Monday, 8 December 2008


Round 8: Days 36-40
First up this time, Nathalie and Elias get a visit from Isaac and Petra (that's their house in the background - they live just around the corner).

They were hoping to say hello to Nathalie too but pregnancy is really taking it all out of her. She sleeps all day!

It's not long before Nathalie goes into labour. While Elias is at work, unfortunately, so she does it all alone!

Welcome to the world, Ottilie Draper! She's got Mum's skintone and Dad's black hair.

Well, this is handy! Elias is trying to save money for his pottery store so I take this opportunity to have both him and Nathalie wish for wealth. Next rotation, I'm going to have these guys move house and find a nice little shop for Elias.

Oh, come on!

Luckily, Courtney Edwards is not as crappy as she appeared to be at first.

This was something I'd never seen before. Simona was visiting and I guess she was either booing or laughing at Nathalie's painting (I missed exactly what she was doing so I'm not sure). Nathalie got "React to Dislike" in her queue and headed over to the painting and acted very embarrassed.

Yes, and she's pregnant again. No sooner was Ottilie born than they were trying for a baby again.

I've mentioned before that my cop started out kind of crappy and my landlord is a total asshat but I really lucked out with the nanny. She doesn't have negative relationships with any of my parent Sims, is sweet with all the kids and actually does her job pretty well!

Which is a good thing, because they'll be needing her! Baby #2 is on the way!

It's a boy - meet Leo!

Nathalie and Elias are both sure to lavish attention on Ottilie too, so she doesn't feel too left out.

Notes: It took me forever to think up a title for this post! I think I'm going to start naming them after song titles or lyrics - just whatever I'm listening to at the time. So they'll be fairly random from here on in.


  1. Awww, Ottilie is adorable... and now they have a boy, too. Sheesh, that was quick!

  2. You are such a fast player! It will take me forever to get my hood to new generations... especially when my game decides to crash after I've played several sim days without saving! Anyway, I just wanted to say - once again - that I totally love your hood!

  3. They're very quick. I really need to get back to Laura's post over at Lakeside Heights to adjust the babymaking frequency.

    CissieMae, I'm playing slowly right now! I only played one family yesterday and usually I can get through 3.

  4. How many simdays do you play each family? It seems that a lot of things happen to them so it has to be several days but then how do you have the time to play many families in one day?! I'm puzzled :lol

  5. I play each family for 5 days. There have been times where I've got bored after 2 days and just advanced their ages though.

    For much of the time since I started Sullivan, I haven't been on a normal schedule and have been home a lot, for various reasons. Now that the Christmas break is coming up (6 weeks, as I'm a teacher), I'll be off work until early February. So I've had a lot of free time and will continue to for a while yet.

    When I get back into a normal work schedule, I'll be lucky to get one family a day played. I usually have the time after work but I also get sleepy!

  6. Well that explains a lot :) I'm hoping to get my hood going now that I'll be laid off for a month or so.