Tuesday, 8 November 2005

Tutorial for geneticising skins

This is mostly for snarkysims because she asked me about this yesterday in my custom content post but I figured it may be of interest to others so I'm putting it here where everyone else will see it too.

Snarky asked me if I could put up a post with a little tutorial showing how I geneticised my skin tones. I used a text only tutorial when I did and I was just about to make my own one with some pictures for guidance, when I found this great tutorial by Quinctia at LiveJournal. If you're just looking to geneticise a set of skin tones, you'll want Chapter 6 but if you're still a little bit lost with Sim genetics in general, Chapter 2 will give you a good rundown.

If you're still lost, I'm happy to help you out further.


  1. Ooh good to know! I'll have to check into it further, I brushed over the idea of it a few months ago when I finally got default skin tones installed, and thought one change at a time! Thanks for sharing your find of this tutorial.

  2. The tutorial looks awesome. Thanks for the link, Carla! I just discovered Louis' Self-Makeup #7 skintones at MTS. http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=206740
    They look nice on the website. If they look as good in the game, I'm going to go with that set.

    On a similar note, I was surfing MTS yesterday and found a great SimPE plug-in for hair color binning: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=152943

    There is a tutorial link listed on the MTS page. The plugin works like a champ. I now have all my custom hair correctly categorized. :)

  3. You're both very welcome!

    Maisie, it doesn't take long to do. The part that took the most time for me was deciding which tone was darker than which other tone. I have pretty good eyesight in other areas but I think my hue perception is very poor, especially when I've been looking at something for a while!

    Snarky, I'm a long time fan of that plug-in, though I ended up finding a stand-alone program later that did it faster. I'm so glad that almost all creators bin their own hair now! I couldn't live without having my hair binned!