Monday, 30 October 2017


Round 37: March 2045 (Autumn)

Annabel and Georgina Nott are both 21.
(Lia is 48, Simon is 20 and Sylvia is 19)

Narrated by Annabel Nott

Georgina and I decided we were done with the dorms at the end of last year, so we’re now renting our own place on campus. 

Well, I decided, anyway. I just can’t afford the rent on my own, so I convinced Georgina to come with me. 

Getting so close to the end of our time at uni and the beginning of the freedom of adult life, dorm life was just getting really old. Rules about noise, rules about mess, crappy food, having to lock your door in case some weirdo just wandered in and made herself at home. It never ended. 

Most of that is better living with Georgina, though I did sort of forget she was such a grandma sometimes. 

God forbid I make any noise at all while she’s studying. 

I don’t know why she can’t just go to the library when she wants to study. It’s always quiet there. 

Georgina loves to remind me that one of the ways I sold her on our own place was telling her it’d be quieter and therefore, she should be able to study at home. 

She studies to all hours sometimes, so as much as I hate to admit it, she does have a point about that.

I haven’t become quite the scholar Georgina is but I have been putting in a little more effort recently. 

I’ve been doing my readings for class and writing my papers without Georgina forcing me. 

I’m not sure I’ll graduate with a GPA high enough for vet school but I’m hoping against hope that I will.

I guess when you have nothing else to do, studying becomes more appealing. I had a little thing going on with Simon for most of the time I’ve been on campus but we haven’t hung out recently. 

Georgina saw him with Sylvia Draper, a sophomore, and said they looked pretty cosy, so I guess that explains why.

I’m fine with it. We weren’t really a couple and to be honest, we really don’t even get along very well (which was the reason we broke up in the first place). But Simon did make things a little less boring in my life.

Georgina is convinced I’m more upset about it than I actually am. It’s very sweet of her but I’m fine.

I think she’s mostly trying to distract herself from thinking about her own boyfriend, Adrian.

Last year, I thought maybe they were getting pretty serious but she’s gradually been pulling away from him. 

She rarely talks about him any more and she gets all weird and anxious when they go out, like she’s not really looking forward to it.

I did get her to admit that things aren’t the same between them any more. 

Adrian is still very sweet and they get along and everything. It’s just romantically, Georgina isn’t feeling it.

It seems totally one-sided though, as I think Adrian is still pretty into Georgina.

Georgina has so far been too soft-hearted to actually break things off, so she’s still been dutifully accepting his invitations for dates and trying to pretend she’s still in love with him.

Mum probably isn't very helpful, because she just loves Adrian.

She attended a library conference here on campus recently and came to our place for dinner afterwards. 

Much of the talk centred on Adrian. Mum really is very fond of him.

It’s really important to Georgina that Mum likes her boyfriends but honestly, she’d probably like anyone Georgina brought home, because Georgina just happens to be attracted to the kind of nice boys Mum likes. 

I’m the one who has to worry about her hating my boyfriends, because I don’t go for “nice boys”.

Next time Georgina started fretting about Adrian, I decided to sit her down and talk it out with her. 

How long was she really willing to keep this up? Was she going to marry the guy, just to spare his feelings?

Poor Georgina just hates confrontation and the idea of hurting someone…but really, it would only get more hurtful the longer she drags it out. 

Eventually, she agreed that the kindest thing to do would be to end it now, before he wants to get too serious.

She didn’t want to do it but she bit the bullet and did it anyway.

Adrian was upset and Georgina felt horribly guilty about it, even though she really did think ending it was the right thing to do. 

She was still pretty bummed about everything the next day but I did manage to drag her out to have a drink with me instead.

I thought it might take her mind off things for a bit and put a smile on her face. 

She cheered up a little bit but she was ready to go pretty early.

Since then, she’s thrown herself into her painting and her books. 

Attempts to get her out of the house again have been mostly unsuccessful. She feels better not having to pretend any more but she's still worried she's broken Adrian's heart. 

I’m going to give her some more moping time and then drag her out with me again. She's done the right thing and there's no need for her to beat herself up about it.

  • Title is from Movement by LCD Soundsystem. 
  • Georgina will graduate with a 4.0 - surprise surprise! Annabel will graduate with a 3.4. She managed to raise her GPA slightly, seeing she got the want to write her very first term paper this session! Unfortunately, she only ever wrote that one, so she couldn't get her GPA up to the 3.5 she'd need for vet school (a figure I decided on right before I started playing my college kids this year). I have other plans for Annabel though, so I'll talk about those in the graduation post in January. 
  • Adrian was rolling a LOT of wants for Georgina but Georgina was rolling no wants at all for Adrian this year. She wasn't rolling many last year either. I almost broke them up then but decided to wait until now, where I had more time to deal with it properly. I think I'll visit the girls again when their birthday rolls around in October, just to tie things up with Georgina.
  • Annabel and Simon were never meant to be and she knows that as well as anyone. I don't think she'll be shedding too many tears about Sylvia. 


  1. I love the look Georgina gives Annabel when she's trying to study and Annabel is playing on the computer, lol!

    I know it was hard to break up with him, but Georgina did the right thing if she just wasn't feeling any wants toward him. Hopefully she can get over her guilt about upsetting Adrian soon and they can both find people that match them better.

    1. I loved that too...and it was totally spontaneous as well! Love when I don't even have to pose things.

      I recently took a whole bunch of extended family pics, so I had to teleport Georgina in when I got to her family...and she's rolling wants for Adrian again! LOL. A bit late now! I think she's a bit confused at the moment but it'll all settle down for her with some time.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Can't wait to see what's in her future since vet school was a bust. She was so close too. I would have cheated her in and said that the school was looking for well rounded individuals, but then again, I don't think she would have met that criteria either.

    1. Ha, hopefully the career I have in mind for Annabel now is still out there! I'll have to hunt it down again.

      But yeah, exactly! There was no way I could realistically swing things for Annabel. She's not a good student, so she would have had to make a concerted effort to get her grades up and she just didn't do it! I will still have Brigit becoming a vet sooner or later anyway. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. That's disappointing about vet school, but at least here in the US, it is quite selective. I look forward to seeing what you planned for Annabel!

    And how aggravating, that after going through all that with finally deciding to break it off with Adrian, Georgina started rolling wants for him again!

    1. Vet school is very, very competitive here too. I looked up the ATAR you'd need for the top uni and it's 95. For the top med school, you'd need 99.95 (which is the maximum ATAR). So Annabel would have had a very tough time in real life too. Compared to real life, 3.5 is actually pretty generous !

      I know! Sims drive me nuts sometimes. I'm ignoring Georgina completely for the moment, lol. If she was so into him, she could have rolled a want for him a couple of times over the past couple of years!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Ugh, sims and their mixed feelings! Although somehow being so inconsistent makes them seem more human :)

    Am looking forward to see what you have in mind with Annabel. She was so close! I would be tempted to cheat her in, too, but not everyone gets what they want so that's realistic for her to not get it.

    1. True! I shouldn't complain. Sims and their inconsistency have given me some good stories. I'll just continue to ignore it when it suits. ;)

      There are a lot of sims I definitely would have cheated in if they were one point off, like Annabel was. Declan I would have cheated in for sure, for instance. But I couldn't really justify it for a sim like Annabel. But I think she'll be happier with my Plan B anyway. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. LOL, calling Georgina a grandma! I can see these two getting on each other's nerves after a while, since they're very different in personality. Do they plan to live together after uni too?

    Oh, no! Adrian was so cute! Clearly Georgina should continue dating him just because he's cute, lol! (Tagging myself: I'm Lia!)

    True though, better she ends it now if she's lukewarm... or maybe not, if she's rolling wants for him again, lol! I kind of love it (sometimes) when sims roll wants for exes after the breakup. Realistically, breaking up with someone is rarely clean cut and simple. It makes for good story fodder! :)

    1. Ha, yes, they will be in a share house with Caitlin and Brendan. I'm sure both will irritate the other on the odd occasion but there's a lot of affection between them too.

      I'm throwing Adrian at all my single girls, in the hope he'll click with one of them. ;) He's too cute to go to waste with all those dud townies!

      True, true! I wouldn't mind the ex-wants so much if they weren't almost a sure thing! Almost all my sims will roll wants for their exes, some years after breaking up. So I ignore them and pay attention to them whenever it suits me. Ascribing meaning to all of them would be nuts!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. I'm glad that she talked her sister into breaking it up with Adrian, I was thinking the same, would she marry him just to be nice? Eek. Hopefully this is a good learning experience for her, and she's able to comfort herself that it was for the best.

    I agree that she likes nice boys, I don't see Lia being too fussy about who she brings home.

    That's too bad that she didn't get the 3.5 GPA, but after her freshman year, I wasn't sure she'd get there. Excited to see what you have in mind for her post-graduation.

    1. Definitely better to break things off before things got to the point of marriage, though I don't think Georgina would have gone that far. But it would have been much harder and more hurtful to end it at that point, for sure. Hopefully, her next relationship is a better one.

      Reading your comments on all these older posts has me excited to get back to my game! I'm quite happy with what I've chosen for Annabel and I think she'll be happier with it than she would have been at vet school anyway. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!