Wednesday, 24 December 2008


Round 10: Days 46-50

Leontine has graduated college and moved into boyfriend Brandon's family farm.

While Leontine is tending the apple trees one afternoon, Brandon surprises her with a proposal.

She accepts happily and they make plans to get married right at the proposal spot the next day.

The apple trees turn out to be a lovely backdrop for the Friday morning ceremony.

After the ceremony, Brandon approaches mother-in-law Emmy to greet her and is brutally rebuffed.

At least best friend Galen is happy to congratulate him.

Vivienne and Joseph didn't pay much attention to anything or anyone except each other at the ceremony or the reception afterwards.

After everyone had congratulated the newlyweds, they all headed inside for the first dance...

...and the cake!

Brandon and Leontine sit down with some of their guests, Drusilla, Pascal and Galen to enjoy their cake. What's that going on in the kitchen though?

Okay, I don't even remember Joseph or Vivienne learning to break dance but apparently, they're having a break dance battle.

I must have missed Joseph showing off his mad skillz but evidently, he was victorious.

After the guests leave, Brandon and Leontine head off on their honeymoon. Nathaniel and Joanne owned a cabin up in the mountains that they never got to visit. Brandon inherited it when they died.

They spend the trip enjoying all the traditional mountain activities.

They cut the trip short in the end though. On what was to be their last full day in the mountains, Leontine is just too tired to enjoy anything and they head back to the farm.

Not long after their return, it becomes obvious why Leontine was so tired - she's pregnant! She had no nausea at all but certainly suffered from fatigue.

Too much fatigue to help out on the farm in fact, so it's all left to Brandon. He didn't even have time to check in on Kirby Market at all this round - he really will need to hire a manager.

He's probably not going to have very much more time now either!

Especially not now that Leontine and Brandon are the parents of twins! Meet Tate...

...and Trent.

  • Brandon is the only Sim I've had who's fed the cake nicely to the new spouse. The other Sims I've had have just smushed it in their face. It really fits with Brandon's personality that he'd do it delicately.
  • More twins. Gah! Leontine herself is a twin and I've noticed twins seem to be more likely to have twins themselves. That's purely anecdotal but it's happened several times in my game. Drusilla had twins and she's also a twin herself.


  1. ROFL break dance battle during a wedding reception, I love it. I really need to plot that down in one of my parks so I can see this.

    All my sims smash the cake in their spouces faces as well. Not a nice thing to do, lol.

  2. I'm glad to see things are getting better for Brandon after the tragedy he'd recently experienced. He seems like he'll be a great husband and father!

    LOL, break dancing at a wedding reception!

  3. I think Brandon is glad too - the guy never stops grinning!

    I was really surprised to see the break dance battle. I've never even heard of that interaction!

  4. Aww, congrats to Leontine and Brandon!

    Pregnant Sims suck on vacation, don't they? Wow, twins, they are going to be busy! Twins do definitely run in families! I've got three sets of twins in my Nova family. Happy Birthday to Tate and Trent! :)

    I've never seen the break dancing yet either - I wonder how it's done?

  5. When I play Vivienne and Joseph today, I'll have to check to see if the battle interaction is one you can select or if it's an autonomous one. I'll mention whatever I find out in their update.

    I wish there was a way I could check when on earth either of them learnt to break dance. There's only one person in Sullivan with mad breakdance skillz and that is (or, was) Chiara!