Friday, 24 March 2017

You say it's your birthday, June 2044

Round 36: June 2044 (Winter)

Charlotte Lane starts the morning of her 15th birthday with an invigorating dip in the family's pool.

Charlotte has no plans for a career in professional sports these days but keeping fit is still pretty important to her. 

She’d probably never admit but she sort of misses having her older brothers around. At least when they were around, the mealtime conversations were a bit more interesting. 

Her parents and grandmother’s topics of choice include music she’s never heard, movies she doesn’t care about and boring adult stuff like politics and money. 

As Charlotte has complained to her friend Grace, Cordy and Eliot have insisted their daughter start taking some sort of interest in money, namely in earning her own.

Up until now, her preferred method of making money has been frequent handouts from grandmother Linnea.

Charlotte did try to talk her way out of it but Eliot was quite insistent that she would be getting a job.

She’s not thrilled about it but seeing she’s got no choice, Charlotte is going to try to stay positive about it. 

She’ll be working at an after school care centre a few afternoons a week. She’s considering becoming a teacher, so it might not be so awful anyway. 


Sarah Moretti is now in her third trimester and she’s still finding pregnancy at almost 40 to be quite the slog.

She’s been endlessly grateful that her big kids have been willing to entertain the younger ones, whenever she needs to sneak in a quick nap.

Nick has promised Sarah he’ll talk her out of it if she tries to talk him into a sixth child once this one comes along. Five will definitely be it for the Morettis! Baby #5 is due in August. 

A few months have passed since the loss of Leslie and Dominic’s baby and both have been trying to get back into a normal routine. For Leslie, this means trying her hand at baking a cake for Dominic’s 34th birthday.

She’s not totally confident that it’s going to turn out but it puts a smile on the birthday boy’s face.

And the cake comes out just fine after all!

Dominic’s birthday was certainly no rager but he’s happy to just spend the day at home with his family.

He and Leslie definitely want to expand their little family, though they’re not quite ready yet. Maybe in a few more months.

Other birthdays this month:
Mason Novak turns 2
Felix Lane turns 13
Thomas Moretti turns 13
Ruby Lane turns 17
Austin and Lauren Carmody turn 23
Chris Draper turns 29
Chloe Hamilton turns 33
Daniel Halmi turns 37
Finn Romilly turns 43
Asha Lane turns 47
Lia Nott turns 47
Ione Moretti turns 48
Zelda Benton turns 69

June wedding anniversaries:
Lia and Gordon Nott - 21 years
Jesse and Abigail Carmody - 29 years

  • Okay, a week and a half between this update and the last one! Better than the full month it took me last time, so I guess we're getting there?
  • I played Charlotte and her family for quite a while before a non-stupid job came up for her on the computer. Her actual title is Playground Monitor but it makes more sense for someone her age to be doing after school care. We don't have playground monitors here anyway - we teachers are the ones "monitoring" the playground. 
  • Leslie had good reason to worry about that cake turning out, because I had to level her up in cooking just so I could get pics of her making something that could conceivably be a cake (it's actually a berry pie)!
  • No baby for them yet but I will pop them into the birthdays update when there's some news on that front. It's been scheduled already, so it will happen. 


  1. Ha, we don't have playground monitors, at least not anymore, in Florida either. Teachers are the monitors. I think maybe 25 years ago there were playground monitors?? Anyway, afterschool care makes good sense for Charlotte's first job.

    The cake is quite pretty-- is it a default replacement? Also, I'm looking forward to Leslie and Dominick's baby but glad they have time to recuperate, and look forward to another pregnancy hopefully. Poor Sarah! Being a sim, Nick may have to remind her that she doesn't really want to go through this again!

    1. Having playground monitors (at least in place of teachers) would actually be illegal here. Technically, students are supposed to be under the supervision of a trained teacher at all times. After school care is still probably a bit advanced for Charlotte (I did it at uni and they wouldn't have hired a 15-year-old) but I'm imagining she's doing it while heavily supervised. :)

      The cake is actually custom and modded. I forget what it's called but it lets you go through the whole birthday sequence without your sim actually aging up. Handy for non-momentous birthdays like 34!

      As for Nick, he'll probably have to remind Sarah and himself. They're both nuts with the baby wants. Once this baby comes along though, they'll reach the household limit of 8, so they'll have no room for a baby until Thomas moves out for college. By that point, Sarah will be mid-40s and unlikely to get pregnant anyway, so this is definitely the last Moretti baby!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

    2. I went looking for the cake and hopefully found it. Is this it?

    3. Ah, those are apparently the originals! I have a recolourable one by the same creator, released about six months after the first. Thanks for the link - I didn't have those ones. :)

  2. My older daughter worked at after school program through the first three years of college. Our after school program has 15 year old volunteers under the supervision of adult staff.

    I remember now about that cake- you mentioned it a while back and that is a great idea for non-transition birthdays!

    Ha, so funny about Nick having to remind himself too!

    1. After school care was a great job. It was a lot of the fun parts of teaching, without any of the awful parts, like writing reports and dealing with demanding parents! It gave me a lot of confidence working with kids too.

      I can hardly blame Nick and Sarah for wanting so many kids though - 4/4 are maxed out in nice points (as are Nick and Sarah). They make really sweet kids. Hopefully the next one will be too.

  3. Charlotte looks like quite a mature 15 year old. Great that she likes to keep fit, that's a good habit to get into while you're young.
    Love the old bomb pulling up outside their house too. Rusty with a smeared windscreen and a hand print, lol!

    Nice to see Leslie and Dominic are doing okay. That cake looks cool, so many candles! Unlike the one candle when TS3 sims age up. :|

    1. Charlotte once had aspirations of becoming a pro figure skater but has abandoned that now (ie. I did the careers criteria on her and found she wasn't a very good fit for pro sports!)

      LOL, the old bomb looks like just the sort of car one of her friends might drive, so it seemed appropriate! And the cake looks like it might well actually have 34 candles on it, lol. I didn't bother counting though. ;)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Bummer for Charlotte to be the last kid stuck at home in such a big family. She must feel so ready to get out. Charlotte is so pretty! She does look very mature. I remember that about some of my TS2 teenagers. Some looked very child-like still, while others looked 20-something already.

    Sarah is impressive! I can surely say that I've never had a sim give birth to five children in any of my games. I feel like it's a goal I should have now, lol!

    I'm still sad about Dominic and Leslie's lost baby. I'm eager to see what you have scheduled for them!

    1. One more round and then Charlotte will be out of there! I think she got the best features from Eliot and Cordy - I think the boys mostly just look like Cordy. She's got strong genes. ;)

      Sarah is my first sim ever to give birth to five kids...I think? I've had sims with five kids before, even in Sullivan, but there has always been at least one set of twins involved. I'm just glad Sarah and Nick don't have toddlers any more - should make raising this one a bit easier!

      We'll probably see Dominic and Leslie again in the next update (Lucy and Edward) but a new baby is a while off. I'm still sad myself and I think they definitely would be too.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. I was surprised that Charlotte is only 15 and kicked to find a job. Its illegal in CO to work before the age of 16, so if she were here, that could have saved her for a minute longer. ;) Nice that she found something that might go in line for her future career! I remember when she was just a spoiled little sister, but she'd really grown and matured in her teen years. I can completely understand how boring the conversations must seem for her with no siblings to interact with and keep conversations young.

    1. I was going to say the minimum working age here is 14 and 9 months but I've Googled it and found I'm wrong! There's actually no minimum working age...unless you're doing door-to-door sales, where you need to be 14 and 9 months. A 15-year-old having an after school or weekend job is pretty unremarkable here and plenty of parents insist on it. Mine didn't but I had a job very briefly at 13 anyway.

      I'd say Charlotte is probably still quite spoiled but Cordy and Eliot are trying to fix that now. ;) Not having her brothers around means all of the parenting focus is on her, which is a good thing and a bad thing, lol!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!