Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Round 11: Days 51-55
Galen and Georgette have been experiencing marital difficulties (caused by issues known only to them) but are still together, at least for the meantime.

Galen and Georgette had both been somewhat distracted lately and it had completely slipped both of their minds that rent was due on Monday, not Friday. Claudius Atkins knocked on the door early Tuesday morning to collect payment. For once, he wasn't a complete jerk about it.

Apart from when they would sometimes meet in their tiny bathroom, Galen and Georgette avoided each other.

Galen would go up to the loft and play guitar...

...while Georgette ate a lonely breakfast downstairs.

While a pregnant Georgette (unbeknownst to Galen)was sleeping the day away...

...Galen was working out on the balcony.

Phoebe the Rosella seemed to be getting more attention that Galen and Georgette were getting from each other.

One night, that all changed. Galen realised Georgette was expecting and that he didn't want their child being raised in an unhappy home.

They started spending more and more time together from that moment on.

Unfortunately, Georgette was on maternity leave and Galen still had to work. Georgette found herself waiting outside on the front step most of the day, hoping someone would pass by that she could talk to.

If she was lucky, someone would wander by who had time for a quick game of chess with her.

Georgette was still napping a lot of the day, which left her too rested to sleep much at night.

It was on one of these sleepless nights that that baby finally made his appearance.
Galen was too tired to realise what was even going on!

They had already agreed on the name Samson Luc if the baby was a boy, so Samson Luc was his name.

Galen (finally) joined his wife in the nursery to celebrate the birth of their new son.

The celebration didn't last long, at least for Georgette. She was really enjoying her job as a paralegal but without warning, she was demoted to Legal Biller.

It was nice to be working with her friend Charlton again, who was still languishing as a Legal Biller but she couldn't hide her disappointment.

She moped around the house pretty much all evening. Galen had been demoted the same day but he didn't take it nearly as badly as Georgette. He was probably getting used to it, as he'd been jumping from Battle of the Bands judge to Roadie and back again for quite a while. He had almost given up on ever advancing.

Georgette did at least manage to pull herself out of her funk and attend to Samson when he cried.

Georgette had the day off the next day and she quickly realised that stay at home motherhood was not the right lifestyle for her.

There were only so many times a day the baby needed to be attended to. She was glad this was just her day off and that she had a job (albeit one she hated) to go back to in the morning.

  • I really wish you could read Sims' minds. I have no idea what made Galen have a change of heart. I was all ready for them to divorce this round. Good news for Georgette and Galen but not such good news for Collette. If she'd known about the problems they were having, I'm sure she would have been hoping they'd break up. So I'm still not sure what will happen with Collette.


  1. I'm happy they made up. Sims are so strange! lol Cute baby!

  2. Maybe Georgette had an inkling of what was going on? Maybe Galen felt guilty? I love coming up with explanations for sim actions! How bizarre they are.

    Awww, another baby. Thankfully, it brought this family back together instead of tearing it apart.

  3. I'm happy they were able to be happy with each other again. I'm hoping that's what happens to my Armstrong family. Since they're going to have a baby it'd be nice if they'd like each other again! Great update, and I love their little apartment! Decorated so nicely!

  4. I think Galen must have felt guilty. He's secondary Family, so he it would make sense. I've never had a Rom/Fam Sim react that way to their spouse before. And then to just get over it!

    I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with your Armstrongs, Mandie. I hope they can work it out!

  5. Nice to hear that the family will stay together. They make such a cute couple.

  6. Yes, Galen and Georgette are 3-bolters. But then again, Galen has 3 bolts with a lot of Sims! He had his pick of the hood, really, but chose Georgette.