Friday, 16 January 2009

Sunken treasure

Round 11: Days 51-55
Isaac was still continuing his affairs with the various women he'd meet at the restaurant he worked at. He usually didn't see them more than once.

His wife Petra had recently become a professional party guest. Isaac didn't understand how she got paid for that, only that it left him just about zero time for other women. She'd be home all the time, apart from the 12 hours a week she was actually required to show her face at work.

She spent most of that time on the phone to her twin Nathalie or her younger sister Mina. Now that Mina was away at college, they could talk to each other like adults so their chats had become a lot longer.

For a Pleasure Sim, Adam led a fairly solitary existence. Lots of smustling at home, not so much out in the clubs.

And Hanna, just like most teenage girls, was guaranteed to be occupying the bathroom any time anyone else wanted to use it.

Petra was fortunate enough to find yet another genie lamp outside the front door and not a moment too soon either. Petra doesn't know how they managed to spend so much money, but they had $3000 in cash and $6000 in savings and that was it. After meeting the genie, the family had a good bit more.

Hanna knew college was fast approaching and even though she'd already earned 4 scholarships, she was keen to earn more. Perhaps she wanted to beat her cousin Filippo who'd earned 6. The culinary scholarship was one she was really eager to achieve, so Isaac brought her home an old chocolate making machine from work.

Down at Central Park, where Isaac and Petra had decided to take an afternoon stroll, Floyd Lane was being his usual charming self.

And apparently thought Isaac was quite the dish!

Isaac doesn't swing that way, unfortunately for Floyd (fortunately for Drusilla though).

Isaac was surprised to meet older brother Jonah in Central Park. Jonah was the only Draper boy who stayed in Sullivan, so Exeter is a long way from home for him.

While Isaac was catching up with his brother, Petra is approached by Christa Acker, who is keen for Petra to come at work with her at the city council.

Petra is always up for something new, so she accepted the new position. She was more than a little worried about whether she'd succeed though.

Back at home, Floyd acted on his confusing feelings for Isaac.

Adam had lost all interest in applying for scholarships, prefering to toss a football around outside with his sister, rather than studying.

Elias lived so close to his twin that he was able to drop over at least once a week.

Adam had finally had enough of being by himself. While everyone was at work that Saturday, he decided to call the matchmaker and see if she could find someone for him.

He'd heard horror stories about her setting teenage boys up with grey-haired old ladies but Adam thought he'd give it a shot anyway. It was his parents' money anyway, not his!

Had Petra not been so excited about being promoted to City Council Member, she might have noticed her teenage son forking over $5000 of the family money to the gypsy matchmaker. As it was though, she was too thrilled to care.

The matchmaker pulled out her crystal ball and Adam closed his eyes and waited.

Seemingly falling from the sky with a THUD, it was Laurel Stafford, who Adam had seen working at H&M.

There was not much in the way of romance during the date. Just Adam's favourite activity - football.

He soon realised why. At the end of the date when he went to give Laurel a parting hug, she told him she was gay. Adam should have listened to those warnings about the matchmaker - she really was a waste of money.

Random pic:Petra and Isaac apparently thought the loud whirring of the chocolate machine was romantic because this is where they decided to cuddle under the stars, totally autonomously.

  • Petra had a completely unused genie lamp in her inventory from I don't know when. So I put that one in Hanna's inventory and this new one in Adam's.
  • Floyd's bisexual. Huh. I randomise all my Sims and townies' sexual preferences with ACR, so I sometimes get surprises like this. Lukas Novak is bisexual too but he's never explored that side, though he has bolts with a few townies.
  • Speaking of Floyd, I don't know what's up with the tattoos on his arms you can see in this update. I use these hacked boxes to put tattoos on my Sims but you usually need to reapply them every time you enter the Sims' lot. And those aren't even Floyd's tattoos - he has one small coloured one on his chest. I wonder if they'll show up when I load his lot later on today. Anyway, so...ignore them!
  • Hanna will be leaving for college at the end of this round. Adam will not be going, so he's already aged to adult (just like Arianna). You can see Adam as an adult in his profile.


  1. For some reason, sims with high bolts that aren't friends end up enemies. I have no idea why. It's crazy!

    LOL at Floyd, he's hilarious.

    I had no idea sims would autonomously cuddle. Sometimes, I don't think I've been playing this game since it was released, it always seems to surprise me!

  2. Oh, do they? I think most of my 3 bolters are at least friends, so I've never seen that. Floyd is enemies with pretty much everybody though!