Saturday, 27 December 2008

Me and you

Round 10: Days 46-50

Xanthia loves all things scientific but is finding there's not much she can do with her hobby in her tiny little townhouse - definitely no space for a telescope! Instead, she stargazes the lo-fi way - on the ground, in her pyjamas.

She can't laze around all night though. She's up bright and early the next morning for her job at the architecture firm. The nanny, for some reason, hasn't turned up. She desperately knocks on all her neighbours' doors hoping for an emergency babysitter, but to no avail. She had to use one of her vacation days instead.

Husband Stan gets home and meets new neighbour Vivienne. She's not interested in making nice, apparently.

Meanwhile, Araminta is bonding with Mummy upstairs.

No nanny issues the next day. Stan has been promoted to Protector of Whales and works only Monday through Wednesday and much more decent hours too. So he has lots of time to spent with his daughter, and even gets to hear her say her first word.

Since Alexandra left the adjacent townhouse vacant, Noelle Harvey the homewrecker has moved in. Probably a good thing that ACR in this lot is set to spouse only - these two are BFFs and have two bolts so it would only be a matter of time.

Little Araminta is a bit of a handful. She can often be found in the closet - she drags her toy drums in there and bangs away. Lucky there are no neighbours on that side!

Xanthia would really love a large family. Stan's happy to do whatever Xanthia wants, as long as they stay together. So they've been trying for another baby but have so far been unsuccessful.

They might end up having to be content with Araminta being an only child.

It wouldn't be the end of the world if that was the case. Araminta is a really sweet child.

She is doted on by grandmother Gina. Gina often drops by unannounced to spend time with her granddaughter.

Vivienne: still a bitch, apparently.

My only concession to Christmas in my game - Stan got an MP3 player and Xanthia got a new cellphone.

Araminta aged to child on Day 50, and did nothing except change clothes and such. So here she is.

  • It took Xanthia four days (so four years Sim time) to fall pregnant with Araminta and it looks like she's having similar trouble falling pregnant with a second. I sometimes use the Fertility Treatment option with Inteen for Sims like this but as with almost everything in my game, I have a couple of rules set up for myself: a) The female Sim must be at least 35 years of age (Xanthia is 36, I believe but I'll have to double check) and b) The couple must have tried unsuccessfully at least 3 times.
  • Stan and Xanthia tried twice this round. If they don't try themselves next round, I'll assume they've given up. If they do, and are unsuccessful, Xanthia will get the fertility treatment. If she is successful, everyone's happy!


  1. I can't wait to bring inteen back! But I'm waiting until it's a bit more stable. I like the rules you've set for fertility treatments.

    LOL Noelle Harvey the Homewrecker. That was hilarious.

  2. Anything to make it more realistic to me. They'll probably be my first adoptive parents if they don't try again themselves or if they are unsuccessful even with the treatments.

    I keep a close eye on Noelle at all times because nothing with convince me she's not a total skank. ;)

  3. I enjoy seeing Noelle's appearances in your gameplay! It's fun when a Sim becomes a "recurring character." This may be a dumb question, but is Noelle playable, or a Townie?

  4. Whisper Doll, Noelle is a bohemian social group townie. Townies don't normally make such an impact on my game but Noelle sure did!

    Thanks for reading!

  5. Thanks, Carla! :)

  6. You're welcome. :) I don't think she's a default social group townie, I should add. I started Sullivan with clean AL templates, so I didn't get any of the regular ones everyone gets.