Sunday, 14 December 2008


Over at the Nihills, Cedric is attempting to instill some of his love of music in his youngest son Ben.

Outside, Collette has invited her old friend Mina over and they make plans to sneak out. Mina will drop by at 1am to pick her up. Charlton overhears, so Collette better hope he doesn't rat her out to their parents.

He and Mina have decided they hate each other, for some reason. They got along well as kids.

Collette goes to bed as normal and gets up again at 12:30am. She can hear that her brother and mother, Justina, are still up so she stalls a bit in her bedroom.


Collette is able to sneak out and have a completely uneventful night. Nice for her, because she was worried about getting caught by the police or her parents, but boring for me.

The next morning, when Collette finally crawls out of bed at 10:30, Charlton is not happy about having to lie to his parents for her. They had wondered why she was sleeping in so late when she went to bed at 10pm.

They don't seem all that concerned though because they've snuck off to woohoo. Thankfully for me, Justina is post-menopausal according to ACR. 0% chance of getting pregnant.

Ben is now a child and has taken to bothering his sister while she's studying.

Collette needs to get over her obsession with the shrine the family brought back from the Far East. Itchiness is all it ever gets her.

It's Monday morning, Charlton and Ben are already on the school bus but where is Collette?

Still sleeping! She needs all the sleep she can get. She had a big Saturday night and her job as a security guard really takes it out of her. Her shift doesn't end until 1am, so she's constantly exhausted.

She gets up, finally, at about 9:20. She's missed the bus and will have to walk to school.

Kristina and Alexandra drop by while Charlton, Collette and Ben are at school. Not sure why Alexandra herself is not at school. I think Justina may be wondering too.

Ben's come home and it looks like he had a good day at school! An A+ report card!

That same night, Charlton takes Ben on his first jog. Seeing they're both Fitness Sims, Charlton has promised to teach his little brother everything he knows. He's shown him proper jogging technique and will be showing him how to perform Tai Chi next.


  1. Whoa, a teen with a job that doesn't end until 1am? That's crazy! I don't think I've come across that before.

  2. That's the reason why I don't let my teens work that job. That ends way to late for them to get ample rest, but that walk to school otpion comes in handy too.

  3. Luckily, Collette and Charlton are both going to college at the end of this rotation, so I won't have to deal with that job any more. I don't think I'll use it again.

  4. Does teen jobs ever clash with school hours? I'm not sure if it was a hack I had in the game (possibly one of the flavor packs for inteen) or programmed into the game, but a year or two ago I was playing the Broke family in Pleasantview and Dustin had a promotion but then is work hours clashed with school. I've never bothered with teen jobs since, I just make the adults and elders work their socks off!

    1. Hmmm, that shouldn't have happened. I can't think what Flavour Pack from Inteen would affect teen jobs, so it may have been one of your other hacks. If a teen happens to be working in an owned business, that will always conflict with school hours, unless you use the hack that changes this (don't ask me where to get it, as I haven't tracked it down again myself!). But I doubt that's what you had Dustin in, as the only promotion they can get with that is to Manager and that doesn't change the hours. Hmmm.

      Pretty much all my teens get jobs. It's a very easy scholarship for them to earn for college. The money they earn doesn't tend to make much of a difference for anyone but the poorest sims. That's not a consideration for me. :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting!