Wednesday, 10 December 2008

When you wake up feeling old

Round 8: Days 36-40
Looks like Drusilla and Floyd's womrat, Patches, is trying to make a break for it.

Perhaps being squeezed constantly by Drusilla doesn't agree with him. And yes, that is a baby bump you're seeing under Drusilla's tunic.

Maybe she and Floyd should learn a little something about healthy eating before Drusilla gives birth. They live on mac and cheese, lunch meat sandwiches and cereal. Drusilla has one cooking point, Floyd has none.

It doesn't look like there'll be much time for that because I think Drusilla might be ready to pop. She's huge!

Labour seems to have interrupted Drusilla's second bowl of cereal this morning.

Mina and Curtis rushed in at some point while Drusilla was giving birth to Baby #1. Yes, that means there's a #2. Drusilla is a twin herself and now she has her own pair.

The twins are both girls (just like Drusilla and her twin, Xanthia. They decide to name one girl each - Floyd names Athena and Drusilla names Linnea.

Well, if any of my Sims were going to be the first to get the negative networking "benefit", it would be Floyd. Downstairs neighbour Maria is really not keen on him and will see to it that Floyd will pay top dollar for anything he buys from the catalog from now on. He's such an awful neighbour - I don't blame her. I fully expect Curtis to give him another "benefit" sooner or later. They hate each other even more.

Anyway, awful neighbour but pretty good father so far. Floyd almost exclusively cared for the twins when they were babies. Drusilla went back to work the same day she gave birth and he had two days off in a row, so it worked out well for them.

And now Athena and Linnea have both grown to toddler. They grew up right at the end of the session, so this is the only pic I have apart from the ones in their profiles. You can see their faces properly there. They both look like Drusilla, Linnea more so than Athena.


  1. Haha, hooray for twins! They are very cute. :)

    Drusilla was quite a big pregnant lady. Eeesh!

  2. I know, the converted H&M pregnancy meshes are enormous! I will probably only use them for twins now. Which I don't seem to be in any shortage of!

  3. Poor girl was HUGE, lol. Happy twins came out of that.

  4. Yeah, Drusilla was probably pretty pleased something extra came from carrying around all that extra weight!

  5. Hi, I wanted to ask about that yellow and red thingies you have in the kitchen - one tells the temp (does it really?) and the other one is what? smoke detector? Just curious

  6. They're both cheat objects. They do a lot of things but I use them mainly for caller ID and to sync up seasons. It does really tell the temperature but it doesn't seem to run on the Fahrenheit or Celsius scale, so it's not particularly useful. Maxis seem to have made up their own temperature system.

    Both objects are from The yellow one is in the Workers Set and the red one is in the Woohoo set. They've got a list of features there.

  7. I can't get enough of the first picture of the little womrat! I have to see it like once a day! :P

  8. Heh, I'm glad you like it so much. Patches was cute. I forgot to put him in again when they moved to their new apartment.