Thursday, 15 January 2009

Disco 1

Round 11: Days 51-55

To satisfy his desire for a late-in-life baby, Anton has decided to get serious with his much younger girlfriend Maria. She's in the very early stages of pregnancy with their first child.

Moving to suburban Sullivan was not a hard decision for Anton. In his advancing years, he'd grown tired of the hustle and bustle of Exeter and longed to live in a quieter place. Exeter was really his late wife Steffi's town anyway.

Upon moving into their new home, both Maria and Anton had the urge to make things more official. So Anton got down on one knee and proposed.

Within hours, Anton had invited his daughter Mina back home and he and Maria were getting married.

Mina was thrilled to have Maria as her friend and now her stepmother.

It rained throughout the whole reception, but no one seemed to care, least of all Anton and Maria.

Of course, the sun came out as soon as everyone was ready to go home.

Being a Nature Sim, Maria had always wanted to go camping so after the wedding, they headed off for a mountain honeymoon.

Camping was tiring for a pregnant woman, so Maria started the vacation with an energising massage.

They enjoyed their honeymoon immensely and sampled just about about everything the mountains had to offer.

The very end of the vacation was not so happy though. Even though hail storms were almost unheard of in winter, their campground was deluged with hailstones very early on the morning of their departure. There was no good place for shelter, so they just had to put their arms over their heads and pray their airport shuttle arrived soon.

Almost as soon as they arrived back home, Maria started showing much more obviously. Anton was still excited about the impending baby but his excitement was now mixed with fear. It was 20 years since the last time he even held a newborn!

He didn't want to worry Maria though, so he focused on supporting her through the pregnancy.

He even bought a dog, Wally, so Maria wouldn't be lonely at home while on maternity leave.

The house Anton and Maria had bought had been empty for quite some time, after the death of the previous owner. All the old furniture was still there when they moved in but the Collins had renovated quite a bit. One thing Maria was glad they kept was the Playstation. She wasn't sleeping well lately, so the console gave her something to do when she was up at all hours of the morning and night.

One rainy afternoon after taking out the trash, Maria felt the unmistakable pangs of labour and realised the baby was finally making its entrance.

Anton and Maria had a son - Emil Richard Collins!

After drying off, Maria laid Emil down in the crib Anton had set up not two days ago and left him to sleep.

Anton was at work when Maria gave birth but he couldn't wait to meet Emil the second he got home.

He was happy to take over baby duty while Maria got some much-needed rest.

Unfortunately, Anton was already 78 so he didn't get much time to enjoy his new son.

Maria must have been in shock, because she barely reacted at all to her husband's death.

Poor Wally was distraught though!

It didn't hit Maria until much later that night.

The butler who Anton had hired before he died (and who Maria insisted she didn't need) ended up being a huge help over the next few days.

As if she didn't have enough on her plate, being newly widowed with a young baby in the house, Maria was robbed. It was lucky the Sullivan police were so efficient these days or Maria would have felt really unsafe in her own home.

Her confidence allowed her to get on with the business of figuring out this motherhood thing.

Just as she was getting used to being the mother of a baby, it seemed she'd have to get used to being the mother of a toddler. Emil was growing up so fast!

Random funny:
Emil actually grew up while Maria was at work. I think the Butler or Nanny must have helped him, because both were on the lot at the time. I think it was 8pm before Maria got home but because she was so tired, it was 11pm by the time I was able to get her to pick him up and change him (out of that hideous baby tuxedo, which creeps me right the hell out!). He got tired - literally, apparently - of waiting and fell asleep in the kennel!

  • I've had Sim kids be really resentful of their parents being romantic with people other than the other parent but Mina has always really liked Maria.
  • Maria's bridal gown, unbeknownst to me until the ceremony started, is almost completely transparent in the front. So lots of strategic shots to avoid nippleage, because headlights on display is not really Maria's style.
  • It's been a very rainy spring in Sullivan. It's rained heavily almost constantly on every single lot so far.
  • Anton rolled one of the ROSs this round - go on vacation. Usually, I send them on vacation when they have the want for it and where I send them depends them on where they want to go. With the ROS, I'll roll for it. Anton and Maria both had the general want to go on vacation though, so that was a nice little coincidence.


  1. That house is stunning! Did you build it? I always suck at fancy exteriors, LOL.

    Wow, shame Anton didn't get to enjoy the baby. Now Maria's a single mother! At least she's got an awesome house and a bunch of cash.

    Hailing while in tents, yikes. What luck. And I had no idea toddlers could sleep in dog houses, LOL!

  2. No, I didn't build it. I suck at fancy exteriors too. I never remember where I get my houses but this one was from MTS2 and was called Victorian Dream.

    I feel bad for Maria now. She's a single mother and a Family Sim. She's already got the want for another baby and to get married again! Probably not going to marry her off again, but perhaps I'll let Galen or Pascal knock her up!