Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Going to the chapel...

No sooner did I decide I wanted a wedding chapel for Exeter than my sister found me a lovely one at Sims Design Avenue. I thought I was going to have to remodel it quite a bit, because it's part of a desert town series. Looking at it in game though, I think I'm happy with it as is. That or I'm too lazy to change it. All I did was add a ceiling and change the wedding arch inside.

Next time I have a wedding, you'll see inside. If Galen graduates and follows my tradition of totally weird Romance Sims, it might not be too long.


  1. Still reading... ;)Thank you for that link to the wedding chaple! I've been wanting to make a lot or 2 for sims to get married but haven't had the time or the inspiration. That chaple is very cute. I might even clone it and make a cheesy version for the downtown area where my poor couples (or for those spur of the moment weddings) can get married. :)

  2. Danielle, you're welcome! Your comment actually made me realise that I haven't used this venue for a wedding in a while. I've got three or four couples who are very likely heading towards marriage right now though, and this venue might suit one of them.

  3. Oh, I had forgotten about this chapel. I think I can use this in Arcadia! :)

  4. Shana, I'd forgotten about it too! Maybe I'll do one of my future weddings there. Steve and Olivia's is already planned but I'm thinking ahead. ;)

  5. Replies
    1. Wish I still had it but it looks like the link is dead now! Although with the weddings I do these days, the lot would probably far too small anyway, so maybe it's for the best. :)