Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Round 8: Days 36-40
With the money from Steffi's death, Petra installs a basketball hoop for sports-obsessed Isaac. He has studied Physiology so his body skill is maxed in Sim minutes. I never thought the skill would make it that fast.

Petra decides to follow in her late mother's footsteps and write a novel. Steffi had written three by the time she died.

Adam and Hanna have aged to toddler and Isaac and Petra get to work training them.

One skill down, five to go!

Isaac did actually quite a lot of the training, even though there seems to be zero photographic evidence!

Ah, there's Isaac being a parent! I don't know how well you can see it here (you can see it in the Sim Profiles) but apart from her eyes, Hanna looks very much like Isaac. Adam also has Petra's eyes plus everything else of Petra. If he was female, I think he'd be a clone.

Yay, Petra finally finished her novel. It's called "Shuttle" and she's earned $2500 in royalties.

Seriously, what's with the saluting? My Sims are suddenly crazy for it. It's a definite salute too, they're not just wiping their brows.

Well, I should invite Elias over more often! While Hanna gets changed, Uncle Elias helpfully occupies Adam.

And then goes and makes friends with Hanna.

Just random twin spam!

Later on, I decide to make it a family affair and I invite Jonah over too. He brings his girls with him too. Nathalie and Simona were invited but Nathalie was at work. Simona showed up but just kept walking when Petra tried to greet her.

The next day, while the kids are sleeping and Isaac is at work, Petra invites Galen over and continues to corrupt the young men of the neighbourhood.

She was already halfway there with Galen so now that he's grown up, she can complete the job.

Almost immediately after Galen leaves, Pascal walks by. Petra has three bolts with him too.

So with that and ACR, this doesn't take long (they have 29 daily relationship here).

Petra may have to be more discreet now that Adam and Hanna are older and even more mobile though.

The toy oven and the ant farm won't keep them occupied forever.


  1. They are so cute as toddlers. I hope they don't walk in on mommy, they will be scared for life, lol.

    Where did you get your toddler toys from? I'm always looking for new ones.

  2. I think all my toddler toys are from Around the Sims 2. There are a TON there!

  3. I love this series of yours! How much control do you usually have over your Sims? Is it usually 90/10 complete free-will/butting in?

    Are you using some sort of radiance lighting hack? And is it just me or have the skins been played with? Are they a specific kind of custom skin?

    Sorry for so many questions, I just love what you're doing and wanna try myself!

  4. I don't mind answering questions at all, Christina. I'm glad you're enjoying Sullivan.

    I use Xianah's Soft Touch skins as defaults. You can get them in the POBS section of the Neighborhood 99 Forum. They're the loveliest defaults I've tried, for sure, and I've tried many.

    I do not use a lighting hack. I have a pretty good graphics card though.

    As for control and free will, my Sims have free will turned on but I control them most of the time. I find it boring to just sit back and watch - if I did that, they'd just be on the computer all day! The Sims guide their lives but mostly in the sense that I only make them do something if they've got the want for it.

    Thanks for reading!