Saturday, 6 December 2008

So that's why she was so prickly

Round 8: Days 36-40
So when she visited her sister Justina in the last update, something seemed to be bothering Alexandra. It turns out she was extremely low in aspiration due to the death of the father she never met. So I make her skill for far too long to get her back in the green.

On the plus side, she taught Tai Chi to two more Sims.

In other news, Claudius Atkins still hates all his tenants for no apparent reason.

Kristina is still dating and has started preying on boys fresh out of high school. She is with Pascal here (3 bolts!).

Alexandra and Mina are still BFFs. I think it's interesting how little the kids and teens in this hood have to do with the townies. I'm very short on townies, because I used clean templates for most subhoods and have anti-regeneration hacks in. But my Sims hardly ever bring the existing townies home from school. Which suits me just fine, because I want them to get to know each other.

They look so awkward here. I think Alexandra has seen something she didn't want to see during one of Kristina's dates and they're now forced to have an uncomfortable talk.

Sigh. I really tried to get these two to hate each other. It just would not take though. They respond positively to most negative social interactions. Oh well. Emmy knew about Sacha and Noelle but not about Kristina.

Alexandra, meanwhile, has aged to teen and her crush on Joseph seems to still be in full force. I get the feeling he's trying to keep her at arm's length though. Every time she knocks on his door, he tells her he doesn't feel like hanging out right now.


  1. LOL at Emmy the unwitting friend to Kristina! If only she knew...

  2. Heh, and now she never will! I don't think Kristina's the type to have an attack of conscience.