Thursday, 22 January 2009

On your own

Round 11: College (Augustin and Hanna)

Last update: Augustin/Hanna

Augustin Novak and Hanna Gottlieb were another couple who had decided to skip the dorms and get their own place on campus.

Like the other young couples at Suffolk, Augustin and Hanna were also enjoying their new-found independence and being away from their parents for the first time.

After a little while though, Hanna realised something wasn't right. She was nauseous almost constantly and was much more fatigued than was usual for her.

She discussed the possibility of pregnancy with Augustin, who assured he'd stand by her, whatever happened.

The next morning, Hanna's fears were confirmed when her belly was noticeably larger and rounder.

Typical Family Sim that he was, the problems with becoming parents while still in college didn't even seem to cross Augustin's mind. He just couldn't wait to meet the baby. Or babies, actually. Hanna thought she seemed large for just the second trimester and an ultrasound at the campus medical clinic showed why. She was having twins!

Hanna's family drove up to Suffolk to visit as soon as they heard the news. Her mother Petra was just glad she was healthy.

Her dad, Isaac, had never liked Augustin though and now he had a good solid reason.

Augustin made a quick escape inside to talk to his own mother, leaving Hanna to deal with her parents outside.

Isaac thought the best thing for Hanna to do was to drop out of college and come home. He was not happy when his daughter disagreed and told him that she planned to finish college and stay with Augustin.

They argued until it was dark outside, neither of them able to see the other's point of view.

In the end, Hanna had enough and left her father outside to argue with himself. He'd have to get over it eventually.

At least her boyfriend was still supportive. Augustin congratulated Hanna on finishing her freshman year while hugely pregnant.

He was there for her when she went into labour too, which is more than some of the women in Sullivan can say for their husbands.

Hanna gave birth to a boy and a girl - James Barnabas and Naomi Alena.

Having twins in such a tiny house had quickly presented a problem though, so Augustin started looking into other options. He found out that Suffolk had recently allotted some housing especially for students who found themselves in this situation. He applied and it wasn't long before the family was in their new house.

The house wasn't much bigger than their first rental but it was just big enough for the four of them. The bonus was there was a large backyard and the family housing was well away from the noisy parties of the dorms and student rentals.

They were still students though and both were still expected to complete the same amount of work as their peers.

Hanna's friend Caterina often came over to help cram for exams, which took a load off. Three people studying together was always easier than studying alone.

James and Naomi might not have arrived at the most opportune time but Augustin and Hanna were still enjoying new parenthood.

  • Argh! I was not expecting this at all! Hanna got pregnant her first time. I actually thought I'd already put her on birth control when she was in high school, because I often do that with the Knowledge Sims (even if I'm not planning on letting them woohoo), thinking they'd be very sensible and responsible types though. I guess even sensible and responsible types slip up though because James and Naomi are here!
  • "Family housing" did not exist until I'd already moved these two into the bin. There are 5 houses in family housing right now and I doubt they'll ever be all in use. I like to imagine Sullivan, Exeter and the university are a lot bigger than they actually are!
  • I'm going to make a new post tomorrow with pictures of the family housing area and of the overhauled Exeter. I've been blabbing about it for so long, I might as well show you what it looks like!


  1. I'm definitely interested in seeing the revised Exeter! And this family housing.

    Whoa, twins in Uni. Now THAT's some crap luck, especially on the first go! Yikes.

  2. Yikes, I can imagine dealing with one baby is hard enough during university, I can't imagine handling twins and schoolwork! I hope things work out for Augustin and Hanna. And maybe Augustin should hide from Isaac for a while, LOL. ;)

  3. I would hate to deal with a pregnant college sim. It would make aging the children so difficult. And all the pregnancy symptoms and making sure they go to class, I don't think I can handle it. I would have made my pregnant sim drop out.

  4. It's actually easier at college than at home, I think, apart from the money thing (their bank accounts are clean, for some reason, the poor kids). Classes are only two or three hours, so I usually just have Hanna or Augustin miss class one day while the other goes and then vice versa the next day.

    The aging doesn't really work out great if you think about it too long but I'm satisfied for now! They grow up automatically on college lots but I've got aging off right now, so it will progress at a rate that fits in with the rest of Sullivan. If you leave it on, the kids can end up being teens by the times their parents graduate!

    I've set a reminder to post Exeter and the family housing but it won't be today, as I forgot to take pics last night! Probably the day after tomorrow.

  5. Twins in college! Yikes. And they're only just freshmen...three more years to go with twins! I've got one baby right now and trying to get through college again, and it's insane! Poor kids!

  6. They're at the very beginning of their junior year now, actually. Hanna was a freshman when she fell pregnant and a sophomore by the time she gave birth. :)