Monday, 22 January 2018

You say it's your birthday, July 2045

Round 37: July 2045 (Winter)

Andrew has always had behaviour problems at school but recently, he’s been letting his grades slip too.

Good grades are a non-negotiable for Josie, so he’s confined to his bedroom every afternoon until he’s done all of his homework.

It’s so boring…but Andrew shuts up about it, because he knows his mother is not going to give in on this.

Troy has some sympathy, having once been a very lazy student himself, but he’s not giving in on it either.

Jude, who turns 13 this month, has always been a good student. He doesn’t love homework any more than his little brother does, but he does it because he knows no one else is going to do it for him.

Lately, he’s been finishing it early, so after dinner, Jude has been joining Troy in the new games room to play some pool.

That’s all they can do in there now - it’s literally just a pool table and a stereo. But Troy has big plans for it.

Josie was hoping he’d be satisfied with just the pool table but her brother Jack showed him the vintage arcade machine he has in his garage and Troy fell in love.

Now Troy wants not one but two arcade machines for his game room. Maybe even three, if they can swing the money. 

Josie’s not thrilled about the idea but it might be nice to have something else to occupy Andrew when he’s climbing the walls. As long as it doesn’t work out too expensive, she may just relent. 


Leslie is now in her third trimester and is finding herself missing her class back at school. 

She’s spending her days combing lesson plan websites, looking for fun ideas to bring to the classroom when she does finally gets back in.

Really, with Dominic at work all day and the kids at school, she’s a bit bored but she knows that won’t last long.

In November, the baby will arrive and the month after that, Oscar and Stella will start their six week break for Christmas. 

The twins are very excited about being home to “play” with the new baby, even though they’ve been told the baby won’t be old enough to really “play” with them for quite some time!


Jessica turns 25 today and boyfriend Declan comes over after work to help her celebrate.

Their evening starts with dinner at Enigma, one of Jessica’s favourite restaurants in Exeter.

Jessica tries not to nitpick but as the daughter of a restaurateur and working in food and hospitality herself, sometimes she can’t help herself. But Enigma has never disappointed.

Declan had been hoping to end the night with a trip to an ice rink but after researching online, he finds there isn’t one anywhere near Sullivan! So they content themselves with a stroll back to Jessica’s place in the snow instead. 

Other birthdays this month:
Felicity Ashton turns 12
Caitlin Romilly turns 22
Josh Royce-Nihill turns 31
Malcolm Novak turns 35
Sam Whitney turns 35
Adrienne Hamilton turns 38
Steve Nihill turns 50
Max Nihill turns 58

July wedding anniversaries:
Charlie and Camilla Benton - 8 years
Wade and Amelia Gottlieb - 32 years

  • After some consideration, I have decided to ditch the last update/next update thing completely. With mini-updates and wedding updates and birthdays and everything, it was just getting too unwieldy to keep track of, in terms of what counted as the "last update" and what didn't. I'm pretty close to being done with the first name tags and I think those are going to be a lot easier to use to know what's going on with my sims. Sorry to those of you who use the last update/next update links...but this is supposed to be fun for me and that particular part was becoming a bit of a stressor instead!
  • Five years on from my rebuild, and I still forget that certain lots were in Sullivan 1.0 and not in 2.0. Need an ice rink, lol!


  1. Jack's arcade machine in the house has been the bane of women everywhere, but it seems Josie's a little more laid back about it than Audrey was. Oscar and Stellar look thick as thieves there at the table, conspiring. The picture of Jessica and Declan is really cute!

    Glad you came to a decision on the links. The tag system sounds great!

    1. Ha, yes, Audrey isn't thrilled with the arcade machine either! With Troy's plans though, perhaps she should just be grateful Jack doesn't plan to buy any more!

      I wasn't going to use that one of Oscar and Stella but I was struggling to illustrate that part...and this pic seemed to fit! Glad you like it, as well as the pic of Jessica and Declan. I really like how it came out, despite it being slightly off-centre. Unintended but I think it works. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Having a few arcade games in the house is definitely not the worst thing her kids could get into. But I can see how it isn't her cup of tea. I'm pretty humored that it was Jack that brought this new (upcoming) attraction into her life.

    Declan and Jessica are adorable! I hope that you find a good rink that fits your needs. Oh boy, Leslie is in the calm before the storm! Those two do look like they are planning some mischief, plus a newborn! Oi!

    I totally understand with the next/previous. It has been stressing me out for sometime as well. Throwing a previous up in a birth post, but then forgetting a next... or skipping an entire birth post on accident. It was a stress for me too. I started dropping the next, and just leaving the previous. I find that part useful for writing updates. I have tags for mine, but I don't care for the way they display in wordpress, so they can only be seen in actual posts so I'm not sure how helpful they are ether.

    1. Josie and Troy are both Games sims but I've never seen her as one to be obsessed with video games, particularly not to the point of having arcade machines in her house. But Josie might enjoy playing herself once they have one (or two or three). At least Troy and Jack aren't insisting on having them in the living room. ;)

      Geez, I asked on N99 and within a few days, I had multiple suggestions for awesome rinks, including yours! Pru sent me one of hers this morning too. Such a great resource, that forum! I'll have to take some of my sims to the new rink before winter is done with.

      It sounds so silly but I immediately felt a sense of relief once I decided not to bother with the previous/next links any more. I'm personally going to go through and remove them, because I'd rather just be consistent with it. As for tags, I actually find it more useful to have them in the post anyway, because when I want to look up a tag, it's usually prompted by reading about a sim in their update. I don't see much use in having them displayed on the front page (though I do have them on mine, because it's the default here on Blogger), although I'm sure others feel differently. For me though, having them only in the post on Wordpress is no fuss. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!