Sunday, 25 January 2009

Black and blonde

Round 12: Days 56-60
When Arianna woke up on Sunday morning, she missed her brother and twin sister and started to wonder if maybe she should have worked harder at school and gone to college with them. She was also unemployed. The law firm she worked at during school was happy to keep her on as a teen but were unwilling to pay her adult wages now, unless she went to college and earned a degree. Which definitely wasn't happening.

Simona advised her to snap herself out of her funk with a trip to the beach. The weather forecast called for a sunny and warm day, so it seemed like the perfect idea.

Exeter Beach was miles away from the farm, so Arianna headed out early, while it was still dark. By the time she arrived, the sun had come out and it was as beautiful a day as the weather station on TV had promised.

She was hoping to meet a nice guy there but contented herself with making friends with Daniella and getting quite a nice tan at the same time.

Daniella didn't feel like swimming so Arianna ended up going in alone. She'd never been to the beach before but had learnt to swim at the pool in Sullivan.

She'd already cheered up immensely by the time she left the beach, but a little retail therapy never hurt a girl either, so she stopped off at H&M on the way home.

Arianna liked her trips to Exeter but she really enjoyed helping Jonah with the farm. She'd earned a silver gardening badge already and hoped to earn enough badges so that Brandon would consider hiring her as his manager when her dad eventually retired. He was older than Brandon, so it was inevitable that he'd need someone else at some point.

Meals with her parents and uncle were becoming a bit of a trial though. Arianna was kind of sick of hearing Jonah sound off about soccer when he'd never played the game in his life.

Arianna had finally got a job as a fast food shift manager but she worked pretty late hours. The espresso machine in the kitchen had long sat dormant but it was getting a real work-out now that Arianna was working nights.

Fortunately, she earned a promotion to Hostess in not long at all and was working much more regular hours. Working nights was probably something she'd have to get used to if she planned to work in the culinary field for much longer though. Food wasn't Arianna's passion though - the job was just a paycheck to her.

Arianna wasn't the only one who missed Caterina and Filippo this week. After fixing the TV (repairmen are reluctant to come out this far!), he tried to push it back against the wall and almost put his back out with all the effort. He could have used his son's youthful strength right then.

Simona was letting herself get caught up with neighbourhood gossip. The only people who knew the father of Collette's baby were Charlton and Aphrodite and they weren't telling. Rumours were flying all around though. Most people correctly guessed it was Galen but other people thought it may have been Pascal (who Collette couldn't stand). Simona thought it might have been Anton, as the two had become friends right before his death.

Back inside and Arianna was attempting to burn the house down. Or make mac and cheese, as her side of the story went.

She had called the fire department hoping they'd send a cute one over but she didn't end up thinking much of this guy at all. A one dollar tip was all he was getting from Arianna!

  • I sent Arianna to the beach to test it out but I was hoping she'd find a boyfriend there too. There's a new Sim in town, who I haven't yet played with but whose profile is already up. I'm hoping maybe he and Arianna will take a liking to each other. We'll see. Fortune and Pleasure usually go okay together.


  1. Hahaha, poor Arianna! She seems to have the same problem as Maggie. They need to attend cooking classes!

    It was great to see the beach in action!

  2. You know, fortune and pleasure are *supposed* to be a good match, but I've never had a fortune/pleasure couple work out to more than two-bolts in my game. I always get three-bolts out of fortune/popularity, which *isn't* supposed to be a good match. Weird. I think they've got the guides wrong :)

    Good luck to Arianna. Maybe she'll like the new guy after all, or maybe she'll find someone on her own. It looks like she's got a lot of first dates to accomplish before she's ready to settle down anyway ;)

  3. Yes, Arianna has no cooking skill points. I don't believe the girl had even tried to touch the stove before, so mac and cheese was beyond her capabilities!

    If Julian and Arianna end up with 2 bolts, I'll
    be thrilled, honestly. She has one bolt with a couple of townies but no bolts at all with any of my single playables. Which is probably because she's related to most of them! We'll see how she goes, if Julian ever decides to quit being so reclusive.

  4. Woh! Finally caught up with this blog, that's around 132 entries read in a day xP Sundays are incredibly slow days anyway, so at least I got entertainment out of it :)

    I really love yours, and Laura's (Lakeside Heights) style of playing, I'm trying it myself, though with some twists of my own :)

    Arianna amuses me :) I love her reaction to the fireman, not really her type, huh? And the beach lot looks lovely, unique, but lovely ^^

  5. Thanks Valneanne! Wow, that's a lot reading you've done today! I'll be sure to check out your blog to see what you're doing in your hood.

  6. Love the beach lot!

    Too bad they didn't send out a cuter fireman. Guess Arianna will have to set a few more fires and see if she can get a new guy. ;) Or maybe she'll hit it off with the new guy you mentioned!

  7. I'm really hoping she hits it off with Julian. He's a blonde and they wouldn't have blonde babies, but the kids would at least get a blonde gene!

  8. The beach looks great - makes me want to bring my sims to the beach too! Unfortunately, I don't have a community beach lot at my hood yet, they'll have to go on vacation to Twiikii island for now.

  9. My hood was like that for a long time. But I live in Sydney and if I wanted to go to the beach, I could be there in less than half an hour by car. So it wasn't realistic to me for my Sims not to be able to do that.

  10. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm home at the moment, so I'm going to start going through some old posts and see if I can catch them all. :)