Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Star witness

Round 11: Days 51-55

Cedric and Justina are the oldest adults in Sullivan and have just one child left at home, their youngest son Ben.

Ever since Charlton and Collette went away to college, Cedric had been sporting a bit of a paunch. He'd made it his mission to rid himself of it and with a mix of yoga and tai chi, he finally achieved it.

Speaking of the twins, even though they now lived just across town, Ben still called them as frequently as he did while they were away.

Ben also kept himself busy by studying skills. His friend Filippo recently earned six scholarships for college. Ben didn't think he could get that many but he was inspired, nonetheless (he got 5 scholarships, in the end).

Justina found she didn't have much to do all day but sew. She only worked three nights a week and only for four hours. Apparently, peaking while your kids are still toddlers is not all it cracked up to be, because she's usually a little bored.

Maybe she should use her time to practise cooking. She's got 10 cooking points but she still managed to burn most everything she puts in the oven.

Filippo dropped by most days after school, probably to brag about his scholarships.

Sometimes he even brought his sister Caterina, who Ben was dating.

Upon realising how quickly he was growing old, Cedric invited his eldest kids, Charlton and Collette, to visit. Collette declined the invitation (WTF? by the way!) but Charlton was happy to see his family again.

Or maybe he was just happy to see Gardenia, as he spent most of his visit playing fetch with her.

  • Ben really does call Charlton and Collette all the time. The want to call them to chat is an almost constant fixture in his Wants Panel.
  • I hate this house and only just now did I realise how much I hate it. The size and shape of the rooms make it near impossible to get good pictures. They are so moving in Round 12!


  1. Maybe Collette was feeling too pregnant to visit, LOL. That or she was feeling the shame!

    I just had to move a family for that same reason. At least I couldn't blame myself, I used a NL house, LOL.

  2. That's what I was thinking. Collette is just too big to visit, lol.

    I'm in the same boat with one house. I think I built it too, must have been sleepy. You can't get good angles with that house. Those sims will be moving as well.

  3. In my update today, you'll see Collette has no time for her folks but apparently still has time to go lurking outside other people's houses being creepy!

    I can't blame myself for this house either, as it was a downloaded one. I hate basements and dormers though, so the fact that I knew this and still moved them into this house could be construed as my fault. I just bulldozed Emmy's old house for the same reason. Vivienne and Joseph moved onto that lot but in a new house.