Saturday, 6 December 2008

Toddler training the easy way

Round 8: Days 36-40
The Nihills are completely enchanted with the latest addition to their family, Benjamin.

With no cute boys in the neighbourhood (she hates Pascal), Collette has nothing much better to do than hang around at home with Charlton.

Maybe she'll spend some of her extra time training the Nihills' dog, Gardenia. Charlton has already taught her to "come here".

Sullivan's second burglary. Everyone in Sullivan has a pretty sophisticated alarm system which goes off as soon as the burglar steps onto the lot, so the cops are usually there within seconds.

It's just a shame that Courtney Edwards is such a crap cop. She also failed to catch the burglar at the Moretti farm a little while ago.

Meanwhile, Benjamin has grown to toddler and is absolutely adorable!

Having 4 independent Sims in the house makes toddler training a lot easier.

Like all toddlers, Ben has his moments...

...but he is quickly placated with a teddy bear (made by Justina).

And after watching his big brother practising yoga, Ben's already decided he'd like to focus on fitness too when he gets older.

Justina decides to invite Alexandra over one evening. She arrives and then refuses to have anything to do with anyone.

Notes: Yes, I'm a little bit enamoured of Ben. He's the cutest toddler I've had in my game since John. John was from an old hood I don't play anymore but will you look at those cheeks? So adorable! I might even extract him and use him in Sullivan sometime.


  1. Ben is adorable! And LOL at your cop being a crappy one. I hate when I get one of those several times in a row. Lousy cops!

  2. The worst thing is she's my only cop! I started with clean templates, so I only have one of every NPC.

  3. LOL at the crappy cop! In my game, what I did was to teleport the crappy cop to my Police Academy (where I've got skilling tools set up) and made him skill on body points. I've got the Fightclub hack (from MATY) wherein the sim with higher body points is more likely to win a fight - haven't had another burglary yet - but hopefully, next time, my crappy cop won't be so wimpy!

  4. That's a clever idea! As you get further along in Sullivan, you'll see that the cop is a lot better now. She's probably at least 50/50 now.

  5. That poor cop lol. And Ben is soo cute

    1. Oh, that cop was so terrible! I don't know if she ever succeeded in catching a burglar. Ben was indeed very cute though!