Monday, 29 December 2008

A place called home

Round 10: Days 46-50

Vivienne has graduated from Suffolk University and has moved into her fiancé Joseph's townhouse in her hometown of Sullivan.

When she returned home from college, Vivienne was eager to find employment in her chosen field of journalism. She couldn't find a single position though and took a bit part in a soap opera instead.

Joseph and Vivienne are yet another with incompatible working hours. So when Joseph is off doing criminal things in the early hours of the morning, Vivienne messes with his synthesiser.

Either he doesn't notice or doesn't care because he's still eager to marry her. Vivienne wants an extravagant wedding and spends a good portion of the money she got from her college grants on jewelry, a wedding gown and the most expensive wedding venue.

Emmy hasn't been living with her son Pascal very long but is already exerting her motherly authority by insisting he sit with her at family events. The poor boy needs a girlfriend.

The wedding is beautiful and is worth the almost $6000 Vivienne splashed out on it.

At least Emmy seems to like Joseph more than her other son-in-law. Poor Brandon.

The newlyweds were so eager to start their new life together that they left their reception quite early, leaving their guests to celebrate without them.

Oh, Vivienne, that's nothing you haven't seen before! Multiple times...

Vivienne's been working...well, not really very hard at all at work but the promotions are just landing in her lap. She skipped a charity walk with her workmates and sweet talked her boss into a promotion. It comes with more money, but also this undignified uniform. Vivienne makes sure she continues the job search when she gets home. Journalism jobs are unfortunately still thin on the ground.

Early next morning, Joseph and Vivienne head off to the airport for their Far East honeymoon. Hopefully, it will take Vivienne's mind off her soul-crushing job as a commercial actress.

Maybe it was being in that relaxing Zen garden but Vivienne suddenly decides she wants to have a baby. She resolves to stop taking her birth control as soon as she gets home. Not before - she knows what a miserable experience being pregnant on vacation is, since her sister Leontine went through it.

Unlike their poor neighbours Stan and Xanthia, they conceive on their first try. Vivienne has her younger age and a bit of luck on her side.

She should really take better care of herself. After an evening jog, she gets home and experiences some pre-term cramping and contractions. She'll have to make sure to rest up and eat well for the rest of her pregnancy.

Joseph takes care of the food side of things. He makes sure there's always something in the fridge for Vivienne to eat.

Hanging around on the couch all day is so boring for an active Sim like Vivienne though. She can't wait to get back into her yoga and jogging but she'll have to hold out until Baby Carmody makes his/her appearance.

Joseph tries to cheer her up by talking to her barely-there belly.

Emmy drops by quite a bit too, just to make sure her daughter is feeling okay and eating properly. It gives Vivienne a chance to fill her mother in on her recent trip.

All the enforced rest time does at least give Vivienne another chance to scour the online job ads. Still no luck though. Maybe next time.

  • Joseph and Vivienne left the wedding early because I forgot to make the guests a group (I think it was too large a group anyway), so they all ended up leaving, apart from Emmy and Georgette. Apparently, Pascal escaped his mother's clutches.
  • The break dance battle is still a mystery. I can't find the option anywhere in either of their interaction menus. It must be autonomous but I still don't remember either of them learning to break dance.
  • I don't know what subzero temperatures do to a girl's fertility but it can't be good. I'm looking at you, Xanthia! Check her out in the background of the jogging picture - she's grey!
  • These guys will be moving to a new house/apartment next time. This is only a one bedroom, seeing Joseph was on his own for 10 years before Vivienne moved in.


  1. Aww, what a pretty wedding! I can never seem to bother with proper weddings. I don't have a clue about the breakdancing... weird.

    Hehe, I doubt freezing is good for getting pregnant!

  2. The wedding was beautiful! I like that you think about the details, I usually don't bother.

    I can't help but laugh when I see Pascal and Emmy. Poor guy!

  3. ROFL poor Pascal. I love it though. Hopefully he'll find a nice girl and he can get away from his mom.

    How is Inteen working for you? I'm scared to install it in my game. I want to so badly though.

    Lovely wedding. I don't think any of my sims spent taht much for a wedding... yet.

  4. Thanks everyone.

    Inteen is working great for me so far but I haven't tried out the teen woohoo or pregnancy since I installed, so I can't really comment on that part of it.