Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Download: Study carrel recolours

At the end of August, we at Neighborhood 99 ran our second annual August Goodies event and I actually got off my butt this year and made several things for it. The event is over now, so I'll be sharing those goodies here now, over the next few weeks or so.

If you're already a member (or if you'd like to become one - it's Membership by Approval but everyone is approved), you can also grab all the other amazing things that the rest of the team shared. I am so excited to use all these things in my game.

But anyway, my Day 1 contribution was these study carrel recolours.

You will have already seen this in my high school tour, as I downloaded this study carrel (by Blissful-Indigo and nanashi-sims - available here) especially for that lot. When I started decorating though, I found myself wanting a white version. So I quickly whipped one up and did a black one for good measure.

There are five deco slots on the desk - three on the shelf above and one on each side of where the computer goes. I have included the mesh in the download and the files are already compressed. 

Download black and white study carrels here!


  1. The August goodies event you all do is just amazing. I was blown away by the talent last year. These look great, and really useful.

    1. This year's event might have been even better! I have so many awesome new additions to my game that I can't wait to use.

      Thanks for the compliments!