Monday, 22 December 2008


Round 9: College
(Georgette, Vivienne and Leontine)
Next updates: Leontine/Georgette/Vivienne

Vivienne was really eager to graduate in her Junior and Senior years of university. Even her socialising was done with her grades in mind.

Much of Leontine's social life was still being spent fielding phone calls (several times daily) from ex-boyfriend Charlton. Leontine is beginning to worry this would never end. Charlton knows about Brandon, Leontine knows about Aphrodite. There's no reason for them to have to speak as often as this.

Georgette wanted to get fit for her impending wedding to Galen, so she asked her sister the experienced jogger to help her out. Georgette returned from their jog just fine but Vivienne...well...

...maybe Vivienne should consider bringing some water next time.

More discomfort for Vivienne later when her ex, Brandon, drops by to see his new girlfriend, Leontine. Leontine and Georgette are in class, so Vivienne is the only one home. They have nothing to say to each other, so Vivienne tries to distract herself with what she needs to know for her final exams.

Brandon feels similarly uncomfortable and checks out the girls' fish tank instead.

He's very relieved when Leontine comes home from classes.

Vivienne was still spending most of her time on her studies. She stayed up much later than her sisters, studying or finishing up assignments.

In fact, the last weeks the three sisters spent together in the house can be summed up by this picture - Vivienne being studious and Leontine and Georgette goofing off.

In the end, it all pays off for Vivienne because she's able to graduate a full year before her sisters. Emmy has sold the family home but Joseph has already told her there's room for her at his town house.

Vivienne's early graduation inspired a new conscientiousness in Leontine and Georgette and they started to work a lot harder.

Georgette still found plenty of time for romance and fun in her Senior year though.

Random funny:
What happens when you ask a sloppy Sim (Georgette has zero neat points) to clean up a plate in the upstairs kitchen - slouched shoulders and sulking.

  • Vivienne and Brandon sat on the couch not talking for about 2 sim hours. Awkward!
  • All three girls have graduated now: Vivienne and Leontine with 4.0 GPAs and Georgette with a 3.8. Mina and Alexandra will go to college at the end of the next round and the round after that, I get a break from it. No one is scheduled to enroll, which hasn't happened in Sullivan since around Day 15 (all families are on Day 45 now). I'll start noting that in my entries from now on, more for my own records than for you guys.


  1. Sloppy sims are so funny when you make them clean up something LOL

    I never remember to check out what kind of grades my sims have when they graduate.

    BTW, feel free to steal any ideas from my blog. Most of my blog's ideas are stolen from you ;) I thought I'd post here too just in case you don't read the comments again in my blog.

  2. Yes, they're funny but I'm getting sick of all the messes they make constantly! And the farting. LOL.

  3. Whoa, I've never seen that happen before - so they just sat there not talking for hours? Weird! Most sims strike up a conversation even with strangers

  4. Yes, really! I was happy with it, because it fit with the story. I imagine it would be kind of awkward to break up with a guy and then have your sister start dating him!