Thursday, 18 December 2008

Jackson Cannery

Round 9: Days 41-45
On Saturday morning, Elias leaves Nathalie in their new apartment to set up and watch the kids.

Elias has bigger fish to fry today, because he's about to open his store, Elias's Earthenware. He has to make sure everything is just right before the customers (hopefully) arrive.

His first customer is his big brother, Jonah. Jonah takes a very long time to decide but eventually makes a choice and spends over $600!

Lucky Elias attended to Autumn quickly! It turns out she's the reporter, come to review his new store. On his first day of business! She must have liked what she saw because she awards Elias the Best of the Best award, which he proudly hangs in the window.

He's still figuring out that cash register though.

Back at home, Nathalie has been busy moving furniture around. She's put a few toys down for Leo but Ottilie is making use of them right now, as her little brother is still too young.

Even with all the interior decorating, Nathalie still had time to teach Ottilie a song before bed.

Elias doesn't have any concerts the next day but he decides to stay home from the shop anyway, especially so he can be there for Leo's birthday. He gets started on teaching him to talk right away.

Now that Ottilie is mobile, Elias will have to give up his morning sleep-ins. He doesn't have his first concert until 11am but Ottilie will make sure he's up at 6.

This morning, she's eager to show him the song Nathalie taught her yesterday.

Then she's off to bother her little brother.

At this point (7:15am), Ottilie has a very late birthday and ages to child. For some reason, the school bus hasn't come for her. Seeing her parents don't have a car, she'll have to walk.

Elias's shop is still doing well. He's at Level 2 now, so he's getting even more customers.

He's getting so many customers that it's hard for him to keep up with demand. He spends several hours after each shift making more pottery.

At home, Nathalie (who does have a job, despite appearances to the contrary) finds the house is a bit quieter with Ottilie at school and takes the time to help Leo take his first steps.

Soon though, it's 3pm and Ottilie is back from her first day at school. She's brought Ben Nihill home on the bus with her. He inexplicably doesn't follow her into the apartment, so she goes up without him, does her homework and then heads back down to the lobby, where he's waiting for her.

Random pic:Isn't it kind of mean to boo a toddler? Ottilie didn't seem very worried though.

  • That's definitely the quickest any of my businesses have received an award. The shop had been open for about 4 hours!
  • The Drapers' apartment is where the Clarkes used to live and is right across the hall from Pascal.


  1. What a nice update, I love seeing these "young" families! Thank you for brightening up my day :)

  2. I never get the reviewer anymore. What a bummer!

    Awww, Ottilie is so cute. I loved her busting into her parents room. Wake up! Hehehe

  3. I forgot to say that Ottilie and Leo are just about the cutest kids I've ever seen! I love that picture of them hugging, I haven't seen it in my game yet.

  4. My toddlers huggle all the time autonomously. Except Ottilie and Leo, actually. Leo was the first kid I've ever seen reject a huggle - I had to make he and Ottilie play at the activity table before they'd do it.

    Ottilie busting into her parents' room was very funny, because she actually did toddle in, sit on the floor and scream at the end of the bed. I wish I could have got a picture of it but the bedroom is so small, it's hard to get good angles.