Monday, 7 November 2016

Download: Annie Sofa Recolours

Something else I shared at N99's August Goodies that I am now sharing here on the blog - these recolours of blake_boy's Annie modular sofa. I was originally planning on quite a bit more than three but ran into a few issues and got a little discouraged. So there's only three! I'd like to make more in the future though, because it's a pretty easy object to recolour. As a bonus, these recolours will work on blake_boy's other modular sofa, the Opera. :)

Meshes are included. Download everything here!

I forgot to mention this when I posted these at N99 but you will also need this mod so the couch works properly. If you downloaded this in August and are wondering why it didn't work, that may be why. Apologies if I inconvenienced anyone!