Thursday, 8 January 2009


Round 10: Days 46-50

Georgette has just graduated from Suffolk University and has moved into her fiancé Galen's aparment. Also joining Galen is his mother Gina, whose retirement home has recently closed.

Georgette wasn't sure about living with her fiancé and her future mother-in-law. She soon finds that Gina is pretty easy-going though and they become good friends relatively quickly.

Talking to Gina gives her something to do while Galen is at work at least. He starts early, seeing he's still languishing away as a Roadie. Georgette couldn't find any work in the legal field (Gina doesn't exactly have the best reputation in that field and was no help) and has been forced to take a position as a Yearbook Club Supervisor.

Speaking of Gina's stellar legal skills, she was busted down to Legal Secretary yet again. This time, it was for playing video games on her lunch break.

Back upstairs, Georgette has met Leslie the emo socialite, who once shared a brief encounter with Galen in her closet. Galen better hope Leslie doesn't have a big mouth. He's Romance/Family which means he likes lots of ladies but also really wants to marry Georgette.

Doesn't seem like Leslie mentioned anything to Georgette because she's totally up for woohoo when Galen gets home from work.

Gina, meanwhile, was just happy that her new apartment building also had a pool table. That was one of her favourite things about living at Twilight. The pool table keeps her out of Galen and Georgette's hair, so they're pleased about it too.

Speaking of, the happy couple tied the knot on Friday evening at Candlelight Wedding Chapel. One of the more expensive parks would have been more to Georgette's tastes but it's getting a little cold for outdoor evening weddings now, so the chapel will have to do.

Galen makes up for it by taking Georgette on a Far East honeymoon.

Unfortunately, he feels guilty about leaving his mother behind, alone in the apartment, so he invites her along too.

The three share their meals together every night but otherwise, Galen and Georgette hardly see Gina.

She was thrilled to discover their resort had an on-site masseuse and spent most of the time indulging, while Galen and Georgette explored.

Back at home and Georgette was finally able to get her foot in the door in the legal field. She'd be starting as a receptionist but it was better than nothing.

Gina lived long enough to see her son marry but not long enough to see him procreate. R.I.P. Gina!

It seemed just that little bit quieter in the apartment so Galen went to the pet store one night after work and came back with an enormous cage. And Phoebe the rosella.

Galen's also been getting a bit bolder with his womanising of late. He and Cathy are right outside the apartment building and Georgette could be watching from the window for all he knows.

Maybe he doesn't care. Ever since they got back from their honeymoon, Galen has been rejecting all of Georgette's advances.

They only woohoo when Galen wants to. Georgette is very concerned about their marriage and has gone off her birth control, hoping a baby will bring them closer together.

Random pic:
The correct reaction to someone randomly beginning a Tai Chi session in the middle of the street - raised eyebrows and silence.

  • I have no idea what's up with Galen. I'm hoping the prudes at Photobucket don't delete the pics but he waves Georgette off every time she initiates anything. You might not be able to see it in the picture but Georgette gets very pouty about it.


  1. A romance sim who doesn't want to woohoo?! I've never seen that happen! I hope they can solve their problems.

  2. LOL! The censor bars and those pictures, ahahaha. Oh boy. That's hilarious. Galen, what the heck? Maybe he wants to feel manly and make all the moves.

    Poor Gina! But at least she got a vacation before death.

  3. Yeah, old Gina went out on a high! She always wanted to take a vacation with Nelson and the kids, but I never got around to it. So I guess she sort of got her wish.

    I'm not sure what I'll do with Georgette and Galen next update. They actually have no wants for each other at all. Galen gets general woohoo wants, of course and Georgette's attempts at woohoo were all ACR-instigated. So we'll see.

  4. LOL, he invited his mother on his honeymoon! Well, at least she had that one last vacation. RIP Gina!

    That's weird about Galen. Have you checked on ACR to see who his one true Sim is? It might not e Georgette, hence the rejections. I can't think of anything else.

    I always find it amusing that Photobucket is so concerned about pixelated nudity, lol! These should be fine though.

  5. Oh, I loved Gina - she's always so cool everytime she gets demoted! RIP Gina...

    And I've never seen that happen with ACR before - for someone to reject woohoo, especially when they're married...

  6. Yeah, I'd never seen it either.

    And Gina was one of my favourites, originally, so I was almost sorry to see her go. I'm never truly sorry to lose elders!