Saturday, 17 January 2009

Girls & boys

Round 11: Days 51-55

Exeter, Sullivan's downtown area, had recently undergone a major facelift. Many of the old apartment buildings were demolished and replaced with new ones. One of them was the complex where Drusilla and Floyd were raising their girls. Because of this, they moved into one of the new buildings on the same street.

Athena and Linnea had grown a bit closer of late and were even inspired to try out the other's hobby. Athena had taken to borrowing Linnea's skipping rope, while Linnea fiddled around on her sister's synthesiser.

Linnea had resorted to gymnastics displays in the living room to gain her father's attention but it was all in vain.

Floyd, as usual, was oblivious and far more interested in his drum kit.

On the girls' first day of high school, Linnea brought a new friend home from school, an older boy who she'd met at lunch time. Linnea's interest in Filippo was purely platonic, especially seeing she was starting to feel she was a little more interested in othe girls than in boys.

Athena, on the other hand, was most definitely straight and was very interested in Filippo.

He was very flattered but he was heading off to college soon and didn't think he'd want to be tied down to Athena just yet.

Regardless, Athena was smitten and would not shut up about him. Linnea was getting pretty tired of hearing about Filippo but she refrained from saying anything and just focused on her cereal.

In contrast to their daughters' very active lives, what with school, jobs and miscellany, Floyd and Drusilla didn't even crawl out of bed until at least 11am most days. They were never up to see the girls off to school and were often still in their pyjamas when they came home. When your main workplace is a club, waking up at the crack of dawn isn't necessary.

One great thing about having a dad in the music business was the people he brought home. Athena has her sights set on law school but if she doesn't get in, she might have to reassess. Her second choice is music and she relished the opportunity to talk to Leontine about her experiences in the industry.

There wasn't much she could do about anything yet, so she just stuck to what she did best.

Athena and Linnea spent their Saturday at Lost Generation in Sullivan, where Linnea met a girl she really liked.

Her name was Debbie King and they had a fantastic time together.

Linnea even scored her first kiss, of what she hoped would be many. Her dream was to one day be in love with 20 people at once!

Athena was thrilled her twin sister had met someone.

She was still hung up on Filippo but she was happy someone was getting some action.

Things were looking up for Linnea. When she got home, her mother had a present for her. She opened it to find it was the voodoo doll Drusilla got from Cape Elizabeth before she got pregnant. Linnea would have fun with this!

She was even starting to get a bit more attention, at least from Drusilla. She'd been practising on Floyd's drums while he was at work and was getting better and better.

And her final bit of luck? Debbie King dropped by with quite the extravagant gift. Linnea wasn't much into science but the extra $2100 she got from selling it would come in handy when she moved out, either to college or to her own place.

  • Exeter's "major facelift" was because I was starting to seriously hate all the apartments there, except maybe Galen's. Pascal's is still in place for now, but I'll probably end up moving him too. That one can be kind of awkward to play too.
  • I think Linnea looks kind of like Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and I have to resist the urge to call her Kelly Kapowski every time I see her now.
  • I'll wait until Athena and Linnea go to college/grow up (at the end of Round 12) before I push things along with Filippo.
  • Lolz at Linnea's lifetime want. The poor girl has some major daddy issues. Mr Mickles will help with that but I wonder if I even have 20 lesbian/bisexual women in the neighbourhood. I'll have to do a census with ACR and see. I've achieved this want with a straight woman (and Mr Mickles) before but this would be the first time I did it with a gay Sim, if I did.


  1. I totally agree, Linnea looks a lot like Tiffany Amber Thiessen. Poor girl, it's about time she starts getting some attention.

    I don't have any gay sims in my hood yet, I never even thought of randomising the gender preferences.

  2. LOL! Kelly Kapowski! Oh wow. Lesbian Kelly, too. Every teen boy's fantasy in the early 90s...

    Did you just use other EA apartments or did you build your own? I'm still toying with that idea. I hate downloading lots due to CC or hidden hacks, blegh. But I may end up looking for some bare bones ones.

    Too bad Linnea isn't bi, those are the easiest Romance sims, LOL! Everyone's an option!

  3. Ha, pre-ACR, just about all my Romance Sims were bisexual. It makes it soooo easy!

    I hardly ever build, so I download. I am phasing out the EA apartments. There are so many nicer ones out there now and if you install them with Clean Installer, you don't have to worry about hidden hacks. I find builders are much more careful about that now than in the beginning anyway.

  4. Do you have any site recommendations for good apartments? I always suck at finding stuff. I found a few kinda okay ones at, but that's about it.

  5. I have finally caught up with all the post and can now add you to my google reader. It has been fun reading about your hood.

    I haven't had a chance to install AL yet, I was waiting for inteen. So, I haven't had a chance to play any of the Maxis apartments. But I tend to avoid Maxis houses because they are usually very awkward (like they don't play test them).

  6. No, I wonder if they do playtest them. That Summerdream house is Veronaville is terrible to play (and hideous to boot).

    Mao, when I get back from the library (I have nothing to read, which is a damn near emergency for me!), I'll put up my Pascal update and a list of links of where I normally get my lots. I can rarely remember where I've downloaded specific lots but I can tell you where I usually go looking. My sister downloads a lot of lots for her game that I then steal, so I've asked her too.