Monday, 19 January 2009

Houses, apartments and other lots

Mao asked me in Comments if I had any recommendations for good places to download apartments. I thought I would share the links here, where everyone can benefit, rather than burying them in comments. It's not an exhaustive list, so if I remember any more, I'll add them to this post.

I share my game with my sister and she ends up downloading quite a bit of stuff which I then steal for my game, including a lot of apartments. One of the sites she has discovered is Lifestyle4Sims. She's discovered most of her lots from the updates at Reflexsims Forum. They put up a whole load of updates everyday and I actually find them almost exhausting to go through.

Hannah's lots at Seriously Amused Sims are all lovely. The dorm where Justina and Cedric lived at college and some of the tiny houses I use for rentals at Suffolk are all from here.

I get a lot of my apartments at MTS2 and TSR but in all honesty, I find it too exhausting to search either of those places most of the time. I have found some really nice buildings at both of these places though, when I take the time to look.

Another thing I do is I regularly check the Sim Pictures forum at Sims 2 Community. There are some very talented builders there, many of whom do not have their own sites. Some posts at MTS2 but others post in LJs that I never would have found out about if I didn't check S2C first. The builders often have links to their profiles, LJs or other sites in their sigs.

I have many lots from Sims Crossing but they are usually unrecognisable by the time they get to my game. I strip almost all of the custom content when I install them. Not too many apartments here yet but they have a couple.

Another great place I've downloaded lots is Beatdoc16's Sim Escapades. This is where Sullivan Village Centre comes from.

Apple Valley Downloads is where I got the building Rob and Patience are currently living in. I also have most of her other lots waiting for residents in the hood, or in my lot bin. Very nice stuff and very playable too - she tends to use smaller lot sizes, so no lag problems.


  1. Thanks, Carla! This is really helpful. I'll have to sift through the links and see if anything catches my eye. ;)

    I, er, do have another question (annoying yet?), I've wondered it since I started reading Sullivan. Where on Earth do you download clothing? I am very picky and only like stuff that isn't photoskinned or looks GOOD, even in close-ups. You've seemed to find quite a bit of that, and fashionable stuff, too. I haven't run across it, which surprises me, as I used to be heavily into skin shopping, LOL.

  2. That's exactly what I've been thinking too: Where do you download clothing?! You seem to have so much cool clothing that I've never seen anywhere and I download A LOT.

  3. When I get home a bit later on, I'll do another post with where I get all my Body Shop stuff, including clothing. It'll be a bit easier for me than the lots. I tend to remember where I get my clothes from more readily than I remember anything about lots!

    But if there's ever anything specific you like, feel free to ask in Comments. I know some bloggers don't like that but I really don't mind. :)