Monday, 12 June 2017

You say it's your birthday, September 2044

Round 36: September 2044 (Spring)

Miles and Matilda Jacobson are very happy with just their one daughter, Phoebe but lately, they've both been wondering whether another baby would be such a terrible thing.

They had originally decided to stop at one but now that Phoebe seems to be outgrowing her spoiled brat phase, having one more is looking more appealing.

Do they really want to start over with a newborn all over again though?

Phoebe is so independent these days. 

She starts school earlier than Miles or Matilda start work and has been getting herself up and ready for the past year. 

If there's no one around to play with her (which is often, being an only child), she's content to entertain herself. 

She doesn't even need to be pestered to do her homework, with the prospect of a good report card being more than enough motivation for her. 

A baby would be a lot more work...but also might be a nice addition to the family. 

Miles and Matilda decide to go down the "not trying, not preventing" route. If another baby comes along, then great. If it's destined to be just them and Phoebe, then that's great too. 

Hope Novak is 16 weeks along now and she’s feeling amazing. She’s had almost no morning sickness. She’s tired but probably not much more tired than most parents of toddlers.

Despite feeling good physically, emotionally, she’s a bit of a wreck sometimes. She’s hormonal but also understandably plagued by anxiety that this pregnancy will end not in a happy and healthy baby like Mason but in another stillbirth. 

Hope is also a little bit stressed about house hunting. Their current house is much too small and she and Malcolm have decided to get a larger place, with room for his parents to join them. 

Hope wants to be moved in before the baby arrives and she can feel time getting away from them with each passing day.

Malcolm is annoyingly calm about the whole thing and is confident that it will all work out perfectly. They'll definitely be in their new place before the baby is due in March. 

A few weeks before her 18th birthday, Brendan finally gets off his butt and asks Aurora if she’d like to go out with him.

She almost feels like making him sweat it out for a bit but she also really, really wants to go out with Brendan.

Their first date is at a pizzeria. Not exactly five star but still slightly fancier than the uni bar, while still staying within their student budgets!

It’s a lovely, minimally awkward date and Brendan and Aurora have been on three or four more since then.

For her birthday, Brendan gives her an unusual-but-totally-perfect-for-Aurora gift - a DIY kit for a remote control helicopter!

Aurora loves it and takes great joy in building it and then testing it out.

Brendan isn’t quite as interested but he’s glad Aurora’s happy and that his gift went over well. 

Now, Brendan and Aurora are making the most of seeing each other every day, before Brendan graduates and moves off campus.

Other birthdays this month:
Curtis Clarke turns 5
Zac Whitney turns 10
Bianca Moretti turns 18
Sophie Gentry turns 31
Elmer Miguel turns 43
Olivia Nihill turns 47
Rose Draper turns 49
Jairus Gentry turns 55
Jesse Carmody turns 59
Linnea Lane and Athena Gottlieb turn 84
Lake Draper turns 87

September wedding anniversaries:
Nick and Sarah Moretti - 14 years
Rose and Joanna Draper - 21 years
Evan and Ione Moretti- 24 years

Obviously, it was Aurora's twin sister Bianca's 18th birthday as well. She spent the day in her PJs, looking out the window and being totally thrilled by the rain! Story-wise, I imagine she saw Gabriel but in game, this is all she did!

It was really hard to keep Brendan anywhere near Aurora and that helicopter! There's a "Watch" interaction but it didn't seem to work? It just occurred to me that I should have tried lowering his fun, as he'd just finished joking and playing with Aurora, so it would have been pretty high. But I love this pic. Aurora's like "hey, where are you going? There's still battery power left in the remote!"

  • Miles and Matilda might not get an update in birthdays each round, seeing I demoted them to playable NPCs, but they had a little story to tell this time. They don't have a baby want but they did try for a baby. My rule (that I came up with just this session!) is that if a couple try for a baby two times out of three, I'll take them off birth control. Miles and Matilda did that, so they're off BC. They tried one more time before the end of the session but were unsuccessful. Matilda is 38, so it might not happen but I've had older mothers, so we'll see. :)
  • Hope is oddly spry for a pregnant sim. She had one instance of morning sickness and she didn't even manage to throw up, because Malcolm was blocking the stairs and she just forgot about it? LOL. She was stupidly easy to take care of - her hunger, comfort and energy didn't seem to be dropping at the same rate they do for most of my pregnant sims. But her aspiration was bottomed out when I entered the lot (not sure why), so she was all weepy anyway, the poor thing. :(
  • So Brendan and Aurora are officially dating. They're facing a three year separation when Brendan graduates though. Last time he was separated from a girlfriend (Georgina), he lost interest. I'm desperately hoping he's grown up since then and he maintains his interest in Aurora. They're really adorable together!
  • Also, I don't know how I did it but for June through August birthdays, I completely neglected to add the other birthdays and anniversaries at the end. I'm going back through and adding them now, so if you missed them and are curious, you can go back and look. Sorry for the oversight!


  1. Interesting way to decide about the TFB in ACR. I don't see a lot of TFB when I have sims on birth control. Once I take them off, they tend to TFB then. I wonder if I have something odd in the settings, or if there's some interaction with InTeen (I don't have InTeen). I was freaked out when I saw the picture of her crying, I thought they had lost the baby. My Lainey and Verde were like that. They had one pregnancy to term, but had multiple miscarriages.

    1. No, if you're using ACR BC, you shouldn't see sims trying for a baby while on it. That's actually why I switched to InTeen BC - I wanted to be able to see when my sims might be ready for a baby, without taking them off BC. Baby wants are a good indication but my non-Family sims rarely seem to roll those, unless they've just got married.

      I was a bit worried about Hope myself when I saw her crying. I was thinking "did I miss something huge here?" But no, I guess she's just feeling a bit fragile, understandably. She was stupidly easy to take care of in this little session (spent about 36 hours with them).

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I do have Inteen, and I do see couples trying for baby while on birth control, so maybe it is an inteen interaction. Me too, I was so worried about Hope, and it was good to see your note that she was ok. Hope it works out for Aurora and Brendan; that screenshot of him leaving while she plays with the helicopter is great!

    1. Yep, it's an Inteen interaction. I'm using it intentionally, to help me with family planning.

      Thankfully, Hope is fine. Just under a fair bit of stress at the moment.

      Ha, I laughed out loud at Brendan just walking away and the look on Aurora's face! I don't think she's discovered a new partner in tinkering. ;)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

    2. Hi Carla, just read your response to Starr above about Inteen and BC and TFB. That's a good way to get more info about sims being ready to want more kids.

      Those kind of eccentricities, like one person into tinkering and the other not, make relationships more interesting to play and write and read :-)

    3. Ha, we were both posting at the same time! I'm pretty sure I stole that idea about the BC from Maisie.

      Realistically, I don't think the hobby thing will be a big deal for Aurora and Brendan. Very few of my couples have the same hobbies. It makes for an interesting point of difference for sure!

  3. I was worried Hope might miscarry too! I'm glad things are going well, even if the easy pregnancy does make her worry. It'll be fun to see if Miles and Matilda have another baby. I like when my Sims surprise me with an unplanned birth. I do set some of my Sims to stop after a certain number unless they roll a baby want again. Aw, Brendan and Aurora! I'm glad he got up the nerve to ask her.

    1. I'm sure Hope would be worried anyway. It would be hard not to in her position, I think.

      It would be fun to see another baby from Miles and Matilda but I'm not confident it'll happen. I've promised myself I won't force it and her fertility would be declining at 38. All we can do is wait and see. :)

      I love Brendan and Aurora already. I had an idea they might be good together (super high chemistry) but they really took the reins on this themselves. I love it when that happens.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Agh, how cute is Phoebe!! What a cutie and so independent already at such a young age!

    Poor Hope stressing about the pregnancy. Good thing Malcolm is cool calm and collected.

    Aurora is quite a catch so hopefully Brendan keeps his interest in her. They definitely are a cute couple. ;) So funny at Bianca staring at the rain for her birthday and that extra shot of Brendan walking away, lol! I guess it's good they have different interests?

    Really enjoying your new birthday updates! :)

    1. I'm really loving my new birthdays updates too! It's making it a lot faster to move through the year when I can give short updates on families who don't have a ton going on.

      I have very few couples who share hobbies, so I think Brendan and Aurora will be fine in that respect. They really are quite adorable together. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. I like Matilda and Miles, so I'm glad to see them here even though they got demoted, lol! They are both so attractive, of course, it wouldn't be a terrible thing to have more of their children in your dating pool!

    Yikes, that picture of Hope at the table, upset. I thought she was losing another one at first! 0_0 So glad to read that she's just anxious about it. I mean, not glad that she's anxious, but you know what I mean! :D

    Yay, Brendan and Aurora are so cute! I'm glad he finally asked her out. I have my fingers crossed for them!

    1. Ha, I know, Matilda and Miles are such a pretty couple! I must spread those genetics!

      I almost thought Hope had lost the baby myself! That picture is posed but it was a retake of something that actually happened. You'll see her again in the birthdays update that I'm putting out this week. They're in their new place now, so she has one less thing to stress about. :)

      I love Brendan and Aurora together. I'm hoping their separation goes a bit better than when he went away to college and left Georgina behind in Sullivan! He's older now and hopefully wiser, so we'll see.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!