Tuesday, 20 January 2009

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Another question came up in Comments from Mao and CissieMae: where do I get my Sims' clothing? So I thought I'd start another post about it and add in some info about other Body Shop stuff in my game too.

I try to avoid photoskinned stuff unless it's exceptionally high quality and anyone who can be creative with Maxis meshes gets into my Bookmarks list too.

On with the links, starting with clothing!

MTS2: Some creators I really like are fanseelamb, kaylynn06, migamoo, Sentate and dustfinger.
TSR: Favourite creators here include Confide, Lianaa, Maak, Shannanigan, Sims2Sisters, Ulkrhsn and Xandher (pay, as you all would know).
Club Crimsyn
All About Style (lots of stuff for everybody, even guys and elders)
Liana Sims 2 (mostly free, with some donation stuff. All the donation stuff is free eventually)
Maxis Dream (lots of stuff on Maxis meshes but also a lot of Maxis style things on custom meshes)
Modish Kitten
Phasmatic Sims
Fashion Twist
Uptown Chic

My non-default maternity wear, seeing I know everyone is always looking for it comes from Liana Sims 2 and All About Style, almost without exception.

I get a lot of hair from Rissa Styles but also from various creators at Mod The Sims and Garden of Shadows. If a Sim's hairstyle is not from any of those places, there's a high chance I won't remember where it is from! But you can ask anyway and you might get lucky! ;)

Almost all of my make-up is by Bruno. The rest of it is little bits and pieces that have come with Sims I've downloaded.

My wrinkles, which I start using on my Sims when they turn 45, are by Onah and you can get them here.

I've been asked about the tattoos some of my Sims have and they are not skintones or make-up, they are all overlays from MTS2. You can get them for yourself at the following links.

Real Body Overlays - Tattoos Updated 12/10/2008
Maxis Tattoos that Really Stick!**Updated 10/22**
Sailor Jerry Vintage Tattoos that Really Stick!!!

SpaceDoll's Further Adventures in Tattoos that Really Stick!!!
Acid Wings...GoS Tattoos

rikkulidea at LJ has updated some of the tattoo boxes I linked to above so that the tattoos stick for good! She hasn't fixed them all but it looks like she's planning on it. You can get them here. She's also made a new set of tattoo overlays that I have not tried yet.

I'm not asked about objects as often as about Body Shop stuff but there are a few things that come up quite a bit.

The first is the custom arches, chairs and cakes I use for my weddings. They are all fully functional and are by Eris3000 at MTS2.

It's Your Day! New Wedding Collection!
It's Your Day! Set One of 6 Delicious Wedding Cakes

A Day to Remember! The Final Six Wedding Cake Collection

Pose hacks
come up a lot here, so if you're looking for pose boxes in general, this will be a good jumping off point for you. If you want to know where I got an exact pose, feel free to ask in the post where you see it. I usually remember what box I've used.

I make very liberal use of Jaydee's pose boxes. The Photo Poses Animbox is the one I use most often, for my family portraits but the others are really handy for setting up certain pictures.
Decorgal has some really great pose hacks and overlays. I use the Custom Modeling Poses Overlay a lot. I love, love the Prop Hack but am yet to use it for anything on the blog. But it's fantastic and you should check it out!
XM Sims also have some pose objects, which I'm not sure many people are aware of. They are under the Simmer Valley Misc. section. I haven't found much use for them yet but I think if your stories involve a lot of action/sci-fi/fantasy plots, they will be useful. There are some boxes with more generic types of poses too.
eletrodj at MTS2 also has the Cup of Poses v1 and Cup of Poses v1.2, both of which I've used a little bit too.
ClubCrimsyn has a pose hack with some sitting and lying poses too, which I am yet to try out.
uys at LiveJournal also has a fantastic post with the most comprehensive list of pose hacks I've seen yet. I found a whole ton that I'd never seen before.

As I always say in Comments, I never mind if anyone wants to ask me where I downloaded a particular item. I might not always know but if I can help, I'm happy to. So don't be shy!


  1. Thanks again, Carla! Quite a few of these I am familiar with, but there are some hidden gems! Like Maxis Dream, I would have never found it. I am really loving Maxis match items for playing.

    Now if only my internet connection would sort itself out and embrace my need to download.

  2. Thank you very much, Carla! I know some of the sites but there were many new ones.

    I didn't even know that confide (ex-TSR FA) had a new site... yay yay yay!

  3. Whoa, does she? Is one of my links Confide's site? Shows how much I pay attention!

    You're both very welcome for the links.

  4. LOL The clothes on Fashion Twist say "by confide" :)

  5. Hi, I love your blog and your sims stories. It's very fun to read about the unique way that you play! I was just wondering where you shop around for the beautiful walls that I see in your pictures? I've looked through your CC posts, but I don't see anything about your walls/floors! Thanks very much...I'm off to read more of your wonderful posts.

  6. Lululora, thank you! I'm always happy to read that someone is enjoying Sullivan.

    Walls and floors are actually not something I seek out very often. A lot of my favourites have come with lots I've downloaded. I can tell you a few different sites I've got things from though. Holy Simoly have some great walls, I have most of the Studio K series walls and floors from TSR and the Behr walls from MTS (I think) get a lot of use in my game too. Anything else though, I'm not too sure!

    Please feel free to ask in Comments if you see a wall or floor you particularly like - I can always check in game to see if there's any info.