Saturday, 13 December 2008

It's a hectic world

Round 9: Days 41-45

Pascal is now living in an apartment downtown, in the same complex the Clarkes used to live in.

It's nice enough but the decoration leaves something to be desired. Carpet in a bathroom? The kitchen is also carpeted, for some odd reason.

The first task is job hunting. The task doesn't take very long because Pascal finds a job in the athletic track straight away. He starts out as a Minor Leaguer.

Geez, no wonder Emmy was worried about him. He's got 3 cooking skill points and still chooses to eat TV dinners.

He's also managed to get a cockroach infestation in his apartment (a first for me). If he'd put the garbage in the bin, instead of just next to the bin, this wouldn't have happened.

To celebrate his promotion, he goes out on the town for the evening and meets Virginia.

She ends up cutting their date short and Pascal is left alone at the bar.

Pascal can't quite remember this one's name or where he met her...

...but she becomes his third woohoo, which is pretty good for such a shy Sim (his first two were Petra and Kristina.

He gets home from work the next day to discover his mother has let herself in and made herself at home. She tells him she's not happy with how he's been taking care of himself and that she'll be moving in to make sure he does it properly from now on.

Pascal accepts his mother's hug but is really not looking forward to this turn of events.


  1. BAHA! That's great, poor Pascal. Mom's come to rain on your poon parade!

  2. ROFL for Pascal. Oh well, he should be able to prove to his mom that he's able to care for himself.. or not.

  3. Ha, I will be laughing at the phrase "poon parade" for a while, I think.

    I don't know if any show of caring for himself will be good enough for Emmy!

  4. LOL!! Poor Pascal! It might be a bit harder to get the ladies with mom hanging around. ;)

  5. Yes, I'm hoping for some hilarity. I might make Emmy retire so she's home nights.

  6. I didn't expect this twist - looking forward to what happens with mom around!

  7. Yeah, this little twist was more out of necessity that anything else. I realised I hate playing elders without any other age groups on the lot, so the remaining ones were all moved in with their kids.

  8. Here I go reading your older posts again trying to catch up :). Way back in maybe 2006 or 2007, I tried a retirement home and also got bored with it. I was playing with the idea of doing it again since we have so much more stuff with all the EPs that came out since then, but don't want to fall into the same rut. I was thinking of not having them live in separate apartments so I wouldn't have to play each one individually (I used Sim Logical's doors with keys to assign rooms before), but then that might screw up when they age. I don't know. I have a little while to think about that (let alone have to find the right retirement home for them).

    I wanted to ask about the rose I keep seeing your sims give other sims. Do you remember where you got that? I think that's a great idea to "stock" those in romance sims' inventories to give to their next conquest. :)

    Ok, I better get back to work lol.

  9. Danielle, I think the main problem for me with the retirement home was trying to find stuff to write about!

    What I'm doing now with my elders who live alone is I just pop in to age them up and play them a little. I take some pictures and then use them in their kids' updates. So the parents don't disappear completely, but I don't have the pressure of centering a whole update on them. I don't figure that out for another 15 rounds or so though! LOL.

    The rose is actually a special interaction that only Romance Sims (I think they have to be Romance primary, not secondary but I'm not positive) have. It's called Smooth Talk and it's one of the lifetime benefit rewards that came with AL. No need to stock their inventories - unlimited supply! ;)

  10. Ah ha! You see how often I play Romance sims :). I do have a couple now that I have been choosing aspirations randomly. Thanks for letting me know. I will definitely try out the Smooth Talk interaction with them now.

    And yea I see what you mean about the elders. They do seem to lose all their charm once they age, unfortunately. My current elders tend to always want grandchildren no matter what their aspiration. It gets pretty old.

  11. Danielle, LOL, mine seem to lose a lot of their charm once all their kids have moved out! As you go through the blog, you will read much whining about empty nesters!

    I actually don't mind so much when the elders want grandchildren. I don't know what it is that makes them kind of boring to me once they reach that stage but it's almost universal. Elder = boring.

  12. It only bothers me now when they want grandchildren because these are more or less my "settler" sims and they are set up pretty much exactly how I want them. And for them to want another grandchild when their own "child" is nearing 50 years old, it gets annoying. I only allowed 3 families to have more children than I had originally wanted and that was still an accident (when I was still getting used to ACR and didn't stop the "try for baby" interaction in time). But with the next generation, they might get as many grandbabies as their little hearts desire lol.

  13. Ah, I see! Yeah, in that case, my Sims would just have to deal too.

    I'm terrible with stopping my Sims from breeding though. Theoretically, I don't allow any of my Sims to have more than two. In practice, many have three. I even have a favourite couple (who are both probably just babies where you're up to right now!) who has three but both have rolled up the want for a fourth and I just can't say no!