Friday, 26 December 2008

Wish you well

Lukas and Raffaella have taken in Lukas's younger half-sister, Alexandra, after the recent death of Kristina.
Lukas was happy to invite Alexandra into his home after their mother died but he wished it could have been under happier circumstances. Not only had Alexandra moved in after a tragedy but she was also very sick herself.

Due to the illness, Alexandra had to spend most of her time in the bedroom she shared with Magdalena. It left her with little else to do but think about how much she missed her mother.

When she wasn't coughing up a lung, that is.

Late on Thursday night, Alexandra woke up with the worst coughing yet, so severe she felt like she was choking.

Unfortunately, it was more than her frail body could handle and she passed away. Her cat, Homer, was very upset. He'd been her constant companion since she was a baby.

Lukas took Alexandra's death very hard. She was still so young and he wished there was something more he could have done to save her.

Lukas and Raffaella had to stay functional for baby Magdalena so they couldn't grieve the way they wanted to.

Neither Lukas or Raff were sure they wanted another baby before they tried for Magdalena but they are so glad they did. She's been a constant source of joy for the family in such a difficult time.

Augustin is a lot older now which means he'll be leaving the house soon, whether to go to college or enter the workforce. Until then, he'll help out with Magdalena, try to earn some scholarships and maybe find a girlfriend.

  • I almost had someone plead for Alexandra but decided not to in the end. There's a major girl overload in her age group anyway. Which is a rather calculating way to decide whether someone should die or not, now that I think of it. I'm thinking of making a no-pleading rule for myself but I know I'd end up breaking it sooner or later, so I'll just say I'll try to avoid pleading.
  • I thought Alexandra was better right before she died. I didn't get a pop-up telling me she was healthy again but the "Show Plague Info" thing had disappeared from the Lot Debugger. Her grades had slipped to a C+ and I was actually planning on sending her to school the next day!
  • Augustin was either at school, studying skills (kid's a machine and always has the want to skill) or sleeping when everything happened this round, which is why you don't seem him at all to the end. He grew up on the very last day, so Augustin's teen days won't really start 'till next round.


  1. RIP Alexandra!
    I didn't see that coming! I think it was a brave decision not letting anyone plead for her life. I've been thinking about a "no-plead" rule too, I'd probably forget all about it if my sims meet the Grim Reaper before it's their time to go.

  2. I'm supposed to have a no-plead rule too, but I broke it when little Sam Harris was sick (he was only 5!) - twice, I guess, if you count my "failed suicide" lol. Needless to say, I'm very bad at my no-plead rule ;) Might be why my population is out of control!

    Awww, poor family. RIP, Alexandra. She gave a good hard fight.

    Lukas and Raff's kids are both adorable!

  3. Alexandra is the only non-elder Sim I've had die in a loooong time. I would say it's been years, because I was playing my original incarnation of Strangetown. But it spices things up a bit though I'm not sure how I would have been if the Sim dying had have been one of my favourites (like Raffaella or Galen).

    I'm very happy with Magdalena in particular. She has Lukas' eyes. He has his mother's eyes and when I made Kristina, I really hoped the eyes would carry on.

  4. Whoa, poor Alexandra! I've just installed the fatal sickness mod in my Boreal Springs install. People are already sick, haha. But I don't mind it when people die young. They'll be missed, but like you said, calculating. I'm cruel, LOL.

    At least Magdalena is adorable! I still love her name.

  5. Yeah, that hack doesn't take long to start doing its thing, does it? I can't wait to see what havoc it unleashes on Boreal Springs.

    Magdalena looks like Raff with less squinty eyes. Raff is one of my favourites, so I'm happy to have a miniRaff around.

  6. Oh, that's so sad! Rest in peace, Alexandra. I hope the rest of her family gets through this okay.

    I have an unofficial no pleading rule also. Meaning that I haven't written it down in my notebook of rules for my hood and I haven't had a reason to plead yet, but I kind of have it in the back of my mind that I won't plead and will just let things happen. I don't know if I'll be able to stick to that if one of my favorite Sims dies unexpectedly though. ;)

  7. I have a no plead rule, that is how both William and James Schmidt died in a fire. It is really hard not to plead with Grimmy especially when the dead is a child or a favorite sim.

  8. If Alexandra had been a favourite, she very likely would still be alive.

    She would have gone to college at the end of last round if she'd lived, with Mina.

  9. Oh, that hack sure makes things realistic - I've never had anyone die from sickness before. I do have the realistic sickness hack installed in my hood, but no one has gotten sick yet. So sad for Alexandra.

  10. I haven't had a Sim get sick in a while. I'm expecting it any time now!

  11. Carla, my hat is off to you for having the Realistic Sickness mod and for not pleading for Alexandra.

    Realistic Sickness is one mod that I will be going without. I think I may even have a mod to prevent sickness. I know I have a "NoKickTrashcan" mod in to prevent roaches. I hate dealing with sick Sims. Sorry, just not that patient!

  12. Ha, well, I'm all about the realism, you know? Pleading with Grimmy would not be in keeping with my play style. Though I always say I reserve the right to change my mind if it's ever one of my very favourites who dies. There are certain Sims in my hood who are probably close to invicible. LOL.

  13. I was so sad to see Alexandra pass away! :( She was one of my favourites, actually. She stood out to me, for some reason. I think it was a combination of her irregular childhood (illegitimate, older mother and siblings) and the fact that she seemed to look "worried," in her pictures. I was hoping that she would have a happy future. Her early death is so poignant!

  14. Whisper Doll, aw, Alexandra was my first unexpected death! It was sad to lose her, for sure. At the time, I was mostly sad for Mina, because they were such good buds.

    If you keep reading Sullivan, you will see that "worried" look lives on in Alexandra's siblings' descendants. I don't think I could breed that out if I tried!

    Reading this makes me wish I had switched to a more story-like style earlier on. I would have done so much with Alexandra's family background these days!

    Thanks for reading!

  15. I have to have i saw that coming but it was still so sad :( I am loving reading from the beginning though i often feel like i'll never catch up lol

    1. Oh, yeah, poor Alexandra. :( This was probably my saddest death for a while.

      There's still a lot to catch up on but I gradually slowed way down with the amount of updates. These days, I aim for one update a week. Back at the beginning, I was posting more than one update a day sometimes and I don't know how I did it! They're a bit more story-like these days, so they take me longer to write than these more commentary-style updates from the early days.