Tuesday, 7 February 2017

All hail me

Round 36: Autumn (April 2044)

Athena Gottlieb is 84, Amelia is 55, Wade is 54 and Michael is 13. 
(Sophie is 31, Oliver is 27, Noah is 26, Brigit is 25, Emma is 24, Thomas is 13 and Ryan is 12)

Narrated by Wade Gottlieb

Over the past months, our family has been focused on Noah and Brigit’s wedding. Now that that’s over with, things are much quieter around here.

A little bit too quiet, for Amelia’s liking anyway. She doesn’t really know what to do with her spare time now. 

Seeing Brigit doesn’t have her own mother around, Amelia was very involved in planning the wedding with her. 

She totally relished it and she’s feeling a little bit lost now.

I keep telling her she missed her calling as a wedding planner. 

We’ve all been very happy to welcome Brigit into the family. I love having another family member in the sciences.

Noah and I both work on campus and all of Brigit’s classes are right near our labs, so we meet for lunch a few times a week.

It can be hard to catch up properly at huge family get-togethers (the kind our family has most often!), so it’s a nice way to share what’s going on in our lives.

I’d love to be able to manage it more often with Sophie and Emma but we don’t cross paths quite as often.

Sophie and Amelia see each other every day, now that Amelia is working at Sophie’s restaurant.

Sophie took over the restaurant from Dad when he died, closed for renovations for a while and then reopened to great success. 

When she heard Amelia was getting restless at her previous restaurant, she insisted on having her come work at The Claudette.

It’s only been a few weeks and I’m hoping it all goes well and they don’t drive each other crazy. So far, so good. 

I took Amelia out to dinner for her birthday and she spoke very highly of her new job and of Sophie as a boss. 

I can’t imagine Sophie would be too much of a hardass, especially not with her own mother. She’s always been very easygoing. 

We might have gone to the Claudette for Amelia’s birthday had she not started working there but we ended somewhere else instead. I didn’t want Amelia to feel like she was just hanging out at work.

We’ve started to allow Michael to go out at night this year, under some fairly strict conditions, but he agreed to stay home with Mum while Amelia and I had our date night.

She says she’s fine on her own but she’s been pretty down, understandably, since Dad died a couple of Christmases ago. We try not to leave her alone for too long if we don’t have to.

We let Michael invite a couple of friends over, so he had Ryan and Thomas with him. 

Any other teenage boys and I might worry about leaving Mum to deal with them but they’re such good kids.

A few times when they’ve been over, I’ve walking in on them all just quietly reading. 

Athena said they were no trouble at all. She liked having the boys around, rather than it being just her and the cat all night. 

We decided we’d have all the kids (plus Brigit and Oliver) over the next day, to extend Amelia’s birthday a bit further.

Mum was very subtly hinting to Sophie about how much she’d like a great-grandchild before she dies.

Honestly, that must annoy Sophie but she laughs it off pretty well and changes the subject. 

Sophie has told me Oliver is quite keen for a baby now but she’s wanting to wait a couple of years.

Emma is still single and has been since she broke up with her college girlfriend about two years ago.

She’s been trying the internet dating thing without a whole lot of success and is feeling pretty discouraged about the whole thing.

Mum is waiting on another wedding and isn’t shy about saying so to Emma.

Emma doesn’t take Mum’s hints nearly as well as Sophie does, unfortunately!

Amelia is almost as bad but she’s been pretty wise about not actually saying anything about it to Emma. 

She would love to start matchmaking for Emma but I’m positive Emma would start hatching plans to murder if she tried. 

  • Title is from All Hail Me by Veruca Salt.
  • Athena has a very persistent, specific want for a relative to get joined. Considering that joining is something specific to gay couples in TS2, I'm fairly sure she means Emma! It's not going to happen any time soon though - I've been pretty unsuccessful finding a match for poor Emma!
  • Amelia reached her LTW of becoming a Celebrity Chef this round, so I think it's a good time for her to start working for Sophie. This family is loaded, so the low pay sims get working for owned businesses won't be an issue like it would be for a lot of my other sims. 
  • Michael, Ryan and Thomas are all Film & Lit sims, which is kind of fun. Not as fun as it would be if I had a bunch of sims around the same age with the Music & Dance hobby, so I could finally make a band, lol! But fun nonetheless. :)


  1. Poor Emma! I can imagine it's annoying to keep hearing her grandmother's hints, lol! Congratulations to Amelia on reaching her LTW! It's good that Amelia has found something to fill her time with now that the wedding is over.

    And it was funny to see Michael and his friends all reading books while they hang out, lol. Not the usual things teen boys do when they get together, but at least they didn't cause Athena any trouble!

    1. It's just a tad irritating to Emma. ;) And yes, I think adjusting to a new job will keep Amelia plenty busy now that she hasn't got a wedding to plan.

      Heh, that's all these kids ever want to do. Just constant wants to read a novel, discuss a novel, write a novel...they're slightly unusual for their age!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. These two have such great looking kids, I'm so happy for Sophie and Oliver to eventually have a baby. She reminds me so much of my sister, even down to the husband wanting the baby and my sister not being on board. :)

    I feel bad for Emma, it's hard enough not finding someone when you would like to, but then to have family badgering about it. Hopefully she will find someone soon.

    Nice seeing Michael hanging out with his friends, and just by being home, were able to keep Athena company.

    1. I'm very happy with the genetic mix in this family. :) Funny about your sister - I think last time I checked, Sophie wanted to practise with a dog first, lol. I'll set that up next time I visit them.

      I need to get that crystal ball mod again, that shows you a sim's best matches. That was always useful for setting sims up! I think it was a TwoJeffs creation. Hopefully I can find it and help Emma out a bit.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Athena certainly has focus- it was funny seeing her lobbying for a great grandchild and for Emma to get married, although it's true, from Emma's perspective that wasn't funny at all I suppose and makes it even harder.

    I agree, it was funny seeing a group of teen boys reading books; playing video games, music and sports are all such stereotypes for teen boy interests but it is awesome that they enjoy literature.

    1. Athena knows what she wants! It's a lot of pressure on poor Emma though. Sophie isn't too bothered by it (or anything, really), so she doesn't really mind.

      I imagine the boys were reading trashy horror or sci-fi, rather than great literature but the image did make me laugh as well!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. I love that Sophie and Amelia will work together at the restaurant. And it's neat too that Sophie is the boss!

    Those are the most well-behaved teenage boys I've ever read about! :D

    Aww, Emma. I feel bad for her. (Even though I dearly miss grandparents rolling wants for marriage and grandchildren! I so wish TS4 sims could do that!) How do you handle your townie population when there's slim pickings in the dating pool? Will you add some new ladies if she can't find anyone, or does she have to choose from the ones you have?

    1. I hadn't considered it before I started playing but everything all just fell into place and it seemed to make sense and now I'm excited about it too. :) I think Sophie would be a much more fun boss than Amelia, lol!

      Thomas and Ryan are both maxed out on nice points, plus they've got a super chill hobby - it makes for a very calm combination!

      I think this is the first time pickings have been this slim, so I don't really have a way I normally handle it! I'll track down that crystal ball mod first and see who's actually available and then I'll consider making a few girls for her instead. It's always hardest for my gay sims.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. Grandmothers are always asking those types of questions! lol I guess they just want to see their family members happy and settled.

    Amelia planning weddings and working, she must be super organized!

    I laughed at Micheal and his friends reading. They seem like good kids though, still a bit too young to be out chasing girls. ;)

    1. Definitely not an unusual thing for a grandmother to be interested in. I do find it intriguing with Athena though, as those wants usually only roll up for Family sims and Athena is not one. But she's widowed and retired now, so I guess her children and grandchildren are an even bigger part of her life than they might have been.

      I had the same thoughts about Michael and his friends...and then Thomas ended up going on a date in the very next update in birthdays, lol. I think it still might be a while for Ryan and Michael though.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!