Friday, 15 December 2017

You say it's your birthday, June 2045

Round 37: June 2045 (Winter)

Since the birth of their twins, Byron and Noel, Rebecca and Nathan have had her parents, Trent and Megan, dropping in a lot.

Megan is full of advice on raising twins. She raised her own twins, Rebecca’s older sisters Claudia and Victoria, so naturally, Megan is the expert on the matter.

Rebecca feels like she’s doing just fine with the boys and just smiles through her mother’s advice, making a mental note to ignore it and do things her own way.

Trent and Megan are fantastic grandparents, who are always willing to pitch in when necessary, so Rebecca is okay with just humouring them sometimes.

She can’t believe her parents have already asked about when Rebecca and Nathan will be having a third child though.

Byron and Noel are still only 17 months and they haven’t even thought about whether they want another, let alone when they’ll start trying. 

If they’d had a singleton, they’d probably be discussing their next kid by now.

Adding a baby into the mix with two toddlers though? That sounds like way too much.

Maybe when the boys are a bit older - and a little less interested in what’s up their nose - another baby might be a possibility.

For now though, Baby #3 is not even a twinkle in Nathan or Rebecca’s eyes!

At 12 weeks now and showing, Audrey Benton has stopped performing and she’s already missing it, even though she’s still able to keep up with her training.

Training just isn’t the same as performing but she’s focusing on the positives, like having more time to spend with daughter Zoe before the baby comes.

Audrey and Jack can’t wait to meet their new baby, due in January.


Susannah’s son Zac has been wondering about that baby sibling he’s been wanting.

Ever since Susannah and Daniel’s wedding, Zac has barely let up about the subject!

The fact that this new sibling has yet to appear has not been for a lack of trying on Daniel and Susannah’s part. 

Susannah especially has been getting a little worried about how things have (or haven’t) been progressing. Maybe they should look at medical intervention?

Daniel agrees, so Susannah makes an appointment to talk things over with Dr. Moretti.

Just a couple of days later, Susannah realises she might have been worrying for nothing.

After confirming with a home pregnancy test, she shares the news with Daniel, who is just as surprised and excited as she is. 

It happens to be Daniel’s 38th birthday and it’s just about the best gift he can imagine!

They already know how thrilled Zac will be but they’re going to wait another few weeks before telling him.

Susannah is not not very far along yet and she’s feeling pretty rotten most of the time. 

Hopefully, things will settle down soon and they can tell Zac about the new baby with confidence. Baby Halmi will arrive in March.

Other birthdays this month:
Mason Novak turns 3
Thomas Moretti turns 14
Felix Lane turns 14
Charlotte Lane turns 16
Ruby Lane turns 18
Austin and Lauren Carmody turn 24
Chris Draper turns 30
Chloe Hamilton turns 34
Dominic Lachance turns 35
Finn Romilly turns 44
Asha Lane turns 48
Lia Nott turns 48
Ione Moretti turns 49
Zelda Benton turns 70

June wedding anniversaries:
Gordon and Lia Nott - 22 years
Jesse and Abigail Carmody - 30 years

  • I was going to visit one more family but time caught up with me and I just wanted to get this out!
  • Excuse all the blank frames in Susannah and Daniel's place - I haven't done their wedding pics yet but eventually, that's what will go there!
  • Seeing it was Daniel's birthday, I decided I'd let he and Susannah try now. Seeing she's 35 already, it took them several tries. Fertility treatment costs in my hood and Daniel and Susannah don't have a lot to spare, so it was a good thing they managed the natural way in the end. 


  1. Exciting that Susannah and Daniel are expecting! Lots of new babies are on their way, I'm super geeked to see them. Audrey especially.

    I was surprised at the suggestion of Rebecca and Nathan having another baby right away, though I chuckled at her Mom just having all the answers. I can see them just enjoying their boys now, maybe for the long haul. They have their hands full with twin boys, and they seem to have a lot of other interests and careers to get back to as well.

    1. Yeah, I wanted to get Susannah and Daniel started before I played them! His birthday seemed like a good excuse. ;)

      Trent and Megan both have grandchild wants already, which are almost definitely directed at Rebecca, seeing Victoria and Claudia are so much older. I can see Rebecca and Nathan stopping with the twins (Nathan's IFS is 1, though Rebecca's is 3) but who knows? Sims have minds of their own!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. I’m excited to hear about Baby Halmi! And totally not surprised about Megan, but glad Rebecca won’t make an argument of it.

    1. I'm always extra-excited for the first baby for any couple. New gene mixes!

      Rebecca could definitely decide to get into it with her mother but she's seen what she's like with her sisters - it's not worth it!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I am so excited to see Susannah and Daniel have a baby; I think they must have terrific genes. And although Megan and Trent are wonderful grandparents, it's a little nuts to have another baby while taking care of twin toddlers!! Who, by the way, are adorable.

    1. Let's hope so! Zac doesn't look much like Susannah, so it should be interesting to see. :)

      I think Megan and Trent are increasingly aware that Rebecca is their last chance for more grandkids! But Declan and Caitlin are old enough that they might be around to see some great-grandkids, so even if Noel and Byron are their lasts, it might not be such a bad thing. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!