Saturday, 13 December 2008


Round 9: Days 41-45

Chiara and Vincenzo wanted to do something nice for their grandkids so they took Arianna, Caterina, Filippo and Augustin to Central Park.

It was raining when they arrived but the sun came out after a little while, and it stayed fine for the rest of the morning.

Someone really wants a cut of the life insurance when Nonna passes on, eh?

Mainly because I thought it would be funny to watch an old lady break dance in a sheath dress, I had Chiara fork over the $75 so she could learn.

And I have to say, it was pretty funny.

Hey, he's pretty spry for an old guy, isn't he? Simona has come over to pick up her kids and also her parents' cat. They're not finding it as easy to care for Maggie any more, so Simona has agreed to take her.

I like how Simona and Chiara are talking as if nothing strange is happening on the couch beside them.

Aww, no more couch jumping for Vincenzo!

And the next evening, Grimmy comes back for Chiara.

  • Wow, all my elders are dying off. I think they'll all be gone next rotation but I haven't checked.
  • The real reason Simona took Maggie is because I'm having a problem with the pet adoption service. Every time one of my Sims calls it, the game hangs for ages, I see my RAM get lower and lower and then the game crashes. I know vaguely why it's crashing - it's trying to generate pets to be adopted, because the pool is mostly empty. What I don't know is what to do to solve it. The weird thing is that it's worked before. Maggie is the daughter of Ginger and Tom, Angelica Draper's cats and she was adopted herself. I've got one more thing to try to fix it but after that, I'm totally stumped.


  1. Awww, all the oldies are dropping like flies, lol. It's so sad when they do die.

    I really need to try out the breakdancing mat. Can you believe that I haven't yet? I haven't done a lot of things yet, lol. Slowly I am though.

    Strange with the pets. Maybe you should open a pet store instead?

  2. There's heaps of stuff I haven't done too, so you're not the only one! This was only the second time I've used the breakdancing mat. The Sullivan Sims go downtown way more often than any of my other Sims did.

    I have a pet store but I do like to be able to breed the dogs and cats and then send them to the adoption pool. I guess I'll just have to make a note of who wants a puppy or kitten and have the breeders give or sell it to them. :\ I've still got to try deleting those weird empty pet files in SE2 but if that doesn't work, that's my next plan.

  3. LOL, Chiara breakdancing is hilarious!

    Aw, sorry all your elders are dying off. Mine have started dying off this round and after the next round all of the original adults I started with will be gone.

    I hope you can figure out the problem with the pet adoption!

  4. I'm almost pleased to see the back of my elders actually - I find them so boring to play! I'm at about the same place you are though - next round, all my original adults will be dead (except maybe Emmy - haven't checked her but she started out an NPC anyway).

    I keep forgetting to even try to fix the pet adoption thing. Today!