Saturday, 10 January 2009


Round 10: College
(Mina, Charlton, Collette)

Charlton and Collette are just beginning their junior year at Suffolk University. Mina has just arrived at the twins' dorm to start her freshman year.

Collette was thrilled to have her old friend Mina joining her on campus. As soon as Mina arrived, the two girls spent quite a bit of time chatting on the lawn before heading inside.

Finally, Collette stopped talking for long enough so Mina could get into a fresh change of clothes and claim her dorm room. She made sure to lock the door. She was raised in an apartment, so she knows all the pitfalls of communal living.

Charlton, meanwhile, was still going strong with his girlfriend Aphrodite. Neither of them have brought up the topic of marriage yet but maybe Charlton will change his mind post-graduation.

Mina surprised everyone by being fairly keen to get started on her studies. She ended up maintaining a 4.0 GPA for her entire first two years.

She's also found herself a little more family-oriented than she was as a teen. She calls her dad Anton for a chat every day and asks how Maria is doing with her pregnancy. Mina and Maria didn't live together for very long before Mina left for college but she's been very fond of Maria since childhood.

Charlton lost almost all interest in his studies. He discovered a new talent for the piano and with Aphrodite cheering him on, he tended to focus on that instead.

Still no love lost between Mina and Charlton though. Age has not endeared them to each other. Being surprised in the middle of a shower by someone who wants to demonstrate the authentic was to bow in the Far East would be rather annoying though.

Mina and Charlton couldn't seem to get away from each other though. Mina headed down to Blue Velvet for a few drinks (being of legal age, finally) and found Charlton next to her at the bar. She tried her best to ignore him.

She remained silent but she really was irritated.

She found something (or someone) to cheer her up soon enough though. Pascal Lachance arrived at the club just before midnight and Mina liked what she saw.

That never hurts a guy's chances either.

They flirted for a while until Mina had had enough of waiting. She wandered over the photo booth and waited for Pascal to join her.

Being a Romance Sim himself, he didn't need a written invitation.

When they finally emerged, Pascal was surprised to find one of his many girlfriends, Virginia, waiting for him outside. Mina wasn't too worried, as she knows Virginia has nothing on her. At least she's not crazy or stalker-like.

Mina was still bothered by Charlton's presence but he ended up serving a purpose anyway. He kept Virginia out of Pascal's hair, giving Mina the opportunity to lead him over to the dance floor.

After dancing for a while, Mina asked Pascal if he wanted to make the evening an official date and grab a bite to eat for dinner.

Or breakfast, actually. It was about 6am by the time they got to the dance floor and 7am by the time they were seated.

While Pascal and Mina ate, Charlton made friends with Virginia upstairs in the pool hall.

Finally, Mina figured she'd better head back to the dorm - she did still have classes to attend and work to do!

All through college, Collette was never been one to abandon work in favour of fun and that didn't change. She sped right ahead of Charlton in her course and managed to graduate early with a 4.0.

She wasn't sure where to go when she got back home but she thought Mum and Dad's place might be the most obvious choice, at least for a little while.

Charlton was still letting Aphrodite distract him from his work. If it wasn't for all those A+ grades he earned in his first two years, his GPA upon graduation would have been so much lower.

He did graduate though, with a 3.5 GPA. Not too shabby. His suit, on the other hand...

Mina grew more and more fond of Pascal by the day and lately, she'd even been fantasising about marrying the guy! She really was becoming more family-oriented, surprising even herself. Pascal was 28 but she was only 20 - probably a little too young to be seriously considering marriage. So she pushed it out of her mind.

Since his mother's death, Pascal had become a little more family-oriented himself. He could still appreciate an attractive woman when he saw one though!

Random funny:
Mina tried to join Charlton's impromptu Tai Chi class by the pool but didn't end up being too good at it.

  • I never thought of pairing Pascal and Mina up but they kind of did it themselves! They have a really high attraction score (153, according to ACR). I'm not sure if it's the highest in Sullivan because I've only just started paying attention. Anyway, all their romantic interaction was autonomous.
  • No idea what Collette or Charlton will do now they've graduated. They're both living with their parents temporarily but the house is really too small for that. I might move them both into an apartment together and maybe invite Aphrodite to move in too. She might give me red-headed babies so that's a big tick for her.
  • I may be doing quite a bit of moving around this next round. I can think of at least 3 families who I need to find new homes for, not even including Collette and Charlton. Next round will be round 11! Argh! Can't believe it!


  1. Oooh, moving! How exciting.

    Pascal and Mina? What an unlikely pair, but it seems to work! Mina is so pretty. She has an exotic look about her. She'll make pretty babies. ;)

    LOL Charlton became quite the slacker. What can you expect from a guy that falls in love with a chick named after the goddess of loooove?

  2. ROFL @ Mao!

    So am I sfae in gussing that Mina had her first whoohoo in a photo booth, lol. Never would have pictured them together.

  3. I'm very excited to see Mina babies. She looks much more like Steffi than I ever thought she would. I made Steffi, so I'm glad to see her genes passing on.

    Yes, Riverdale, that was Mina's first woohoo. Such romantics, these two!

  4. I love that close-up you have of Mina!

  5. I love it so much that I use it for my avatar at Neighborhood 99.