Thursday, 22 January 2009

Round 11 Summary

I've decided to do a summary after every round, to list all the major events in Sullivan and link to the posts where they happened. I stole the idea from one of your lovely blogs, I'm sure! Whoever did it, I always liked it and am going to try it with my own little hood.

Births: 5 (Betsy Carmody, Emil Collins, Samson Clarke, James Novak, Naomi Novak)
Deaths: 1 (Anton Collins)
Engagements: 2 (Anton & Maria Collins, Pascal Lachance & Mina Collins)
Marriages: 1 (Anton & Maria Collins)
Break-ups: None
Graduations: 1 (Mina Collins)
New residents: 1 (Aphrodite Harper)

Total population: 46 Sims (24 female, 22 male)
Babies: 3
Toddlers: 4
Children: 2
Teens: 4
Young Adults: 5
Adults: 27
Elders: 1


  1. I did something vaguely similar, but I also saw it on another blog a long time ago, LOL. It got too daunting as the hood got bigger... I'm lazy.

    But it's definitely a good way to keep a census!

  2. This is an excellent idea (read: I'm going to steal this idea LOL). I'll probably be too lazy to do this on my blog. I still haven't finished round 3, I just don't have the energy to play at the moment.

  3. I haven't had the energy to play my marathon sessions where I'd play 3 families at once but I've still been playing almost every day. It's hot here right now and it's sometimes too hot to sit by the computer.

    Feel free to steal though, if you ever do want to.