Sunday, 11 January 2009

Work out fine

Round 11: Days 51-55

Since being promoted to Education Minister, Simona has found herself with a lot of extra free time. She's home a few days a week now and she spends a lot of that time bonding with TJ.

Simona's kids have been doing some bonding of their own. Caterina has started up a little romance with Ben Nihill.

Oops, she didn't see her dad standing right there! Let's hope he's not the protective type like his brother Isaac.

Abhijeet Turner is single, after Mina Collins dumped him once she got to college. He'll do just fine for Arianna's first date.

And for her first kiss!

The Sullivan police should really consider keeping the criminals in prison once they catch them. The recidivism rate is sky high!

Plus, it really stresses out Jonah and Simona.

All the Moretti kids want to go to college but Arianna just can't find the motivation to try and earn enough scholarships to gain entry. Caterina has earned 4 scholarships and is worried that Arianna has earned only one. She tries to help her twin get in on the basis of a fitness scholarship by inviting her on her morning jogs. Arianna earns a couple of body points but not enough for a scholarship.

Filippo, on the other hand, is a scholarship machine. He's earned 6 scholarships, making college much less of a financial burden for his parents.

Not so much luck on the romantic front though. He thinks paper girl Claudia Hunter is pretty cute, but it doesn't seem like the feeling's mutual.

Poor guy! It might be a while before he tries flirting with a complete stranger again.

  • I've already aged Arianna to adult, seeing she won't be attending college. Otherwise, I'll forget to do it and she'll still be a teen when Caterina and Filippo are young adults. Don't ask me why this bothers me more than Caterina and Filippo still being teens while she's an adult, but it does! Anyway, you can see her in her profile. She's still living at the farm but has the want to move out, so she might be doing that at the beginning of Round 12. She's a Pleasure Sim so she probably fits in more in Exeter but she's also Nature, so she might stay in Sullivan. Or move right near the park in Exeter. We'll see.
  • Because Arianna's now an adult, Abhijeet has been dumped. Again.
  • Filippo rolled one of the Random Occurrence Scenarios for this round. None of them are anything really majorly game-changing this round but Filippo's was to flirt with the next appropriate walkby. I was hoping it might lead somewhere, seeing the guy's headed to college and still hasn't had his first kiss. But no luck!


  1. Poor Filippo!! And poor Abhijeet! They both have no luck, LOL. At least Abhijeet has gotten some action, though. ;)

    It's always hard for me to not send sims to Uni, because then the aging is messed up. But sometimes, it's necessary. I try not to let it bother me, but I haven't found a way around it that wouldn't border on an incredible inconvenience.

  2. I'm obsessed with sending all my teens to Uni. I wish I had the strength to make some of them skip that and age to adults.

    Poor Filippo. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he gets some action in college ;)

  3. Arianna grew up really pretty!

    Poor Filippo! That's a funny ROS! :) Good for him for earning all those scholarships though! There will always be time for girls later.

  4. My adult stage is 39 days and only 5 days pass while my kids are away at college. So for any kids who don't go, I just add an extra 5 days to their lifespan. That way, when their peers graduate, they all have 39 days left. So not sending some kids to college has not been as complicated as I thought it might be.

    I would like Filippo to get some action in college too but I don't know with who! The two other girls who he'll be attending with are his sister and his first cousin! And Mina but I don't think they're attracted at all and she's got her eye on marrying Pascal anyway.