Friday, 3 June 2005

Gameplay Posts Index

I've put up a fair few posts now with information about my game and how I play. Previously, they were all in my sidebar but it was looking very messy and started to bother me. So I've decided to organise them all into this post to make the front page a little more streamlined. :)

A note about aging and the Sullivan calendar
Sullivan Rules and Regulations
Tracking and organisation

Careers and Education
Choosing careers
Community lot schools
Getting into university in Sullivan
Maxis scholarships, expanded some more
The Sullivan education system (needs a BIG overhaul!)

Expanded genetics
Personality points that make sense

Personality and Relationships
Assigning hobbies to sims
Sim personalities and birth control

Sim Photography
Family portraits how-to - basic posing tutorial
Framing pictures with the in-game camera - an easier way!

My ROS file

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