Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Gold soundz

Round 9: Days 41-45

After dating for a while, Joseph and Vivienne have decided to become an official couple.

Mere seconds later, Joseph is tackled from behind by the bully landlord, Claudius Atkins.

Claudius comes off second best though. You don't want to mess with Joseph - he's maxed out in body points.

He still hasn't learnt his lesson though.

Nice to see Stan rushing to his wife's defense and to comfort her.

Joseph and Vivienne's new relationship status is big news around the townhouses. All the residents are always gossiping about it!

Joseph wants to make an even bigger commitment to Vivienne though and proposes over dinner.

Before accepting, she makes sure the ring is a real diamond and admires the new rock on her finger.

She might be materialistic but she's also useful. Joseph asked her to stay the night but she got up in the early hours of the morning to spray the roaches and fix the knocked over trash can.

Joseph was totally emo about having to clean up the roach corpses though.

News travels slowly around the townhouses, apparently. Noelle and Alyson haven't heard about the engagement.

  • Joseph and Vivienne were committed before getting engaged thanks to the new Inteen beta for AL. I was unimaginably excited when I found out about it!
  • It wasn't until the end of the play session that I realised Vivienne and Alyson have the same hairstyle. I've since changed it, to eliminate confusion. Normally I wouldn't bother, but they had the same skintone AND the same hair colour AND the same style. I kept looking at Alyson in Joseph's panel and wondering why he suddenly only had 2 bolts with Vivienne. So Alyson will have an afro next time you see her!


  1. Wow, great to know about Inteen for AL! Unfortunately, I will DEFINITELY wait for a completely finished version. Don't want my game exploding, LOL.

    A visitor extinguishing cockroaches? Why can't mine ever be that useful!

  2. I thought you'd be pleased to know about Inteen! I backed up before I put it in. First time I've done that with a hack but this is the first hood I've had that I would be devastated to lose.