Sunday, 11 January 2009

Once in a lifetime

Round 11: Days 51-55
The round didn't start out well for Brandon and Leontine. Mold had been discovered in the walls and had destroyed much of their furniture. They had to move out temporarily and rebuy most of their furniture.

The crops had all died in their absence, so Brandon had to start over with them.

A lot of the food in their fridge had gone bad too.

The last task of the day was settling Tate and Trent into their cribs for their naps.

Once that was all done, it was finally time for Brandon and Leontine to relax.

The next morning, Brandon headed off early to Kirby Market, which he'd neglected for a while. This gave Leontine some time to practise her music.

Leontine was so engrossed in her violin that she didn't hear her brother Pascal ringing the doorbell for quite a while. She did finally come down to greet him though and was interested to hear about his exciting life in the city.

At Kirby Market, Brandon decided it was time to hire a manager. Unfortunately, there were no suitable applicants for the position. Instead, he hired Jonah Draper as an employee and intended to train him up until he could be manager. The Drapers had supplied a good amount of Kirby Market's stock over the years, so it was about time one of Jonah's family had a more active role in running the business.

After a long day of sales (for Brandon) and working the register (for Jonah), Brandon thanked Jonah for his hard work and sent him home. This was working out quite well, Brandon thought. It was a real relief to not have to constantly rush from customer to register and back to customer again.

Back at home, Tate and Trent had aged to toddler. Trent was pure Kirby - he was just like a mini-clone of Brandon.

Tate, meanwhile, was much more like his mother. He had Brandon's nose but everything else looked pure Lachance.

Trent certainly kept his parents on their toes. He couldn't walk but he could get pretty far quickly on his hands and knees. He often had to be chased all around the property just so Brandon could give him a bath or Leontine could change him.

Tate was much more content to stay in the house, playing with his bunny toy.

Every day after Brandon came home from work, he rushed upstairs to spend time with the boys. He really enjoys being a father and would like at least one more child one day.

Random pic:
I was really struck by the similarity between Brandon and Trent here. So cute!

  • "Mold" stands for "I couldn't access Buy or Build Mode on this lot anymore and had saved the lot in that state last time, hoping that would fix it". I had to redecorate completely, because I couldn't access their inventories to put their stuff in them either.
  • Brandon and Leontine have been trying for a baby, as I alluded to, but they've only tried once so far (unsuccessfully). Seeing Leontine's only 32, there will be no fertility treatments for them until she turns 35 and they try a bit harder. I had her on birth control until the boys aged to toddler, otherwise Brandon probably would have wanted to try on the first day.


  1. I always end up having to train up managers. Keeping employees is a pain if you don't have hacks. They get angry too quick!

    Awww, the kids are cute. I love seeing other people's toddlers. Mine all drive me nuts. Babies and toddlers, argh! My sims harass them like nuts. There's a queue to bathe the same toddler, over and over...

  2. When I read "mold" I thought you had found a cool new hack LOL But then I thought maybe the lot got corrupted.

    The Kirby kids are really cute, I can't believe how much Trent looks like his father!

  3. They are adorable but mine drive me nuts too! They haven't done the bathing thing in some time though. I might have a hack that's stopping it.

    Cissie, I spent forever trying to think of an appropriate disaster. I was thinking flooding but that would have been a mighty big flood to ruin furniture on the second floor too!

    Jonah will have to be trained up but he's already got a gold badge in Gardening, so that's 3 points towards the 5 or 6 that they need. Hopefully before he's an elder, he'll make manager.