:

Close-up of Richie... Nick...

...and mum Sarah.

I definitely think Richie looks mostly like Sarah! He's inherited her hair colour, her nose nose and her eyes. I initially thought he might not have inherited anything from Nick at all (apart from skin tone) but I can see now that he's got his dad's mouth. 

At first, I also thought he resembled Sarah most strongly out of all the kids but then I compared him to Ryan as a toddler. 

Ryan even inherited Sarah's face shape, so he's her little clone baby! Almost anyway...he's still got Nick's mouth, which all the kids have. 

  • This is very short, I know! I didn't have a family scheduled for a mini-update this month and although I was going to make up for that with a little mini-update for one of the other birthday sims, I ran out of time and just wanted to get this out instead. Next birthdays, there will be a mini-update on Gordon and Lia, a couple of pregnancy updates and hopefully a peek at one or two other birthday sims. :)


  1. Richie is totally adorable! As was Ryan, what a bunch of cuties! I've always been a fan of Sarah and her genetics on the boys is very sweet!

    Hopefully Susannah is able to get some of that mortgage paid off soon. The cooking competition is fun! I wonder who would win if she went up against Sophie.

    1. Ryan really was a very cute toddler! Now that I'm looking at him and Richie, I'm wondering if they have different noses but I think it might be the angle. Neither has Nick's nose, so they must both have Sarah's.

      Susannah and Daniel's mortgage is so big! I may have over-committed, lol. I'm waiting for her to get that awesome Culinary chance card that pays out $20,000 if you're lucky. ;)

      As for who would win if it was Susannah vs Sophie, I'm not sure! I can't answer for that townie guy but both other contestants have maxed out cooking skills, just like Susannah does. I'm only guessing but to me, it seems like the cooking contests are weighted towards your sim winning, all things (like skill level) being equal.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I love Richie's eye shape, it is so sweet. I was trying to figure out who the contestants in the cooking contest were. It's nice Susannah was able to win to help pay down the mortgage.

    1. I'm pretty happy with Richie and less worried about the nose than I otherwise might have been, because I think he'll turn out just like Richie. Sarah was very weird looking - I did surgery on her at some point and part of that included lowering her nose a bit, which makes a big difference.

      Fingers crossed Susannah wins a few more of those contests - she'll need them!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!