Saturday, 20 December 2008

Hoodoo voodoo

Round 9: Days 41-45

Over at the Lane household, Floyd has been left in charge of Athena and Linnea while his girlfriend Drusilla is at work. Unsurprisingly, he's not as quick as Drusilla to stop the twins fighting.

Athena reacts to this injustice the same way she reacts to everything.

By screaming at the top of her lungs.

Floyd finally does some parenting and separates them. While he's got Linnea, he tries to help her get this talking thing down but she is not impressed.

Giving up on Linnea, he heads over to Athena and discovers that she is musically inclined, just like he is. She learns the nursery rhyme he teaches her and within minutes, she's singing along.

As excited as Floyd is to learn that his daughter shares his love for music, he's just happy to get back on his drums and let Drusilla take over the parenting when she gets home from work.

The next day, Galen drops over to meet his twin nieces. They're still napping, unfortunately, and Drusilla is just about to head off to work. She invites Galen to hang around with Floyd for a bit until the girls wake up.

The minute Drusilla leaves though, Floyd gives Galen a piece of his mind.

Galen is furious and storms out of the apartment without meeting his nieces.

Despite their rage-a-holic (he can't live without rage-a-hol!) father, Athena and Linnea have managed to age to child relatively unscathed.

They also all managed to escape from their mother's cooking attempts in one piece. Drusilla wanted to get a little bit better at cooking so she could make a really filling breakfast for her daughters' first day at school.

It's disgusting but they all choke it down anyway.

School is uneventful but Athena is thrilled that while she was in class, her dad has dragged his old synthesiser out of storage for her to play around with. Floyd being Floyd, he doesn't think to get anything for Linnea.

  • Floyd favours Athena something fierce. I think it's funny because Athena is totally the bitchy twin and she's also a Music & Dance Sim, just like Floyd is.
  • I still have no idea why Floyd hates everyone. He's mean but I've never had a mean Sim be this mean! I'd say he should pair up with the landlord but he hates him too.
  • The twins are so cute. They look a lot like Drusilla, apart from them both getting Floyd's nose. Everything else about his face is kind of vanilla, so that worked out well.


  1. Those girls have some interesting genetics. I can't wait to find out how they turn out.
    I lol'd at the part of him being happy the mom is home so he can play the drums.. Reminds me of my husband LOL

    1. Well, I got another comment from on one of Athena's kids' profiles, so I guess you've checked out how some of those genetics have spread throughout the hood!

      These posts are so old - it's amazing how much I've forgotten but it's all coming back to me as I read your comments!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!