Thursday, 8 January 2009

Poor places

Round 10: Days 46-50

Anton was recently demoted to Rogue Botanist after sitting on his research for too long. This has meant lots of late nights on the computer, which leaves Mina to, as usual, do whatever she pleases.

Most nights, this means sneaking out with her boyfriend Abhijeet.

Anton has even starting working on Saturdays, which means Abhijeet is over even more.

It can't be all fun and games though. Mina started a new job recently, as an Aerobics Instructor, and needs to get fit.

In true Mina fashion though, she still leaves some time for meeting boys.

Having worked his way up to Unnatural Crossbreeder, Anton finally emerges from his study and finds his sort-of-not-really girlfriend Maria waiting for him.

After a long talk over some coffee, Anton realises that his baby fever is at an all-time high and asks Maria to move in.

She agrees and they get started straight away.

In the midst of a romantic moment the next morning...

...Maria realises that their attempt was most likely successful.

Pregnancy is taking its toll on her though and she's finding herself going to bed at 5pm.

Random pic:
I forget which Lane twin this is but Floyd and Drusilla do not appear to be very good parents when I'm not looking. The poor thing is frozen solid!

  • Anton has had the "Have a Baby" want locked since Mina became a toddler. By that time though, Steffi was much too old to fall pregnant. So this has been a long time coming for him.
  • Mina is a very chaste Romance Sim. She has yet to woohoo with Abhijeet, although she's had ample opportunity to do so.


  1. Mina seems incredibly patient when it comes to woohooing LOL So far I've only had one teen romance sim but.. well her teenage years didn't go as I planned (you'll see in my next update).

    I love the gym! Did you build it yourself or download it somewhere?

  2. Chaste or just smart? Maybe she just doesn't want to be a teen momma. ;) She's got a good head on her shoulders!

    Oh wow, more babies for Anton?

  3. Ah, I hadn't considered that. Perhaps Mina knows I just installed the Risky Sneakout flavour pack for Inteen and she's playing it safe!

    I didn't build the gym, Cissie. I actually think it might be a Maxis one from one of the universities. I modified it though - changed the walls and floors, added the half-walls and added the bikes.