Thursday, 21 January 2016

Static age

Round 36: August 2043 (Winter)
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Lake Draper is 86 and Kendal is 67. 
(Rose and Joanna are 48, Rob is 42, Patience is 41, Chris is 28,  Veronica is 26, Sylvia is 17, Levi and Will are 11)

Narrated by Lake Draper

Kendal is retired now and I couldn’t be happier about it. 

For years, it’s been just me at home during the day and then just me and Rudy.

Rudy is a great dog but he’s really not a match for human companionship. I used to get a bit bored.

But now that Kendal isn’t working any more, that’s all over. No more lonely days, no more rushed mornings. We’ve got the whole day and night to ourselves.

We can actually do things together now and we’ve definitely been taking advantage of that. It’s been a lot of fun.

Kendal has a new-found appreciation for Rudy as well. I mostly just let him do his thing but Kendal’s been teaching him tricks.

She has him quite well-trained at this point!

In the future, we want to take a trip or two together, which we haven’t done a whole lot of. 

I don’t care where we go, so I’m going to let Kendal pick the destination. She’s still trying to decide between Three Lakes and Takemizu.

Kendal turned 67 this month and all she asked me for in the way of gifts was new furniture for the study, so that’s what she got. New desk, new chairs, new bookcases and new chess set. 

I thought she should have something just for herself as well though, so I also picked up some earrings for her, which she adored.

The furniture was the real hit though. She was getting bored with our old stuff, now that she’s actually home to see it all the time!

We’re going to have a larger gathering a little later but the boys all dropped by on her actual birthday.

They gave Kendal her birthday gifts and we had dinner together, slightly ineptly cooked by me.

We don’t normally see any of our kids without the grandkids in tow, so it was a nice change to have some adult conversation with them.

Rose and Joanna visited with their family a few days later. The grandkids are all so big now we can hardly believe it.

That often means they have their own plans on the weekend and don’t always come to see us, so we were glad to see all three of them this time.

Levi and Will are off to high school at the beginning of next year. They’ve got some friends starting with them, so I'm betting they'll be just fine. 

But the boys are both more excited about getting their older sister out of the house and taking over her bedroom! I doubt that’s going to happen but it’s all they could talk about.

Sylvia will be off to college next year. Suffolk University snapped her right up. She scored a 65 on her SAS, which was one of the highest scores in her grade. 

She wants to study Drama. She has the plan be a writer, mainly, but she also wants to act and direct. 

Sylvia is the first grandchild we’re seeing off to college and it’s a strange feeling but we’re very proud as well.

We see Patience and Rob’s kids more often than any of our other grandchildren. Seeing Rob has no family in town, we’re usually the first choice when they need a babysitter. 

In Patience’s line of work, there are a lot of events she has to attend at night. When Rob accompanies her, we go over and watch the kids.

We’ve had them all over at our place but when it’s likely to be a late night, it’s much easier to have them in their own home. 

It’s a great excuse for me to play with their toys for a while too, all under the guise of babysitting!

Chris has started to come around a lot more these days. He has a key, so he sometimes just lets himself in and heads for the study to play some darts.

He and Veronica have become a bit more serious about each other over the last few months, much to Kendal’s delight and he’s also been bringing her over a fair bit as well. 

Kendal already knew Veronica well through work but it was important for her that Chris start bringing Veronica into the family. 

Kendal thinks Veronica has been a good influence on him; I think it’s probably that he knows Kendal doesn’t have so much to nag him about any more.

She was worried he’d never settle down but I never was. He’s still only 28 - a mere kid, from my perspective! When I was his age, I wasn’t anywhere near close to settling down. I was almost 40 when Rose was born.

But Chris seems very happy and I know Kendal is thrilled, so I’m happy too. I can’t ask for much more than that. 

  • Title is from Static Age by the Misfits.
  • And I'm through the winter! Yay! It just felt like it took forever! I have a couple of exciting things happening in the spring (the first being Lila and Connor's wedding), so I'm pretty happy to finally reach it.
  • Kendal has become obsessed with the dog since she retired. Seeing they both have all the time in the world now, I let her train him up. I'm usually way too lazy to do that with sim pets!
  • All of Kendal's boys drop over autonomously all the time. Chris previously didn't but he seems to now, which is interesting! 
  • For those keeping track at home, no, I still can't tell Levi and Will apart. It'll be interesting to see if I get it together once they age up to teen, lol.


  1. Nice update, and I hope the couple will have many more years together, maybe not so easy to achieve when the husband is so much older than the wife.

    1. True! Lake is safe for this round at least but the age difference is a concern.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. The furniture for Kendall's birthday was a great idea, since she's home to enjoy it now. And it was so nice seeing Rudy getting trained; we had a doberman in real life that died of old age a couple of years ago and he was amazing at learning things, very smart and obedient. I love that picture of them at the park with Rudy. From a gameplay perspective, how do you work out the babysitting? Do you invite Kendall and Lake over and then have Rob & Patience go out?

    1. Heh, I'd downloaded the Bengale set from ATS right before playing and had the thought that it was just Kendal's style. I decorated this house when I still didn't have a ton of custom content, so I'm not thrilled with the place. But I like the study now, at least. And so does Kendal ;)

      Dobermans are incredibly smart, aren't they? Rudy just gets totally doted on by Kendal and Lake, so he's got a happy life.

      Nah, the babysitting thing is all fake! Rob and Patience were upstairs lying on the bed. I wouldn't risk letting Rob and Patience leave the lot, because I'm not sure Kendal and Lake would have registered as actual residents, even if made selectable.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I'm glad that Kendal has retired to spend time with Lake, though I will miss her in the school updates. I really enjoyed seeing all her boys with her and around the table. They are all so handsome! <3 And yay for Chris finally bringing Veronica home too, I knew her and Kendal would be fine with their school time together, so there wasn't much risk! I always think Chris is older than he is, because Kendal has been on him so much over the years, he really is quite young! Funny on Lake and starting his family so late, it's really worked out well for him.

    Yay for Sylvia! And the boys are going to have a big birthday too. Lots going on with their family. Great photos of them caring for Patience's kids too, I could see them needing a sitter regularly with her career.

    1. Oh yeah, school updates. Should probably start doing those again, lol! I haven't done one since I finished the school.

      No, there was never much risk of Veronica clashing with the family. Kendal loves her and Lake is pretty laid-back and is just not fussed at all. I knew Lake was a little older when he started his family but I didn't realise how old until I did the maths - he was 38 when Rose was born! Chris is a baby in comparison. He's so much younger than his siblings though and I think Kendal forgets that.

      Yes, it'll be a big January at the Draper household next year! I can't wait to age them all up. Patience is lucky to have such willing babysitters. I cannot imagine them ever complaining about being asked once again!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. I'm so glad these two are still going strong. I remember when they first got together, with their age difference, and I was dreading that she'd be left alone again. But now I feel like Lake is probably going to live to be 100 or something, lol! I hope I'm right. Fingers crossed!

    They have such a huge, beautiful family full of so many grandkids. Congrats to Sylvia on her test scores! And I'm happy to see Chris bringing Veronica around too.

    1. If you're going to marry a much older man, marrying one with such incredible longevity is probably the way to go, right? ;) Kendal hasn't done too badly on that front. I do have one sim who is set to live to 100 but I won't share if it's Lake or not!

      Yeah, I love this group of kids. I'm excited to see them all as they get older, especially Sylvia. I have no clue what's going to happen with her at university and I'm so keen to find out!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. I am always happy to see Lake survive another round! :). He and Kendal are one of my favorite couples. Wow, Sylvia is gorgeous and smart. She is going to go far!

    1. Sylvia is a great argument for nurture versus nature. Adrienne is her biological mother and was never particularly academic, so I think Joanna has been a huge influence with her! I'm excited to see her at college - I have Sylvia and three other girls starting next year.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Great update. They really enjoy their grandchildren and it shows through in your updates. Will Sylvia ever look for her birth mother?

    1. Yeah, Lake and Kendal are very enthusiastic grandparents.

      As for Sylvia, the information about her birth mother is there when or if she ever wants it. Whether she ever does want it is another story. I won't rule it out but at this point in her life at least, I can't imagine Sylvia wanting to meet Adrienne.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!