Monday, 1 December 2008

Some fresh blood

Round 8: Days 36-40
Warning: partial nudity

Joseph Carmody has just moved to Sullivan. He's a Knowledge Sim with a LTW to Become a Criminal Mastermind. He loves music and, apparently, stopping to smell the roses (or the pansies, I guess).

He's moved in next door to the Novaks. Alexandra, who will age to teen this rotation, seems to have developed a crush on him. She hangs out on his porch all the time and runs up to talk to him whenever he ventures outside.

He's focusing on the charms of considerably older women right now though.

The Bentons haven't found the Novaks to be particularly noisy (Stan and Xanthia live on the other side) but Joseph has had nothing but problems with them. Parties, loud music and woohoo. The latter is especially unsurprising when you consider that Kristina lives there.

Well, I knew it wouldn't be long before Petra sashayed her way past Joseph's place. She couldn't possibly have been "just in the neighbourhood". All of her family lives in Exeter and there aren't many community lots in Sullivan that would interest Petra.

We all know why she really showed up.

I...don't know. Is this another M&G thing? And yes, Emmy is stil turning up everywhere uninvited.

Joseph has finally been able to afford to buy some music equipment for himself. He's been fulfilling his enthusiasm by watching TV. Those three videos they always seem to show were getting a little boring for him, so he's glad to be able to create his own music.

Making friends with the townies pays off. Tobin liked Joseph so much he decided to give him a 10% discount on all household goods.

Still no luck getting the Novaks to shut up though.

Notes: I moved Joseph into Sullivan to try to compensate for the severe man drought that's going on right now. I had quite the run of girls a while ago! I could go with townies but as I've mentioned before, I like genetic diversity. Anyway, Joseph might end up with Alexandra or Mina (once they grow up, obviously) but for now, he's just living the bachelor life.


  1. I always wish I could add fresh sims because I, too, like genetic diversity... but it also helps me keep my population down, LOL! Which it seems I'll need for ACR joining the picture.

    Hehe, romance sims always seem to know when there's someone new in town...

  2. Population control is why I waited so long to move an extra Sim in. But the spouses of Xanthia, Drusilla and Steffi are all S1 with black hair and I really felt the need to mix it up a bit!