Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Round 9: Days 41-45
Last time we visited the Bentons, Stan and Xanthia had just conceived their first baby. Since then, Xanthia has been suffering from the worst case of morning sickness Sullivan has seen in a while. She'd throw up, eat some breakfast, and then throw up again.

When she wasn't crouching over the toilet though, she couldn't stop eating. She craved pizza especially.

She had to do most of the cooking herself though, as Stan is pretty hopeless in the kitchen.

That's leaving aside the fact that Xanthia was usually sleeping when Stan was home anyway. When she was awake, he was usually asleep. He works in oceanography and the hours are awful for some of the levels.

He even slept right through the early stages of Xanthia's labour, due to pure exhaustion.

Now that Araminta is here though, they'll both be even busier and even more exhausted!

Stan looks after the baby until right before he goes to bed, then Xanthia takes over.

Stan goes to bed quite early in the evening too. You'd need to, if you had to leave the house at 2am to get to work on time!

  • I have to wonder how long these terrible hours last for Oceanography. I think Stan's on Level 5 or Level 6 and the hours still suck. Poor Xanthia - she hardly ever gets to see him. She's a Draftswoman and she gets home at 4 or 5pm. She spends time with Stan for a couple of hours and then he goes off to bed!


  1. Yeah, the Oceanography hours are a little crazy. I've only had one sim in the career yet.

  2. I still say they're better than the Criminal track though. They're more consistent, rather than jumping from night job to afternoon job to morning job.